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J Robert Fallon III
27/M/Texas    "I hope to revive and evoke people's memories, the emotions held closest, in order to speak directly into their ears and connect my words to ...
Caroline Lee
The kitchen floor    "Death won't bring friends and flowers to your grave"
Max Hale
Wiltshire, England    Creative painter and tutor with a bit of poetry. The visual and the literary just sit so closely together
Arizona    to be human is mortal but our written word speaks through out eternity
Debbie Jean Embrey
Kentucky    I've written poetry since age 19. It was the very day my youngest child was born. She was my little angel, and the first several ...
Suzy Hazelwood
UK    I like to write poetry, prose and short stories on my WordPress blog, with occasional spoken word. -> I am also a photographer on ...
F/United States   
Atlanta    infp, cancer, feminist, cat owner, beatlemaniac, vegetarian, reluctant sports fan, disney freak, writer. i hope to live in amsterdam with a lot of cats someday. ...
Frank Ruland
25/M/Virginia Beach, Virginia    I haven't been active in awhile, but I'm trying to change that. I'm somewhere in between unbridled joy with fathering my 8-month old daughter and ...
Japan    i hope you're doing great. please find your happiness. you deserve it. -j.a.m- © All Rights Reserved
Erenn's Collabs
Singapore    My 2nd Account:) Collections of my collabs with other poets. @Eren_yanz My 1st Account : Feel free to make requests or ask me about ...
Jos, Nigeria.    This is T2m. I'm changing my account because somehow I can't log into T2m and I have contacted admin as to whether I could get ...
Megan Grace
At sea.
Andrew Durst
Tarentum, PA.    I am 23. Instagram: @andrewdurst
For the sake of posting a shy girl's random everyday poetry.
Cecelia Francis
24/Non-binary    A growing list of useless information.
Karl Franssen aka Bryson Flegg
That Place Where I'm From    "I am the very model of a scientist salarian" “I don’t care about anyone, and the feeling is quite obviously mutual.” Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged ...
Christopher Lowe
Ohio    Remember it is just poetry. If all you do is dream then you will never wake up. Follow me on twitter @C_A_Lowe All material is ...
France    Mind Doodling
frum yer mom's house    Everything you'll read on my page is from an experience in my life. It is is real...and it is messy.
Coop Lee
Portland, OR    esto perpetua. ♐ @cooplee1
Just a college girl caught in a daze, loving words and the sun's rays. Self Proclaimed Helluo Librorum. Make me fall in love with words ...
PC classic
24/M/Bangalore    Not a poet.
39/M/Litchfield Illinois    Hopefull Poet This is the blog of a writer who is sussing out life through living, reading, thinking, and writing.
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