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Caelynn Regester Sep 2018
Falling down again
Into agony and pain
Darkness surrounds
Enveloping, swallowing

A light shines again
A new hope, a new day
The pain heals
Reality kneels

fate resigns
I take over,
New light shines
A new day begins

Ushering in
A golden age

War begins
Silently, quietly


Silent again.
Happy again.
Happy at last.
This is the first poem I've ever written outside of schoolwork, hope it's not too bad :)
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Love is just the start.

My heart has a fracture, but time heals all wounds;
I don’t know what comes after, but the pain shall be soothed.
No bandage can fully repair, but we find comfort in care;
Without a love to share, we suffer from the idea of despair.

Injured feelings come and go, the blood still pumps through the veins;
We have to feel the hurt to truly know what true love means.
Go in search of your King and become my Queen;
In our land of dreams, we are free, with each other to need.

Love shall cure the broken hearts;
Love will tear your heart apart, to begin again without regret.
Love will give life and meaning to your heart.
Love is just the start;
Love will breathe oxygen into your last dying breath.

The beginning of a new life, the ending of loneliness;
The start your heart craves, to once more beat inside your chest.
You are blessed by their love; it is a gift you now possess.
Love is worth all the stress,
Because with love you are able to find true happiness.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Arlo Miller Aug 2016
It'll come around again soon, a harkening back to things like the moon.
Feelings in our core, a primal state, like we were before.
Not cave(wo)men or primitive society full of biblical piety,
but an advanced race with a separation between face time and a real face.

We will remember who we are. We want grass on our bare feet instead of a gas pedal in a car.
We won't waste touch on things lesser than a person we love who loves us just as much
Sounds of drums and harmonious hums will fill our ears and our eyes will cry tears to water flowers that have smells that sink to the wells of our humanity.

We will be free, from ourselves to enjoy, ourselves.
Jennifer Weiss May 2015
It is so good to see you laugh.
So good to see you put yourself first,
and for neither one of us to finish last.

Dear beautiful child of God,
I think you're going to be amazed.
When you see the old, broken pieces
so quickly faded and washed away.

When you get to see a Godly creation,
newly formed and imperfectly made.
A creation of yourself that is so perfect,
because you gave yourself away.

Dear beautiful  you,
I hope you're forgetting about the past.
About what once was, so something better
might come to pass.

Dear you,
it is so good to see you smile.
Even if it is an
awkward, stolen glance
and only lasts this little
short while.
It will last.

— The End —