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5.9k · Apr 2015
"Honey" by Andrea Gibson
Jennifer Weiss Apr 2015
“You just need to know this is the first time I’ve ever done this without looking for an exit row.
And I’m pretty sure my seat can’t float but I’ve already fallen from the sky for you,
Already said no to the parachute,
Already told my mother you curse like a sailor and you love like the war is finally over and you have just come home and you are running down the dock in the harbor and you’re screaming my name.
You’re screaming “honey”
and I’m screaming “don’t trip”
and you’re screaming “honey honey”
and I’m screaming “baby don’t fall down”
I am running for your red lips
I am running for your red heart
With my red heart
Red as a Mississippi sunset
I'd like to remember this forever.
3.5k · Sep 2014
I Have A Future Reality,
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
I am never not surprised,
when someone else has the courage to look me in my eyes,
to tell me bald-faced lies,
that say I am too dramatized
as a white girl trying to equalize
and see the world before me rise
to say we're not satisfied
to say with honesty we despise
a government who seems to tyrannize
its citizens into fearing they be deprived
of food, water, and electricity. So they have to believe in the guise.
That we are a nation paralyzed.
By lies.  
I am just a twenty two year old, Caucasian female
addicted to the idea I can help you see we will prevail.
Our nation teeters on the brink.
Help me save our souls,
Before they take us out like MLK, Lennon, JFK
All with a blink.
3.4k · Oct 2014
All Those Cheesy Feelings
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
Aladdin and Jasmine
aren't the only ones
to experience a whole new world,
I have begun.

And it's so refreshing,
this time I won't come undone
Somewhat of a blessing
and tremendous fun.

You're a breeze to the soul,
when it's had a harsh summer.
Cooling the affects of my heart's tolls,
like my favorite November.

I hope you're someone I'm glad to remember,
Regardless I'm sure you'll join the club of my heart
as an exclusive member.
All I can do is sigh :)
3.1k · Jun 2014
Knowledge Be Power
Jennifer Weiss Jun 2014
"You had better look after yourself."
I am not the one in need of help!
To turn an eye to the struggle turns me into something I am not.

An advocate,
A teacher,
A model, firefighter, ******, student, musician...
What am I missin?
What have I got?

Without material things... who are you really?
Do you know why anything sings?
Or that if we don't change we will suffer severely.
Do not fear the unknown.
Walk towards the dark until you know, shedding your energy like light, with you wherever you go.
2.8k · Sep 2014
Biology 101
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
I do not understand how we can be unaware.
I read it in this Biology text book,
on page one, it is right there

We're all just molecules and atoms,
How dare anyone think they matter,
More than the next collection of matter.
Just because they managed to gather,
all that wealth.
Jennifer Weiss Jan 2012
Trapped in between the desert and my home
I revel wandering in the waste land,
Gazing at the stars, teasing the sand between my fingers
With no distractions, its easiest to get lost in the sky

I've observed my own behavior
The lyrics highly predictable
If I can't pursue the desert I should just stay with the familiar
I can't touch you yet so the home will feel it all

If only mortality hadn't doomed us from the start
I'd give every last inch...
So I'll run the other direction
Colder than ice caps, vicious like wolves

The only fool is the one who chased something they already lost once
No regard for others, feelings fully upon the sleeves
Its hard to do that with permanent marks
I swear no other will ever know that side of my heart.
2.2k · Nov 2014
This Is Not Just "Poetry"
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
It is easy

to just be

I am easy.
life is easy.
if you know
how to see

& I want to let
the whole world see...
how they can float on life,
                            *simple as a breeze.

You flounder,
we wander,
in what is meant to be.
I say it because it is truth,
I say it because it is what eye sees.

If I could, I would
give to my old self,
what I have in me.

But I can't,
and you can
take all my wealth
from me....
4:44 PM
there's really no real,
there's really no pretending
cause nothing really is
and everything really isn't.
2.1k · Oct 2014
My Afternoon Dream
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
You are more enlightened
than you believe,
it lies inside you
beside lies
you try to

You hide from the truth
about you
meaning you hide from

But here we are
wrapped up
and it's hard
to not be
that you don't
see what
you are
I want to
2.1k · May 2015
There Can Be Nothing
Jennifer Weiss May 2015
None of this has been my choice,
I can see now.
All of it is up to God,
and I get relief from that somehow.
It means I don't have to decide
if you and I are meant to be.
I don't have to worry,
if you are right
you will see.
So take my life for You, God.
I believe You to the hilt.
Now do with me what you have willed.
outside of God's will
1.9k · Nov 2014
Lunchtime Rhyme
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
What you know about me?
Who do you
think I am?

Realize I'm on a mission-
everything's   part
of the plan.

how I breathe,
all these hurdles
I jump with

Attitude is on that freeze,
if you something
I don't need-
cut you off
with no "please"
Everybody gawkin'
at me.

watch how I do this,
like a 1, 2, 3
You countin' all ya wishes,
you a fake emcee.
Just cause you wishin'
don't mean you
make moves like me.

Cause I had the vision
Gambino give me them swagger feels.

Sorry, not sorry. :)
1.8k · Feb 2015
Helping Hands
Jennifer Weiss Feb 2015
I try my hand at poetry,
I am no great talent.
I write words that flow endlessly and messily
from my heart, merging with the words
my brain creates in its boredom.

I try my hand at being a girlfriend,
I have no great talent at this either.
For I often ruin my own good standings,
as if to stand only a little higher than my partner.

I try my hand at helping,
though I do not extend it as often
as I like. Most days it is hard enough
taking my own hand.

I try my hand at greatness,
though it cannot be measured
until the day comes where the only
thing my hand tries is resting for
1.8k · Aug 2014
If I Were A Book
Jennifer Weiss Aug 2014
I'd be Things Fall Apart.
I would teach you something important,
While remaining a beautiful work of art.

You'd find out in the end,
Why a 120 pound white girl
Would be the one they send.

I would give you a safe world,
I would show you another universe,
In your arms, for safe keeping, I would always be curled.

There would be significant wear and tear,
But my cover would be soft and deceiving,
Like my shiny velvet hair.

If I were a book,
I would sit exclusively on your shelf
Because what are the chances of being understood by anyone else?
1.6k · Dec 2014
Save Yourself
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
We often say,
" Save me,"
as if it were
possible at all.

like catching
all the world's

like breathing
a fireball

like dogs playing

But those don't work,
and neither does our wish.

like words on the lips of fish

Try as you might
but your attempts will always
be dismissed.

The hope of salvation is
self-love that persists.
love thy self.
know thy self.
save thy self.
1.6k · Sep 2014
This Is An Anxiety Verse
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
I'm scared of being the worst.
Because my best words
won't be enough
to save you from my  curse.
1.5k · Dec 2014
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
Isn't it so funny?
The difference between real life
and the internet,
The ways that they both love me...
it ain't really that different.

People just want ya full commitment
To not feelin indifferent
Can't treat them any different
Just because all that love they had went missin'
just because the love isn't the same anymore
just because ya name isn't just a name anymore.
Or they want to feel closer to fame than the door.
I don't know.

Oh, this is not that type of game.
This is just from the place where I came.
Oh, I don't want to complain
How do you trust anyone when you factor in fame?
I don't know.
Oh, the idea is fun.
Rap this to Connect by Drake.
1.5k · Nov 2014
All About Perspective
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
Even when my wonderful
universe seems like
a cosmic mess,

Even when
all these souls
leave us in the
form of death,

Even though I'm
underfed, underslept
and can't catch my breath,

I emit love
**and so who cares about all the rest?
change yourself.
change yo
1.5k · Oct 2014
Prescription Lenses
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
A gift confers no rights.
Is it not to be given freely?
How does one love anything
without seeing it clearly?
Those rosey lenses you wear
while looking my way,
will break when the morning comes
and I have nothing left to say.
It isn't the lenses' fault
or the the changing view.
The fault of displeasure
lies solely on you.
Better revisit that script.
1.3k · Sep 2014
Meet Me By Hole #6
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
If you meet me by the lake,
Don't worry if it's a mistake
Look at all the things we could create
Over here by this lake.

If you're looking for the tree,
That's where you'll find me
That's where you become free.
Us, just sitting in a tree.  

You could push me on the swing,
Look at all the joy that'd bring.
You're not thinking about anything,
Swinging on the green.

If you could manage to find hole #6.
That's where all of this exists.
It's in our minds, it's not myth.
Dreams of hole #6.
golf course.
1.3k · Oct 2014
Would You Understand?
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
Chilling thoughts**
No one sees themselves
outside of themselves
like they ought

to see myself as more than me
I self taught,
myself to see someone else
as more than my thoughts.
please surprise me soon life.
1.3k · Jan 2016
In The Morning Light
Jennifer Weiss Jan 2016
We spend so much time editing ourselves,
correcting every little thing that displeases.
Even my poetry is revisited,
trying to pretty up all my diseases.
But I no longer want to appear "neat" or "tidy".
I want to show the world all the things I am hiding...

It is difficult to do the right things,
some times I would rather sin,
but then I remember
Who gave me new life again.

I lay in my bed too long when I wake,
trying to read my bible,
but like the disciples
I fall asleep...

I am too ******* myself, thinking I need to be perfect.
Other times I don't try hard enough,
out of fear that it isn't worth it.

I struggle to forgive, others and myself.
I struggle to realize only I can choose to not live
in hell

I want to restore relationships, but sometimes I fear it
hurts too much.
I am working on remembering
Who is my source of love.

My biggest admission, is that I try to control.
I want to tell God how to write the story,
thinking my words are some how better or more bold.
When in reality He is author of every single thing.
I am reminding myself I am lucky to even be written
into a single page.
the truth.
1.3k · May 2015
Because The Internet
Jennifer Weiss May 2015
There are opportunities a plenty,
as much as the fallen leaves on the ground.
If you breathe deeply and listen,
you can hear God's sound.
I am making it my mission,
to tell you all right now-
Spreading the gospel is more fruitful than fishing,
because even a line cast can be a letdown.
So share the word of Jesus.
Wear it strung round your forehead like a crown.
Write a tweet, send a text, sing a song long and proud.
God gave you everything and then some,
So what will you give right now?
1.2k · Dec 2015
Far Better Things Ahead
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2015
It is so very strange.
To no longer be in love with you.
At least, I think I am not...
but then again,
why does it make so melancholy
to see you with another...
WHY is it such a...******?
Why does it rob me of clever words?
I know there is fullness of life without you.
But when I think about you....
Its like the same symbolism and meaning
I find in the birds.
and it scares me...
the not knowing
The hoping.
The believing.
It starts to feel as though I am deceiving
Wishing myself into believing God gave
me a
Am I honest?
I miss you still.
I wouldn't want you
as you are.
This part is true.

I guess that solves that....
God is faithful in His promises,
just make sure they are His.
1.2k · Mar 2017
Dear California,
Jennifer Weiss Mar 2017
Dear California,
We must be meant to be.
I hear songs about you,
and I know they're sung just for me.
And in the night of waiting,
I long to be with thee.
I'm hesitating,
but I know you're for me.

I'll take you once a year,
if that's all I can have.
In my heart you're so dear,
I can't wait to come back.
Even while I'm there.
Oh, California
It must be in the air.
Dear California,
I'll meet you there.
Wait for me California.
I'll be with there someday.
1.2k · Nov 2016
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2016
I can stare blankly.
I have mastered the art.
Feelings evade me,
I swept them into the dark.
Now I persuade me,
Run away from your heart.
Keep running long into the morning.
Never saying goodbye before you depart.
Run away but not too lively.
Remember, you must keep up with your art.
Impressions from Surface to Spirit.
1.2k · Mar 2015
When You Study Shakespeare
Jennifer Weiss Mar 2015
Be this world, but a mad mad garden.
I am tilling, and planting with woe.
I eat occasionally, of its fruits
and when full, tenderly, I go.

my nature is of the child, and so
I pull this leaf, pluck these petals,
and stop to smell of the rose.

There is a chill in the air,
a cloud blocking light,
and an odor tickling thy nose.

Be it this time, or past, future
or fourth dimension; How can
I know?

There is no limit to my pondering,
no effort in this wandering,
enjoyable is the quest to know.
1.1k · Dec 2014
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
Why do we ignore all these spoken words?

We've had
and actors
tell us as
it were.

Now I, myself, have spit one or two verse
and I need to let you know
I will be heard.*

You call for a social media blackout and
there they sit thinking, " How absurd!"

But when it comes down to it
what do you do when there is
no reaction* to your tear-filled  words?

Is it because we have adapted to being so passive,
when there's ****, murders, lynchings, and theft
we just take it in passing?

Or is it because we can look the other way,
when the hands of a white man
take the life of a different ethnicity away?

Is it in relation to power?
We close our eyes
and pray.

But where is the action
for justice in this final hour?

What is it that you do to help this land?
Other than observe and comment snidely
on your fellow man?

It is no tragedy for a loss of life?
While you ponder your "newsfeed"
via social media
via your Iphone
via your wifi
Consider the point when you lost touch with real life.
let us use our love for one another.
let us try and save each other.
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
I struggle to not unravel,
but this path I have walked has led me
through some troubling travels.
So I click "Add A Poem",
as I have done for years.
I pen down cleverly worded
accounts of my fears.
But as I walk this earth still,
I ponder.
How long I can avoid this
encroaching sonder.
For all of those orbiting my path.
I just want their sweet ignorance
of these evils to last.
For the greater good,
For happiness,
For love.
For the fact that if I save the world,
this is not what I want them
thinking of.
I will end the suspense here
For time has run out
On the clock telling me to face my fears,
Now I have no doubt.
I can tell you all:
I was *****.
And he got away.
And I have buried it deep
Until just today.
I noticed myself stuck in this pattern.
Of things that I thought didn't matter.
But I noticed how I had become him.
Creating the chances to do over
and over
and over again.
Things that weren't right
to myself within,
For me I call these actions, sin.
To explain in detail I wouldn't even know where to begin.
I compromised myself
to give others what I thought they wanted.
I became trapped inside my own devil
an angel haunted.
I have let myself and others take away
parts of me I will get back today.
I am sorry to myself,
and those around,
I am sorry because I hid all of this
feeling as though I let all of the universe down.
1.1k · Mar 2017
It's Jesus I Need You.
Jennifer Weiss Mar 2017
There are days where I do not know
Anything but, "I love you, Lord."
And when it seems I can't bear it most,
I turn to you Oh, Lord.
I am not perfect.
I am a mess.
But I am complete.
In Christ the one who rescued me.
I'll sing it all day long.
I need you, Jesus.
1.1k · Sep 2014
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
There are two truths I cannot seem to realize at the right time:

I am all alone.
I am never alone.

I can't even make it a decent rhyme.
1.1k · Jun 2015
Learning To Swim
Jennifer Weiss Jun 2015
I love not knowing what will happen.
Because it gives me divine mystery.
It allows me to hope & dream,
and to have my expectations
And I learn that as I swim away
from the shore,
I can always rest on my back.
Safely floating.
And the waves will carry me,
because as beautiful as
the unknown is,
one thing is certain...
**the waves will come.
God's plan is always better.
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
I've been thinking
amiss all this drinking
There's a feeling of sinking
and I have only had two.

There's warfare
and there's no cares
and that's unfair
Just look at what I do to you.

And that's evil.
My spirit feels feeble
Because through this upheaval
I observed I don't have the slightest clue
about what the **** I should do.

So- I'll fight harder,
pray I act smarter,
And resist anything that is darker,
than the light of me and *you.
I am not this.
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
But eventually, at some point
you will fade away.

and what happened here will
no longer matter.

There will be no evidence of
or anything else.

So why give this importance
instead of everything else?

It's about loving what is in front of you-
nothing else.

We see people everyday we'll never see again.
Why put it all on me?
Why not love anyone of them?

I can't undo what I did,
I would do it again.
The importance of all of it you might never understand.
But that's for you to discover now,
as I can't and won't
hold your hand.
Sorry To Be A Let Down,
but as it is
I am what I am.
that's all.
979 · Aug 2014
Larry Fisherman
Jennifer Weiss Aug 2014
I might freeze,
with not a clue.
How to explain the
vowels and consonants
to you. How to make my
thoughts into movies and
music like my brain can
do. If I pause, let it be,
I am trying to find
my way. It's hard
to turn the mo-
notony of every
day, into art
These words
are painted
from the
973 · Jan 2014
Jennifer Weiss Jan 2014
I have a kindness in me
That blooms and blooms
And it has eyes so wide
That when they gaze upon you
Kindness blossoms and waits
Salivating for opportunities
To be plucked
But those are rare
And more often than not
The petals are left searching for light
In an entirely dark room
And they fall one by one
Until they are kicked underfoot
Trampled, and lost
972 · Jul 2018
Jennifer Weiss Jul 2018
There's a thirst deep within
A hunger unsatisfied
My chest beating wildly
My eyes shining brightly

I'll never know if its filled
I'll never know if its met
But the idea that it will
Is the grandest idea I have had yet.
941 · Feb 2015
Torturing the Shrew
Jennifer Weiss Feb 2015
What has happened to the love I knew before?
He that opened the door,
let me come before
everything else, and what's more
important now?

The when and how.
The I was right and I vow,
I care not about thou,
but more about pride,
so my tears I'll hide.
Forgive me if I lied-
let a nothing slip
from my lip,
and held the truth inside.

What is love to thee?
A spouse who is filled with glee?
A perfect me?
There is no such thing, so go- now flee.
Take flight of my life
and leave me to be.
926 · Nov 2014
Think On It
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
Before you
or feel

think about it
for yourself,
make sure it's real.

Because nine times of out ten, chances are you'll catch your mind
in a game of pretend. The only difference is there's no fun in the end.
Just a lonely game for one, *so why begin?
Your mind plays tricks on you
923 · Aug 2014
Black And White
Jennifer Weiss Aug 2014
This is not yin and yang,
not a balancing of things.

These are human beings trying to survive.
That kid that was shot, never saw it coming until it was too late.
But what could he have done anyways?
Who's responsibility is it to stop the hate?

Yours. Mine. Everyone's.
Please learn to love each other before someone important to you dies because the wrong person is in control of the gun.
if it's wrong, we have to fight.
912 · May 2015
Carve This Onto My Grave
Jennifer Weiss May 2015
For after I am dead,
and my soul from this Earth has gone,
I hope this one sentence
describes my life,
"She walked with God."
what an awesome life that will be.
909 · Jul 2015
Jennifer Weiss Jul 2015
Call upon me, Lord.
Amongst these trees,
I cannot hide.
Search my heart and
come free my mind.
Oh, reveal Yourself to me.
Oh, reveal Yourself this time.
Oh, reveal  Yourself in me.
Lord, I long to see you in everything,
I ache for you to fill my life.
Lord call upon me now,
call on me anytime.
Fill me, Lord.
Oh, give me
Choose an eternity with Him, not the deceit of this world.
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
Sometimes people
                                   don't know how to take,
                                                                ­           the works of art that I create.
I don't understand
                                  how knowing who I am
                                                                ­           causes the problems at hand.

They think that I am
                                    living in a dream,
                                                              bu­t  there's truth behind what I say,

AND how they make me seem.
                                    I can still say to the whole world
                                                           ­       I know the meaning of C.R.E.A.M.

But cash rules nothing in my world,
                                     I care less for the dollars
                                                                ­   And all about the DREAM

But I wouldn't mind the paper
                                and I am flattered by the follows
                                                       Because not even evil is all that it seems.
Don't judge till it's you.
            Not everything society demonizes
                                                  Should be demonized.

Just be a good person.
908 · Sep 2014
Laws of Happiness
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
For now,
I want to write these happy words.
And I don't want to think about
How anything might hurt.

I feel a mind state reminiscent of Dr. Suess,
No feelings of worry about you
Weighing round my neck like a noose.

The difference between them and you,
I feel a glow of perfection. Maybe it is
Your love of my perspective
Influencing my mood.

Whatever it is, I want to see it through.
Though it's not really a choice
I'm glad it's something
I'm looking forward to.
901 · Oct 2014
The Middle of A Scene
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
I will never forget
the first time
my eyes  
lingered on
your face.

Sweetest surprise
of something I had no clue
I misplaced.

Now the sun can only rise
and I am in a daze.
Sunsets found
inside your eyes,
where my

I think
I might actually believe
we'll never die
Though it wouldn't
matter anyways.
I have loved you
before time
So I know
it is here
**to stay
This one is special.
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
If you've never felt magic
radiating from one soul
to yours

Let me tell you how I have it,
about the one whom I adore.

My imperfect  heart
on display
He grasped it,
more than any
other before

Always giving me more.
Filling and soothing
tension filled  sore.

Present and delivering
All I ever yearned for

So cute I was
thinking I knew
at all, before.

Though, all that time
((not knowing I was
made me grow into
the soul he
*yearns for.
But it is definitely real life :)
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
This is not a race war,

This is a let us change our pace war,

It is time to attempt to save face or

Let them brainwash us to hate one another more.
The joke is on us.
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
A brush to stroke
my oil paints,
layer upon layer
of saturated color

it never dries,
for I never wait.
because art is never finished!
and maybe that isn't true,
I just know *my own
accounts of
what I go through:
I never seem to get the product
to match the painting inside my head.

I keep painting...
keep stroking,
long after everyone I know
might as well be dead.
I try to force my vision out of my head.
But it is so perfect
and the canvas hardly yields
a picture that is worth it,
*so I paint words and sounds instead.
I see myself now,
I'm not a perfectionist as I was always labeled.
I believe it's that thing OCD people are always talking about.
I just have to do it over and over and eventually ruin the painting I tried to perfect.
845 · Oct 2014
Behold The Eyes
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
is in
the eye
of the beholder.

Such as, youth
as one grows older

as love grows colder

And strength,
to go on
once it is over.
Just have to look.
844 · Aug 2014
Dearest Big White People,
Jennifer Weiss Aug 2014
Compton, New York
West side, East side
Just a white girl from Mississippi,
Nah, it's not a joke.

My true self, my true words, my true pain.
The world shouldn't have to cope.
The world shouldn't have to think it's alone.
Cause I'm with you,
Oh, I'm with you.
All that hate that you own.
I used to feel some too, but the kind that you evoke?
All that racism that makes you choke.
I'm with you, but you don't have to cope.

Before you let counterproductive words slip from your mouth,
take a minute to think of me. Don't let our fight go South.
I will make a pact from my soul to yours,
I will not let them make racism into another "war".
For more than just the rich coincidentally white ******* that rule our country. For everyone. We're all accountable.
818 · Oct 2014
Because of Your Embrace
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
The separations between
time & space
grow a little bigger,
the further I am
from your

with no trace.

everything you do
drips with grace

love bearing no exclusivity
it cannot be
Souls intertwined
for things
I once called
caught in your arms
there is no race.

Remind me again
where we are...

What is time?
What is space?
I forget life.
806 · Apr 2015
My Best Friend
Jennifer Weiss Apr 2015
My niece asked about you yesterday,
she said she liked you.
I said, " I like him too, but we're just friends."
That was a lie, but sometimes it is okay to pretend,
when something is too complicated for a child to comprehend.
I do hope, however, I never have to lie like that again.
Because as the words left my lips
I remembered how achingly I missed
you, my best friend.
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