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Mandi Wolfe Nov 2018
July 5th, 1:07am
I love you, deeply

July 8th, 3:44pm
I love so many things about you

Mandi Wolfe Nov 2018
In week one
I decided that
completely powerless
was the safest feeling
I had ever felt

In week two
gifted expensive whiskey
and mommy issues
told you all my secrets

In week three my skin
was healthier
for having known you
and nothing felt so dark
as before

In week four
I heard every song
as if on  

In week five
you showed me
that he did not have
the cornerstone
on breaking my heart
I would not know that until
week seven

In week six

In week seven

In week eight I watched
the blood move down skin
which had not been opened
in better than two years
It was then
I knew
the shelter had become
the storm.

I don't count the weeks anymore
It is winter now.
Mandi Wolfe Nov 2018
The words pierced through the too bright cellphone screen
directly into the place she had always known that was true
               too much
He was not the first to tell her
He was not the first she had believed
                     “Less is more”
She had tried so many times to channel
But her love was:
a riptide
       a volcano
        a force of nature
It exploded in every direction
like riders in the desert in search of towns
with food
                         with water
                      with shelter
Her love was:
too hungry
               too thirsty
                  too weather worn
for its once agreeable host
Her host who had once said,
      “Let me drink you dry”
He found that there was no bottom
Only more of the same:
Insatiable. Hungry. Love.
And once he had drank his fill
He declared:
                                     “maybe I needed less.”
Rose Who Knows Nov 2018
There's a tunnel
People always say that
There is light at the end
But all I see is darkness
It's an endless sound of
The echo of my feet
Hitting the pavement
Whether I walk or run
The darkness is right by my side

I have an image in my mind
Of what the light is like
A meaningful whisper
From the wind

Eternal is times name
Rose Who Knows Oct 2018
I feel my heart strengthening
I feel Your presence
in this quiet place

You matter God
You urge me forwards
You welcome me in

I cry,
"It's so hard to let go!"
You say, "Fly"
but I'm scared of heights?
You say, "Fly"
but what if I fall?
You say, "Not for long,
you will fly,
you will soar."
but I'm scared...
You say, "Rose, have I ever let you down?
Have I ever left you alone?
Other people have,
but I am
I wrote "Release" right after "Provision."  I felt a tugging on my heart to really listen to God and embrace the fear and to turn myself over to God. I feel broken and I feel the brokenness in other people, but I know I am redeemed in Christ and all will be well. It's so hard to let go of the anxiety and to instead be present with God, but it's what He wants me to do. So, I will try my best to follow God.
Rose Who Knows Oct 2018
Treading water
so calm and peaceful
tranquil water



as if the water was flowing
to the tempo of my heart


my tranquil waters are disrupted
something is not right
the water slides past my ears
I am jostled out of my daydream

the ripples turn into waves
they want to engulf me
feel me tumble in their depth
and feel me gasp for
I am in my last semester of college and this is how I feel.
BlackHeart Oct 2017
I woke up today
Thinking of you
It's been that way every morning
since the day you said..
Bri Aug 2017
The obsession you have with the size of your hips.
They should be smaller,
Don't you think?
Oh, and be sure to do whatever it takes to have that thigh gap.
It's so worth it.
That thigh gap.
The more space the better.
The emptiness of your body.
The jutting collar bones.
Feeling dizzy.
Feeling depressed.
Worth every inch lost off your waist.
It is worth your once full and lushious hair now falling out like dead leaves.
Because you're dying.
You are killing yourself.
But it's all fine.
You're obsessed with telling yourself that it's all under control.
Isn't it?
Theres no sleep at night.
Not when your anxiety is this intense.
Not when your up planning how to skip the rest of the weeks meals.
Use that time to be productive.
Like right now.
Lying awake... obsessing.
But it's s all fine, right?
Because that thigh gap.
And bony fingers.
You're deliriously falling over every **** time you stand, and you think it's all still fine now?
You think it's still worth it?
Isn't it?
Logan Schaller Nov 2016
Silly me for thinking that of all your love could be mine.

True colors come to light, just in due time.
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