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Jennifer Weiss Jan 2015
None of us are alone,*
Shouldn't have to go through this
But you inevitably missed the structure of chromosomes
telling you
your cycle will continue to spiral until you come home,
until you bid adieu
to the confines of your dome
until your burning  *will

is greater than your viral
that yo life ain't ill.
say farewell to the prideful
side of yourself, and chill
we were never meant to be so vile
but still-
We don't beg the universe for mercy,
but demand reward.
We don't transmit love,  instead remain thirsty
drinking from and selfishly consuming the entire gourd.
Take all we can get
then we claim we're bored.
Oh, shed thy ego completely
*to fall in love with a life you adore.
aren't you tired of it all yet?
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014 your eyes.....
a whisper
grasping at grains of sand
You hear me...
You feel me....


prowling the Earth,
guarding our land
Do you know me,
have you begun
to try and truly

Silent. Observant. Tactful. Smart.
I tackle my problems, yours, the world's
it is my true

I live dreams.
I breathe love.
I am harmony.

on fire

You might not feel
it is real,
*but I am proof
you can live
we're getting better all the time.

— The End —