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Jessica Stull Dec 2018
I’ll never start a fight
Indeed you start the flame,
And I’ll explode
Perhaps it’s my crimson hair that attack’s my soul
But stereotypical propaganda aside
I have nothing to hide
Indeed you call me out
I’ll trash your name
I live for love and peace
But there’s only so much hate one woman can’t escape
I beg for release
And pity your air
You walk with your noise so high
All just to hide your shame inside
All while making me look the fool
But I refuse to take blame for something I didn’t do  
I’ll never start a fight, it’s beneath me
But I will finish it
And sometimes it’s in the unlikeliest of ways
But the best part is really just not caring what the hell you say
Your words rot and decay like ash to the wind
I like to blow them and spit fire, it’s just the way I am
I don’t take any kinda mess or fuss
It’s beneath me

©Jessica Stull
Some days I feel good,
Come ways dry seal crude,
Done says vile meal dude,
Bites you back til' you bleed food.
The Golden Rule is the most forgettable thing for me, I hope you guys never forget that.
Jennifer Weiss Aug 2014
Compton, New York
West side, East side
Just a white girl from Mississippi,
Nah, it's not a joke.

My true self, my true words, my true pain.
The world shouldn't have to cope.
The world shouldn't have to think it's alone.
Cause I'm with you,
Oh, I'm with you.
All that hate that you own.
I used to feel some too, but the kind that you evoke?
All that racism that makes you choke.
I'm with you, but you don't have to cope.

Before you let counterproductive words slip from your mouth,
take a minute to think of me. Don't let our fight go South.
I will make a pact from my soul to yours,
I will not let them make racism into another "war".
For more than just the rich coincidentally white ******* that rule our country. For everyone. We're all accountable.

— The End —