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Bring your whirlwinds with you;
in the snow angel summer
bring Margot the sun.

In the hour of red glare
a rush to pick slowberries
before getting caught up in the silk.

Prisms, mirrors, lenses!
strategies for combatting visibility:
keep your eyes closed,
face away from the window.

The myriad threads of people in hiding,
they eat their own web each day,
and yet something always shines
in the heart's secret annex.

Men and women are
separated from each other,
the girls are on a train
to the Bergen-Belsen,
"white founts falling
in the courts of the sun."

Margot now cries quietly;
so silently she weeps over
sunshine and hate.

"white founts falling in the courts of the sun" is a line from 'Lepanto' by G. K. Chesterton (1911)
Pluto May 2022
The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve
But a reality to experience it
A process that cannot be understood by stopping it
We must move with the flow of the process
We must join it
We must flow with it

Let go...
Bardo Sep 2022
Farting Frank used ****
   rather furtively
A real Frank-furter Farter
    was he.

But mellifluous Maeve
   she'd **** loudly all day
She couldn't care less
   what came out of her derriere.
Says a lot about a person's personality I think. Are you a furtive Frank or a mellifluous Maeve ? Me, I'm a bit of a furtive Frank, Yea! I'm real devious LoL.
SophiaAtlas Feb 2021
Roses are red
The skies are all grey
It's been 8 years
And I'm STILL not okay.
(I promise)
Jonathan Moya Nov 2019
With the sound of sirens screaming outside,
ten knocks on the door, the shout of authority
flooding in from the red steel,
would Joe American give up Anne Frank
hiding in the attic among his dusty relics,
the crawl space shared with a family of rats,
living under the loose floorboards among
the stacks of hidden zombie apocalypse cash?

What if Jane American found Anna Franco
shuddering with her dos hermanos, madre, padre,
in the dark corners of her garage?

Would she give them 2 vests, 3 pair of pants,
two pair of stockings, a dress skirt,
jacket, shorts, lace up shoes,
wool cap, and scarf?

What if her daughter Sarah saw a black hijab Anah
patiently hidden in the foliage of their old oak tree?
Would she gift her her favorite blue fountain pen?

Would she embrace her, or if ordered,
break the neck of her rabbit?
mjad Nov 2019
i downed half the bottle
and out my words came
full throttle

i apologise

measles that
are hypocrisy
when a
hypocrite as
such was
Hansen's Disease
so theoretically
die in
luxury with
tapeworm that
****** larvae
from Brexit
where tis
Patrick's arm
and harmful
as armpit
in squaller
a lonely spite
Hopeless Outlet Nov 2018
Judge you when we're high
Judge you when we're high
You're a creature you're divine
You're my comfort love you are fine

I will judge you in my mind
I will judge you in my mind

You're a story you're a lie
Educate me when you smile
Beauty thank you I'm high
Darling thank you that I'm high

So I could judge you
in my mind
So I'll convulse you
In my mind
So I could love you till I die

Fully in my mind
hope you like it, wrote this today
julie Oct 2018
trees are changing their robes;
on misty mornings
I am sitting on my porch.
a book  
I've found in a vintage bookstore
at the corner of my street
is lying in my lap

drinking a tea
wrapped into my favorite blanket
and watching my neighbors
carving their pumpkins

smelling the scent
of firewood
while also listening to
Frank Sinatra

autumn, oh autumn
where have you been?
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