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I am putting us
to Song and Dance.
A melody for pain,
A chorus of chance.

Your actions replay
in the refrain.
I see myself again,
crying in the rain.

We sit and have coffee,
I kiss your child.
But I relive the tragedy,
to put it mild.
Heartbreak and angst,
but we're healthy and whole.
What will writing this testimony,
do to my soul?
I need a breath
of fresh air.
I need to feel that
you are here.
I need to be
I need you

Lord, heal
my heart.
Let me know
it's alright.
Give me the
strength to
keep going.
Keep smiling.
Keep growing.

I do not feel anything
is right
On the inside of
Change me.
Rearrange me
Help me to see
the way you
Jennifer Weiss Aug 2018
If these walls could sing

They should want to sing only of you.

They would harmonize only with your name,

As I've found it makes the sweetest tune.

If these walls could sing for me,

and I have asked them to,

They should sing so free

of the time I first saw you.

When these walls sing

the crooning captivates my mind.

Telling the world how you love me

and how you're all mine.

When these walls sang

I had a heart made of fire

I danced without music

I never felt higher.

Why won't these walls sing?

Why are they so tired.

Walls have never seemed more dreary.

Since you've left and taken my fire.
Jennifer Weiss Aug 2018
Am I happy?
I couldn't do this on my own
Am I happy
Still walking alone
Do the days drag on
Do I wish them gone
Do I mourn those I have not met
Am I waiting to forget
It won't be cured by leaving
It won't be cured by staying
If you find my words deceiving
All I'm really saying
Is I need more than what I'm after
I need You to fill my soul
There is no happily ever after
Unless You, I behold.
Jennifer Weiss Jul 2018
There's a thirst deep within
A hunger unsatisfied
My chest beating wildly
My eyes shining brightly

I'll never know if its filled
I'll never know if its met
But the idea that it will
Is the grandest idea I have had yet.
Jennifer Weiss Jul 2018
Let's be careful.
Not to wade in our emotions
Not to swim through the past.
Let's be careful.
To **** the memories of moments
That don't need to last.

Let's be careful
To lean into what is brand new.
To focus on our hearing.
To protect our new found view.

Let's be careful.
Love has to be cultivated.
Let's be careful
To love what we once hated.
Jennifer Weiss Feb 2018
I don't have religion
I have a relationship
with God.
The God who took my broken life
and transformed it into the most
magical story.

The story of a girl falling in love,
with a man who was 100% percent God
But in the flesh.
He is love personified.
He is the definition of everything she searched for
In every story, movie, song,
and poem.
He equaled the sum of all the parts
that just did not make sense.
He took her pain and turned it into
bars of gold.
He redeemed her.
He saw her.
He adopted her.

And wherever she went...
there He was.
Making stories
out of moments that most would find
merely adequate.
He made poetry,
out of her pain.
He made sunshine
out of rain.

And she was never again
the same.
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