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Dougie Simps Mar 2015
A flower blooms on a tree that's grown from disaster
Maybe that's why I was cut from a tree of an unmoral *******
Now that's a classic
Wrapped up with a black attitude and white wrapper
Who's probably built from disaster
And puts on a mask and is one hell of an actor
Detach him, he's already ripped apart himself
If I die I die alone and only ask my mind for help
Since it's the only thing that knows how I think I'm feelings
Burn me, shoot me, **** me and take me of all my self inflicted healing
What's more appealing?
A slave or a cellphone
Wait...those are two of the same
We all slaves of this technological hell zone
No more kings going after thrones and Free people looking to roam
Just individuals pumped up with 140 characters and 4 inches of styrofoam
Boys chasing after silicon, little kids with no parents home. How you expect them to grow when their role models are a phone?
Hm, now they telling me
"Dougie Simps you needa calm down and set the example"
Says the same ***** who walked around givin every past man a sample
Of that bitter taste
***** that's waste
Pop it out for any man that slowly cuffs the waist.
I've been hiding, but silently residing.
Tryna be more political with my words but nothing like Obama or Biden
My mind is like ferguson
My neurons starting to riot
My white side is talking **** and the black remains quite.

Because I'm a mixed race...

But **** it
I'll speak upon my silence
Cut Em without resorting to violence
Adding up my victims then dropping em. Tell me, did you understand my minus?
A mixed kid, with black and white **** who's corrupted with false interpretation and modest assumption that creates more than the funk did with bass hits in the lips until they bleed and I a monster? a monster with darkness that slowly drips with Martin Luther King's instructions?
Promising to have a dream while loving the only woman who doesn't entirely love me
I've live streamed all your dreams and collected your high beams to gather light on your light subject of racist and evil things cause ****** is no longer a curse, it's a way we just see things and hatred is no longer frowned upon it's a part of what life brings as we let the Angels and heaven sings while we clip and chop her wings and expect her to rise to better things, that's what society silently brings then hang these animals just like minks...then ask them to do the simplest things like selling your soul for diamond rings! I propose to this LIFE! Whatever the **** that statement means.
Do you enjoy being enslaved? stuck inside your own cave? where your name is trayvon and you can't escape this white cave? but freedom would come if you were Dave and living on high estates. Why is pressure on the blacks? Society expects us not to break. But you wouldn't consider me "Us" since I grew up in a "good" home. That stupid ******* stereotype need to DIE AND BE BURIED ALONE!
It's like closing your eyes for fun and putting you mouth to a gun. Blindly your suicidal and everything that society wants you to become, who contradicts what you say to the kids when you ask for someone to take out the gun...because you're a HUMAN you're a HUMAN and freedom is what you want. Get my metaphor? Understand my analogy? **** my friends, family and her for never understanding me! Don't accept my Apology... for speaking. Sorry for trying to see things fully, a scared soul trying to peek in.
But let's face was never truly okay...For ever trying to just be me.

X, let the bass run...because now a days the only thing that don't the rhythm and dying of the beat.

My reign has ended. 3:16 praise the highest.
Kendrick Lamar inspired
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014 your eyes.....
a whisper
grasping at grains of sand
You hear me...
You feel me....


prowling the Earth,
guarding our land
Do you know me,
have you begun
to try and truly

Silent. Observant. Tactful. Smart.
I tackle my problems, yours, the world's
it is my true

I live dreams.
I breathe love.
I am harmony.

on fire

You might not feel
it is real,
*but I am proof
you can live
we're getting better all the time.
Dougie Simps Oct 2014
As pictures fade and the temperature rises...
Her heart, plays no part
I'm no man of surprises.
Why are you so mesmerizing?
Why can't I shake this temptation?
Why do her grips make me sick?
Why am I suddenly shaking...
I can see what she feels
I've become her *** appeal
Is love truly real?
Am I just her final meal?
As she cooks up a thought that's unconscious.
She suddenly gets astonished
Men lie, men are deranged
Please, don't dare make a promise.
But baby, can I be honest?
Oh wait,
All men lie..
So let's let lust become a must
Forget that we ever tried.
Taste of disaster
Hearts moving faster
This wasn't part of my plan
Your ego is harsh
Your mind is cluttered
Makes it hard to be your man.
Hard to be your man.
But I do what I can..
I matched your heart with my life
What a perfect blend.
Simple words to describe her
My stomachs become lighter
Flying high, with these butterflies
I think I her.
*I Do.
Kendrick flow
Dougie Simps Jul 2014
My minds shut, insides ticking and about to erupt
I'm holding in all issues within
Wish my stubborn **** would just speak up
Nightmares in my cup, rolling on a bad dream
Walking alone with reality, my perception of you ain't what it seems
Ask "are you a human bein?"
Maybe he's still a villian..
Don't hide what you have inside, please...tell me your "true" feelings
As my ego remains in intense healing
With jokers I continue dealing.
Criticism as my decor, with old habits thrown on the floor
Clipped wings, so I jumped. Knowing ill plummet and never soar
Pushes becomes shoves
****, I've lost so much potential love.
By the way, I'm still a hopeless overthinker
Nothing has changed much.
But it has. I no longer feel I'm a spawn of my dad
I've grown into my potential
I can feel now what I couldn't reach
I listen to what people say
I no longer care to preach
I'm sorry to my uncle, I was lost without respect.
I apologize to my family, who never knew what was coming next
For my deception, lack of perception
I'm sorry to my ex.
With many words and few steps
I'm giving my all and nothing less
It's just so hard to improve your past
When people rarely saw your best.
With god by my side, I can't lose any fight
I will remain humble in my journey
I will help guide dark eyes to the light
I beg for the world to not quit, continue to doubt but learn to accept me.
It's not my family, it's not a woman, it's not my friends...I'm the only person who can reinvent me.

**Learning to enjoy life, if you work hard, it's okay to be proud
Excuse me for saying so much in a silent room...I was just thinking again...outloud.
Nerve give up! Never say you can't change and never believe your worst moment are you last days. Strive for what you've lost, appreciate what you've gained, respect and love all you've done and will do.
Dougie Simps May 2014
Don't take a lot to get this person inspired
As his arms grow weak and tired
Hoping to god he doesn't expire
As passes on through the fire
And chases what he admires
Angel kisses that put faith in all he so desires
But this ain't the same man who remember who wrote confessions
Passed up selling his soul to gain a few more blessings
People, anymore questions?
I choose to plead the fifth
Your antagonist ways slowly **** me like an active cyst
As I clinch both my fist and prepare for hopeless battle
With friends, family I love and those who truly matter
A spoonful of pure disaster
Mind bursting with thoughts...
The hardest battle in my life is the one internally fought
To think twice with gun while the devil dares you to pull the trigger and growing as an outcast a half Caucasian  ni@@a who strikes with pure aggression, ignored but received the message
Push every good woman away who probably could of gave him leverage
To rise high to the sky, Jesus god me oh my
A half empty glass full of broken dreams and tears from his eyes
But denies it and just lies cause weakness is pain leaving the body
He won't lower his guard for a single person, NOT NOBODY!
But even a lion gotta know when to drop his pride and say
Sorry for all the issues, all I've ever put you through
The truth is you was my biggest fan and I didn't wanna wish on you
Father you are forgiven, It's times for me to start living
Slaving my internal freedom, overworking them in my Hell's Kitchen
Listen...cause I'm disappearing and placing my world in disguise
Thank you Hello Poetry
Im calling it quits but it's been a great ride...alotta wishes longer feel the need to write...I'm done but
I leave you with final piece "Lookin through his eyes"
live for every moment, love yourself
Actually...don't take my advice
(Do you)
It's been real Hello Poetry. Writing and I have met a breakup and I've truly enjoyed all ya and this "dream" I attempted but I seems reality sets and plays a role in any persons life. While alotta ya only like depressing **** (it's whatever) I respected all your writing and support (you know who you are) and truly loved my rapid growth and success here. I will hopefully be bak in the future. A.$.O.F|| -- LostLove WRITE ON PEOPLE

— The End —