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You don't actually care
so don't pretend
You do.

so don't you dare
come crying to me,
when you want me back
because you lost her

I'll say "I'll be back sometime never."

You left
you chose to leave
not me;
I was hurting

but oh well
because it's your loss
not mine.
and I'm not gonna be crawling right back

So when you ask me that question
I'll reply with a simple answer,
no mercy,
no uncontrollable pain...

of how about
sometime never?
I've been through things
but hey, we all have
I've seen some things, heard some too
But that doesn't make me any different from you

I've got some scars
see them on my arms
But I'm not the only one

I've been alone, I've felt alone
but I'm not alone in the feeling.

And don't sit there and tell me it'll all get better
cause you can't see the future,
And you don't have to try to comfort me
saying "you'll be fine eventually"

Stop saying what you think I want to hear

Don't pity me
Gotta be honest...if there's one thing I can't stand, it's pity. Like, I'll help someone out, but I'm not gonna pity them. And I don't want people to ever pity me, because there are others who have it better AND others who have it worse.
Love doesn't fix every broken thing
It was working on me for a while
but eventually, everybody leaves again

Looking for some kind of love in other men
a brother or a friend
maybe even a relationship from time to time
but they always leave
No guys stay in my life
so why even get close?
why even try

The pretty girls bring nothin' but drama
or take your guy away
guess it does go hand in hand
Sorry honey, that's just the way
it is
No girls stay in my life,
so why get close?
why even try

The lesson I was told from life
"if you let them in your mind
you're weak.
Let them in your heart
you're stupid.
And let them in your pants,
you're a ****."

Is it true?
Is it false?

But I did all three with one person
look how that turned out
he's with my best friend
within the next few days.
Used to be similar and vulnerable
with each other
Used to actually care
and, **** it, it showed

I gave you everything
but you still want more
I got nothing else left
I think you're just starting to get bored

I thought we could talk this out, but
What we want is so **** different now
So I guess it's time for something else.

So I'm not gonna tell you not to go
I kinda hope you walk out that door
Stop playing these games
you want something new

I know it'll hurt
but i guess it's time for something else...
You told me it takes two to make a friendship work.
You said I wasn't trying hard enough for you,
Even though I was trying harder than you.

Then you tried to make it seem
Like it was something you could fix
With a simple goodbye.

This time I cried even more when you left.
This time I hated myself even more.
Because I let you under my skin again.

There's a million lines
That I can't read.
But there's a million sews
That she will reap.
Oh, there's a million lines
That I can't write.
But there's a million sews
That I won't reap.

All I know,
Is nobody's taking his place.
Even though,
She's taking my place.
All I know,
Is that I still love him
Even though,
It's her that he loves.

All I know,
Is he used to set me straight.
And I know, I can't compete
With someone like you
Although I had him first.
I swear, she's a curse,
Cause I had him first.
I had him first.
gracie Sep 2018
it's funny
how quickly you can be discarded
when something better comes along.

deep down you know it's your fault,
but you decide to pity yourself.

you flip through their photos;
smiling faces gleam back at you.
"why wasn't i invited?"
that small and jealous child
that lives in my mind whines at me.

this child quickly becomes a glooming figure.
a figure of some black fog
that seeps through my veins
and swallows me whole.

this is the autobiography of a second choice.

the choice they forgot about.
the choice they see
when all the smoke is clear,
and one sad, sullen apparition awaits;
wanting to be chosen.

with my head down,
and my hopes high,
i walk with them.
Broadsky May 2018
Your inability to take accountability shows me the type of man I was with.
I finally poured my heart out to tell you how you hurt me... you were silent.
Brian McDonagh May 2018
Whenever I am content
Or am feeling content,
There’s always an air ready
To brush away or undo my content,
Just as a wrapper of gifts
Witnesses her efforts to conceal shredded
By the recipient.
For the record, I am not intending to be sexist and say that
only females wrap gifts; I just feel like often, in similes and metaphors,
the pronoun "his" is too much of a default, and I wanted to mix up the usage of identification pronouns somewhat.  Also, as far as the poem goes, I run into this type of case A LOT in life lol.
I'm not who I'm supposed to be
But I will be
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