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Shri Apr 2022
Can you fall for a voice??
A voice that came from miles apart..
Can you fall for it everyday,
Every minute and every second of your existence???
Can you fall for a shadow??
Can you run behind it even in its complete absence??
Can you turn your life upside down just to hear it in real??
Can you leave your core just to see the one you never saw in real?
Can you explain this madness apart from love?
Can you feel it's absence even when you were never sure about it's existence??
Shri Apr 2022
Your absence makes my presence everyday.
Shri Apr 2022
A friend i met in the middle of darkest sea,
A friend who held me free..
With whom i shared my core!!
Who promised that we still have our lives together to explore..
The one who stood by my side,
Hiding his pain aside!

The one who punished me with his absence,
Without my consent!!
Holding these faded emotions...
With my heart resolving those numerous questions!!
I still defend you in my mind...
I still wonder why that connection lagged behind?
To a friend i felt but never met....
In the quest of coming close in kilometers may be i left you miles apart by my heart!
I wish you all my luck and good of my destiny i hope you are happy wherever you are.
Shri Mar 2022
This time being in love,
I have a lot to sum up.
am loving you in pieces...
From my heart's Detroited crevices!
Every time i try to open up my heart..
It is rendered in many more parts..
Parts that hurts!!
In the depeths of wounds and many more cuts!!
It's like growing up in insecurities again!
It's like loosing myself in a much deeper vain..
Still i am trying to love at my best..
With all the things that hits me hard within loneliness's arrest!
Shri Feb 2022
I am breaking my heart before you break mine.
Shri Feb 2022
I wish i could tell you the mess of my heart..
I wish i could share my distorted part!
On a verge of this new start,
On the grounds of things that tore me apart.
From the love that knocked my door...
To the distances that messed me even more!
From the past that stood infront of my eyes,
To the present that left me in disguise!
I wish i could love from whole of my heart..
To bend my life to this restart.
I am feeling the way i've been feeling from more than 5 years it's way too depressing to be stuck in a loophole wich start and ends in black, blank and emotion less. It feels empty all the time!! please let me get out of my mind!!
Shri Jan 2022
Nobody knows what goes inside your head,
Nobody knows the number of thorns embedded in your leg!!
Nobody knows what's going on with you,
Nobody knows if you're standing alone in the que;
Nobody knows the insight of that lively mask
Nobody knows if you have thousands of questions to ask;
Nobody knows the distance you've climbed uphill!!!
Nobody knows if you are standing on grave of your own will..!!
Nobody knows the real part of good you lie,
Nobody would ever know if you wanna die.
There is only one person that can stand by yourside that is you.
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