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Amba Jun 2020
the hand that took a hold
on the shape
to stimulate
the other’s growth

is more able to cherish
than the one that
took a hold
on the shape to
keep the fleshly desires in place

like E.T. phone home

thank you woman of God
to **** the alienation within space
and bring us back to sense

you loved best
you allowed me
and us
to grow
روبرت Nov 2018
God so loved the world that She....
Gave Her only son; duh
She also turned our feeble existence into a barren, destitute and flood soaked wasteland
But then came the Rainbow
Her Rainbow
Her plea to humanity for forgiveness
Love spelt out in ROYGBIV
The sky glimmered with the foreshadowing of the ultimate form of sacrificial love
Let my heart be ensnared by Her Rainbow
Her grace came at great cost so mine wouldn't have to
Its wonderful after having a conversation so full of love that you catch sight of Her love smiling down on you.
faith Sep 2017
don't ****,
don't take that pill,
you're worth it,
even though you're in a pit,
god will get you through,
when you're feeling blue,
he loves you,
he's in view,
love him,
when you're feeling like you're out on a limb,
he will save,
please don't cave,
the sun is shining on his face,
we are saved by his grace,
don't be a slave,
don't bury yourself in that grave,
get up,
he is your backup,
he is love,
he pours it on us from above,
don't believe them,
you're a gem,
you are worth it,
please don't quit.
Anyone who feels and thinks like they aren't worth it, you are worth it! Don't lose hope, don't give in, don't believe them.
Samantha Oct 2016
Every morning is a feast
if you really think about it
You're alive and breathing
You have clothes, a roof over your head and food
You have people who care for you
But most important you have God who cares for you
He will never fail to
Accept Love
based on Proverbs 15:15
Nath Jul 2016
You were so wicked!
You went on your own way!
You heard my voice,
Yet you act like you don't listen!

You were so coward!
You were ashamed of Me!
You saw My power,
Yet you turn a blind eye!

Yes, you were these things!
Yes! Yes you were!
You were and I was
I was because you were

I was angry!
I hid my face from you!
I was angry!
I let those things happen to you!

Yes! I was but then I am
I am who I was
But I will be who I am
I am after I was

I love you
You were wicked
But I will heal you
For I know you are My child

I love you
You were a coward
But I will guide you
Bring you comfort and rest

I love you,
I love you,
I love you,

This is My Love
I would say this many times,
I would tell you every day,
and I would sing that forever

So please comeback
Come back to Me now
My anger is set aside
I accuse you no more

Please child, come back
I'm waiting with open arms
I'm standing here until the day,
The day I see you to tell you...

Child, Welcome Home
16 I will not accuse them forever,
    nor will I always be angry,
for then they would faint away because of me—
    the very people I have created.
17 I was enraged by their sinful greed;
    I punished them, and hid my face in anger,
    yet they kept on in their willful ways.
18 I have seen their ways, but I will heal them;
    I will guide them and restore comfort to Israel’s mourners

Isaiah 57: 16-18
Bria Hunt May 2016
Do you think anyone could love you better?
Do you think anyone could ever treat you better?
Do you think anyone could ever try as hard as him?
Do you think anyone could ever love you as much as him?

Do you think anyone could love him more than you?
Do you think anyone could ever treat him better than you?
Do you think anyone could ever try harder than you?
Do you think anyone could love him more than you?

No, to every question, but why do I still feel empty?
Because he's not the one.
He's not the one you should be thinking about.
It's not his love you need,
It's the love of the heavenly father.
Without God, love on this earth is empty.

You're asking the right questions,
but to the wrong person.

So, do you love him?
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2015
God has nothing but good things in store for us.
Give him your heart.
He wants to give you His desires,
And form your dreams into
Captivate His heart
Jennifer Weiss Jul 2015
I know you're not supposed to be a distraction,
I just wonder what God was up to
when He made my soul's natural reaction
loving, trying, and dying for you.
It's not about needing your affection,
it's not about what you do or don't do
It is about your soul's affliction,
and the suffering I watch you go through.
I pray for the Lord's intercession
there's nothing He can't do.
And He tells me I can do nothing
except be there for you.
And so continue to hurt me,
if that's what you must do.
I just know my prayers are working,
even if I can't see what they do.
God is so much bigger than all of this.
Lía Sep 2014
you’ve been clinging to this boat;
you think you’re drowning.
the waves are too high,
so you cower
beneath the benches
in your dinghy.

that sea monster,
the one you thought
you finally put to rest,
he’s clawing relentlessly,
dragging you down a familiar cycle:
what if this,
what if that.
you’re assuming the worst,
but Beloved,
I can create the best
from any situation.

my child:
step out of the boat.

you think I'm crazy.
the waves
the monster
the water—
the boat is your safe haven.
how could I ask you
to leave?

do not rely upon the boat:
under duress,
it will splinter,
leaving you awash
in your sea of monsters and fear.

I do not desire for you
a spirit of fear;
I have given you a spirit of power,
of love,
and of a sound mind.
you will crush the cobra
under your heel;
you will walk waves,
you will conquer this
water beast.

you fear giving up
if you aren’t
exploring every detail,
you feel
life will fall apart.

trust in me;
step out of the boat.

your first step will be shaky;
this is okay.
fix your eyes
upon me.
ignore the rushing waters;
I am their creator.
ignore the writhing monster;
at the sound of my name,
it will flee.

I am greater than your fears;
I am more than your temptations;
I have conquered your anxiety.
you are not the first
to struggle,
but I have already died in battle,
and I have already won the war.

I am your fortress;
in my arms,
you will be safe.

— The End —