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nihiliti Jun 2018
teeth and scissors
slicing and grinding--designing
downfalls of detritus
deemed gross by us
stamped and sealed in blood
the typical shumck

beatin' a beat on bones
breakin' skulls and ****
bemoan piteous tales of sorrow
wish it was different--don't
it's not
and it's nevermore

backroad backstories
backtrack to simple dreams
crushed inevitably by
by you
by this boulder in cosmic
volumes of nothing
n o t h i n g

so beat
or be beat
break so you don't
breakdown on the downbeat
beatdown downtown
the show of the modern world
with smog and **** background
ground down into

our raw, exposed blend of horrible

It's (nothing)

" teeth are swords..."
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
People flock to us cause the word drops through us.
Now we're all either Buddhas or barracudas.
Lookin' through our maneuvers,  
try and out do us,
just a tumor nothing to us.
And I've been breathing so long,
lettin in light.
Try and discern when they began confusing wrong with what is right.
Wondering still how long I remain out of sight.
Perish or ****,
I just wanted to be with life.
Wrote this randomly on and he posted it! Pretty cool.

— The End —