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and the morning pours in
I pause in my dressing to watch,

was that a wolf whistle
or was it the kettle?
 Jul 13 Persephone
the world is preoccupied with itself
so I dance
down this empty moonlit street
 May 31 Persephone
Gorgeous souls vanished.
Amazing creatures were lost.
But light still replaces the glimmer that she lost.
Every new day brings hope.
The ocean still continues to wash away the dirt.
Fate gives us darkness as a gift.
Turning the ugly
into faith and power.
And soon humanity will find
sweet waters
to fill her.
A response to Tim’s poem

“We carry within us all the mystical power we need to transform our world.”
Anthon St. Maarten
“All of the worlds problems can be solved in the garden.”
Geoff Lawton
 May 31 Persephone
If it pours tonight,
It should be proof,
That I once loved.
 May 2 Persephone
 May 2 Persephone
I looked up to you
Even if you hide from me
My only night light

The secrets hidden behind your shadow
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