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Broadsky Oct 2020
I remember when I was fresh and crisp like orange peel

now I sit and wonder "when will these aching bones finally heal?"

I used to be as strong as tungsten steel

now I'm realizing

I am my own Achilles' heel.

the records of my memory are quickly sealed,

pieces of myself are now completely concealed,

getting to them is like walking through a minefield.

yet still I tiptoe

through this treacherous land

it's so dark, I cant even see my own hands.

nevertheless I wander through the sands of time,

even though in this world I'm completely blind.

because I will not leave myself behind,

even in my current state of mind,

it is myself I will find.
being okay is harder than it looks.
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2020
let the dust
than get
a bronze
Like it's derogatory to refer to any Afrikan State as
a "Third World Country", that's what a bronze medal is to me.
it's just condescending to what Afrika has contributed to the development of the universe. WE are the "FIRST GOLD COUNTRY"
!...Numero Uno...!
Ahnaf Apr 2019
I yearn for love that is blind,
but I long to hear that my
eyes and lips are pretty

I champion love that is mind over matter,
but I cannot help but trace the shape of your body
and be happy that it is beautiful
Luke Mar 2019
Take the words as a grain of salt
You are stronger
Than your own thoughts
Moeshfiekah Oct 2017
Why do i talk about darkness all the time
When clearly you're the one filling up my mind

When images just seemingly start to appear
My thoughts of destruction just disappear

Your cute little laugh just echos in my head
When thi feeling in my ***, like fire it spreads

On cold early mornings reaching for your hand
Seconds ticking in an hour glass full of sand

Wishing for this moment to last forever
I need to make a move so its now or never
a emo girl just wanting to destroy the world and herself , her body, her mind, her soul. But never forgetting what held her together. her lover .
Shruti Atri Jan 2016
It was selfish of her
To leave.
She needed the change;
Had to move,
Having been stuck so long
She felt suppressed,
And so depressed.
She just needed to leave,
But where could she start?

He was easiest to leave,
The most convenient to cut off;
He didn't hold on,
He didn't even try.
She didn't know,
Was she angry
That it was easy for her to leave?
Or that he didn't even try to stop it?

But she had to leave,
The reasons didn't matter,
The semantics were moot,
Whether he wanted her to,
Or he didn't--
Whether she wanted to,
Or she didn't want him to let her;
Nothing mattered.

It was truly selfish of her
To leave.
She had to fly
And he made it easy for her
To leave him behind...
Janet Li Nov 2015
the melancholy soaks your heart in an ocean of ice. you
are drowning but feel no pain, just a
numbness that spreads to your fingers and toes and
a cold whose depths have no limit. your mind is the
two-faced mayor of your body, knowing that everything is
all right but
plunging and holding you under at the same time,
torturing you only to show that it can.
it knows every beautiful thing in the world but also every
unflinching horror, and
pries your eyes open to parade in front of you
a sea of images of utter despair and desperation.
it is like the world's worst propaganda, the most corrupt
media company ever to have existed. it  
brings you from the pinnacle of your existence, the
sun-dappled happiest moments of your life, to lying
fetal and trembling
in the dark
it is an 80-foot monster wave that is the purest
adrenaline rush you have ever sought, and in a split second, it
holds you under until you wish you were dead.

you still have air in your lungs, though, and a heart that stubbornly
refuses to stop pumping and bringing life to your body.
you have legs that remember, and enjoy, the gift of walking, of running,
skipping, skating.
you have fingers that know how to hit keys on a keyboard, wrists
that can bend to let you write and draw anything that you want.
your mind isn't everything and you can beat it,
no matter what it tells you.
in response to getting hit in the face with a wave of depression that left me sobbing for absolutely no reason
Jennifer Weiss Jan 2015
None of us are alone,*
Shouldn't have to go through this
But you inevitably missed the structure of chromosomes
telling you
your cycle will continue to spiral until you come home,
until you bid adieu
to the confines of your dome
until your burning  *will

is greater than your viral
that yo life ain't ill.
say farewell to the prideful
side of yourself, and chill
we were never meant to be so vile
but still-
We don't beg the universe for mercy,
but demand reward.
We don't transmit love,  instead remain thirsty
drinking from and selfishly consuming the entire gourd.
Take all we can get
then we claim we're bored.
Oh, shed thy ego completely
*to fall in love with a life you adore.
aren't you tired of it all yet?
Tori Gleason Dec 2014
My poetry *****
along with yours
nothing but a sad story
about how you inescapably feel
in that *moment
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