The very breath that created us, is still speaking.
Above us. Around us. Within us.
He listens. He speaks. We wait.
The voice that changes everything.
Breathing on all that He created.
Breathing Fresh Life. Breathing New mercies. Breathing LOVE.

Oh to be loved by such a wonderful God.
That He would look upon the stained face of a sinner,
He never gave up on me.
He never cast me aside.
In fact, he runs after one
Leaving the 99

If you don’t know this Creator.
Get ready.
His heart is beating for you.
All of Creation is worshipping
The name that gives LIFE
The name that IS LOVE.
The name that is above –
All other names.


He isn't your typical Dad.
He knows my every thought,
My every ache,
My wounds.
And He didn't create any of them.

No, in fact He heals.
He takes my broken places
and he puts them back together.
Actually, He makes them even better.
He takes what wasn't so beautiful
and makes a masterpiece.

He is what everyone wishes they had.
In fact, He's there for all of them too.
I love Him, because He loved me first.
Yes, He loved me at my worst.
He has never left me for a moment.
Now, who has ever heard of a love like that?

Life has changed so much.
I haven't written as often as I would like,
and I can't tell whether that is good or bad.
I just know that it is.
And I'm learning I'm not ready for you.
An epic to behold in front of me,
and I would rather stay in the Shire.
I am not yet the hero you may need.

Even those words probably show how unready I am.
For if I have learned anything, it isn't that you need a hero.
It isn't that I "need to be" something before we meet.
I need to be all about Someone before you come along.
Yes, I need to be Consumed.

I cannot fake that.
I cannot concoct that.
Conjure it.
It is up to me, but I cannot get there without

I can't wait to share that brilliance with you.  
The light.
The magic
of all that God is to us.
We're gonna have a dreamy time together.  
I just know it.

I have to go get ready now.
See you some time.
Hopefully soon.



I'm still hidden.
You've convinced me
this life is worth livin.
Out of all those taking,
I'll still be one giving.
Your life is the life
I hope they see me living.

We are not in love.
We are not the Jim and Pam of our time.
we are not poetry in motion,
or any kind of rhyme.
You and I are just
You. and. I.
And it makes sense to me now.
Right now...I believe it.
But when you smile at me.
Dull life lights up and I believe,
You just might mean it.
That my day dreams
could be
That you could be
with me
Who would believe it?

One day dream toooooo many.

If the beginning of love is a smile,
I should do it more often.
I have been trying to love.
Love so freely
Those I do not love.
To smile upon the face of cruelty.
So sweetly.
To be free.
I think I will smile.
For a while.

Have I strayed?
Didn't I notice you were there.
Didn't I hear you call my name?
Are you there?

I have forgotten about your fame...
your love for me that endures forever.
My only request be made,
Jesus, please stay the same forever.

Even these words become about something else.
But it's just you.
It's only ever been you.

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