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Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
Isn't it so funny?
The difference between real life
and the internet,
The ways that they both love me...
it ain't really that different.

People just want ya full commitment
To not feelin indifferent
Can't treat them any different
Just because all that love they had went missin'
just because the love isn't the same anymore
just because ya name isn't just a name anymore.
Or they want to feel closer to fame than the door.
I don't know.

Oh, this is not that type of game.
This is just from the place where I came.
Oh, I don't want to complain
How do you trust anyone when you factor in fame?
I don't know.
Oh, the idea is fun.
Rap this to Connect by Drake.
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
People flock to us cause the word drops through us.
Now we're all either Buddhas or barracudas.
Lookin' through our maneuvers,  
try and out do us,
just a tumor nothing to us.
And I've been breathing so long,
lettin in light.
Try and discern when they began confusing wrong with what is right.
Wondering still how long I remain out of sight.
Perish or ****,
I just wanted to be with life.
Wrote this randomly on and he posted it! Pretty cool.

— The End —