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Monisha Jul 2019
I seek coffee shops,
Quiet, hidden,
Tucked away,
Dark wood, mugs with fat lips,
Unobtrusive, corner seat,
Nothing forbidden.

Ah! The smell of the brew,
Nose tingles, Eyes closed,
Sublime fascination,
Moments to settle in and roots I grew.

A book opens or my laptop does,
Ambient sound soothes as a caressing touch.
My coffee arrives in its carriage comfortably so,
I reach out and pick it up,
All mine, nowhere to go.

Look around my wandering gaze,
Lost souls, finding their way,
With their thoughts through the haze.
What do I do,
I watch them wafting and waning with their thoughts,
Some with others yet alone,
Some alone, yet not lone.

Coffee companion, friend,love,
Subliminal cold or hot,
And without a word exchanged,
A clan, a tribe,
Community found.

What’s your brew,
Dark and strong
Or golden hued
Or perhaps pure white,
A dash of brown to bring to light,
Night or day,
Coffee in the shop,
Is my magic hop.
dead ophelia Jun 2019
maybe we’ll meet again one day at the coffee shop in somewhere and then, the timing will be right and everything will be perfect
Sophia Feb 2019
As I walk past your favorite coffee shop,
I look and see if you’re there.
Hoping that our eyes would meet again...
Thomas Mackie Jan 2019
I fell in love in the frame of a window.

You looked at me and then turned the corner,

and then the next,

and then you were gone.
Trapped behind the register, I make prolonged and meaningful eye contact with a stranger outside.
amuba Oct 2018
I sit here in a coffee shop
Staring at the empty seat across,
Imagining it’s you facing me,
Smiling big and talking deep.

I just enjoy staring at you,
Dancing in the air of confidence and sweet love.
Never been easier getting myself lost in those eyes
**** those eyes do speak, no lies.

Noticing me, you asked what happened
I would just smile and give you a kiss
I wonder what you would do
Would you smile me back or pinch me in my arm?

With a huge shock, I woke up, my head on fumes
I hate this waitress destroying my moment with you
I make sure, I gave her no tip
Well just a dry smile instead.

She’s cute but I am not interested
For I already have you.
Thank you God, I am a lucky guy
Blessed with an angel, a real one by my side.
Ansley Jul 2018
Two strangers sit across from each other.
They are nameless and beautiful.
The aluminum chairs are cold but never as cold as her composure and the coffee is warm but could never match the fire that dances behind his eyes as though it is a ballerina being forced to dance to the quiet music fading in and out.
The date is a business meeting, the desolate coffee shop a board room, and the barista a moderator to say "get a room" or "take it outside" depending on how it goes.
I think I like clinical and distant snapshots of other people's lives. It makes me feel more real.
Gaby ZA Jun 2018
first day of spring
The world may start to come alive
Before in coffee shops viewed the world as gray
Now we hear the birds sing, wedding bells ring, queen bees that sting,
Shaking off winter chills and enter springtime blues
Here comes the sun
The hills with vivid colors and lovebugs and crazy daisies
Kids running crazy
Screaming, water guns
The weather becomes lazy
And starts looking hazy
Hillary B Apr 2018
sunken in couches at coffee shops
have been loved too much
by too many

cushions gone lumpy
legs that can no longer support weight
coffee stains that will never come out

though there’s been many that have loved it
there hasn’t been one that has loved it enough
Skylar Michael Apr 2018
the hum of voices in the coffee shop
is actually pretty comforting
even though I don’t know the stories or the how the voices sound when they’re angry,
there’s a conspiracy with the sound and my ears that make me feel at home
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