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13.0k · Jun 2015
Ariana Robinson Jun 2015
Never stop dreaming...
Sometimes dreams are the only thing that a person has
10.1k · Jun 2016
The Word "Bitch"
Ariana Robinson Jun 2016
When said to the average woman, it's an insult
When said to me, I tilt my head back and grin
I fix my imaginary crown before it slips and say,

"Yes, I wear that crown proudly. Want to know how big of a ***** I can be?"
I know I'm a *****, but only when necessary.
8.7k · May 2015
The Average Black Girl
Ariana Robinson May 2015
People say that I'm not the average black girl...
And I don't know whether to take that as an insult or a compliment
Am I not the average black girl because I am so well-spoken?
The fact that I am able to articulate my words...
Or that if a person misuses a word that I simply correct them?
Am I not the average black girl because I don't wear a weave in my hair with noticeable tracks?
Or that instead of me shaking my *** for the world to see...
I choose to make something of myself without diminishing myself?
Am I not the average black girl because I chose a path different from the other black girls...
The path of the dropouts, and being baby mamas at the age of 16...
What is the average black girl?
To me, there is no such thing as the average black girl...
The word "average" is what society has pegged a black girl as being the norm of what black girls are seen as or are supposed to be.
But me, I'm just a black girl
6.2k · Mar 2015
The Grasp of Darkness
Ariana Robinson Mar 2015
It holds you within its clutches
Embracing you in its veil, shrouded in shadows
It whispers sinister sayings in your ear
It stands in your corner
It follows you wherever you go
Invades your mind with dark thoughts
Controls your actions to where you lash out
It's turning you into what it is, to take its place
You become

I wonder who will take your place?
6.1k · Jun 2015
The Phone Call
Ariana Robinson Jun 2015
I waited...and I waited

But I never got that phone call
The one that I have been waiting for all day
Just to hear your voice
To hear the reason why

Why you chose to end us
Why you chose to stop loving me
Why you chose to throw away something of significance

But instead...I get a text
5.3k · Dec 2015
Mirror, Mirror
Ariana Robinson Dec 2015
We're all mirrors in our fragile states
Enough pressure against us, our surfaces
Cause cracks across our faces
Some have shattered beneath
Shards of us fall to the ground
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the most broken among us all?
4.9k · Jun 2015
Ariana Robinson Jun 2015
When you love someone who is damaged
You accept their past, pain, and guilt
You have to be strong and patient
You help the bleeding stop, you kiss over the scars
And they will still be a little broken
You accept all the dents and the cracks that's within them
And eventually they will start to trust you
They will become your ally and best friend
And you are the only person that can make or break them
And they will still be thinking how can someone like you love someone like them
Because they are damaged
3.5k · Mar 2015
Ariana Robinson Mar 2015
Those who fade into nothingness blend in with the background
A thought that crosses the mind, not even for a second
To be forgotten, you aren't remembered in memories
You are just a face that someone can recall as familiar, but is quickly dismissed as being a stranger
You seem to not exist in the lives of those you are close to
You have been erased from minds
Being forgotten is being lost within yourself
Not remembering who you were, or who you are for that matter
You simply have no trace of yourself
2.6k · Jul 2016
Ariana Robinson Jul 2016
Sometimes the person that broke you is also the person to put you back together
It's okay to give that person a second chance, but if they **** that chance up. Tell them to go **** themselves.
2.5k · Jun 2015
Ariana Robinson Jun 2015
What lurks between the realm of light and dark
The secrets, the lies, the skeletons that crept from the closet
The shadows that embrace you disguised as a friend
Whispering deceit and hallow promises
Bringing the shadows closer as a source of comfort
Pain is your wake up call in the morning
Hurt is the piece of my reality that invades my sweet dreams
But what if you were the shadows in which  the secrets, lies, and skeletons dwell
2.5k · Mar 2015
Bad Day
Ariana Robinson Mar 2015
I'm having a bad day and I don't know what to do
I'm just sitting here, with a frown on my face
Maybe someone will make me laugh and it will liven up my spirits a little
Who knows? I might just have a bad day
2.3k · Apr 2015
My Face
Ariana Robinson Apr 2015
My face is like my personal snitch.
It betrays me by revealing what I'm feeling.
The crease in my forehead shows worry, in some cases, anger.
My quivering lip shows that I'm about to cry.
My rapidly blinking eyes are tell-tale signs that I'm holding back tears.  
The twitch of my nose shows me being *******.
My scrunched up mouth is me holding back my sharp tongue.
Oh, why face are you such a snitch?
1.8k · Jun 2016
Ariana Robinson Jun 2016
There's something about stars
Have you ever gone out to a field, laid down a blanket, and just stare at them?
They're just beautiful to look at
They're simply beautiful because they're being themselves, shining at night
1.7k · May 2015
The Depths of Myself
Ariana Robinson May 2015
Sometimes, the depths of myself are hard for me to even comprehend.
The perceptions of myself reflect within each other.
The image shown is sometimes obscured based on the light...
Or the shadow that casts over it.
1.6k · Apr 2015
A Good Actress
Ariana Robinson Apr 2015
She is able to portray the character she is meant to be on screen and in front of a camera.
She can deliver lines learned from a script or improv.
She can feign different emotions based on the scene she is in.
She can take on the life and personality of her character(s).
However, she can separate who she is in reality from the characters she portrays...
And that is a good actress.
1.6k · Aug 2015
Ariana Robinson Aug 2015
The needle ****** my body
Ink flows from its point
Caressing my skin, creating memories
Could be a reminder
Or a message
The telling of a story
The marking of words and images
Upon my body to cover my scars
And turn them into art
1.5k · Aug 2015
Twisted Mind
Ariana Robinson Aug 2015
Everything burning around me...
Yet I remain untouched
1.5k · Nov 2018
My College Days
Ariana Robinson Nov 2018
I won't remember the parties
Or the school events
Or the games
Because I never went to them

But this is what I will remember
I'll remember the late nights of homework
And having to wake up early the next morning
And being exhausted in my 9am class

I'll remember the stress that ate my *** alive
To the point where I would cry for 10 minutes straight
And then get back to work like it never happened

I'll remember having an anxiety attack after leaving my professor's office
Because she made me feel stupid about how I wrote my speech
And the moment I stepped outside
I let go of a breath I didn't know I was holding
Then, I started hyperventilating and crying

I'll remember working out in the gym
Because according to my doctor I was obese
And well exercise is a great stress reliever

I'll remember losing my grandfather my junior year
And being so sad and depressed that some days I wouldn't even go to class
And having to go home for the first time and see him not there

I'll remember going through a break up the summer before my junior year
And having my ex try to gain my trust so that he would get another chance
Still confused on whether I should or shouldn't by the way

I'll remember growing closer to some of my friends
And some of my friends distancing themselves from me
And barely spending time with my friends from home

I'll remember contemplating on dropping out
Or going to another school
Or trying to make my other dreams come true

I'll remember being in the financial aid office more times than I can count
Because I'm paying out of pocket for my education
Student loans, Pell grants, and financial aid
Still isn't enough to cover my tuition

I'll remember being moved off campus into smaller dorms
Sharing a room with my best friend
And fighting off creepy crawlers and critters that found their way inside
And missing classes because transportation either ran late
Or didn't come at all

Who knows what else I'll remember
Not done with college yet
Is college really worth it?
1.4k · Sep 2015
The Breaking Point
Ariana Robinson Sep 2015
Pushed past the breaking point
A line that shouldn't be crossed
Passed the point of no return
The final threshold
There's no going back now
1.4k · Sep 2015
Little Sorrow
Ariana Robinson Sep 2015
There was once a little girl
Called Little Sorrow
There was never a smile that grazed her face
Nor a moment of happiness in her life
She learned to live with the silence
Learned to embrace the solitude
Cried her tears alone until one day she stopped
There wouldn't be a place big enough for holding all the tears she cried
Little Sorrow simply watches with blank eyes and an immobile face
As the world around her passes
Yet she remains still
1.4k · Jun 2015
Behind the Walls
Ariana Robinson Jun 2015
Behind the walls are where my secrets lie
Where my thoughts take refuge from being seen
Where my emotions peer from behind the veil in hopes of being displayed upon an immobile face
The walls were built as a sense of security, to keep the outside from coming in
Few, successfully, have knocked down a wall or two, but never all
Because behind the walls is where my true self is concealed
And I refuse her access into the real world
A world where she can never be accepted
1.3k · May 2015
Ariana Robinson May 2015
He should have been the complement to my heart, not the remedy
Let's just say that love isn't what I thought it would be
1.3k · Mar 2015
Ariana Robinson Mar 2015
Ever have that moment where a thought crosses your mind?
Just like any other random thought?
But this thought, causes you to stop in mid stride.
Makes words stop flowing from your mouth when in conversation.
The thought makes your face immobile.
No expression upon it...
Or emotion appearing within the eyes.
Almost like a mask, portraying a veil that covers what you wish not to be seen.
Everyone has those moments...
Sometimes when you're alone, or when you're around others.
That thought reveals a moment from the past that found its way into the present.
Everyone has had these moments
1.2k · Dec 2016
Watch Your Mouth
Ariana Robinson Dec 2016
Words hurt
Similar to how a fist can bruise skin
Words crawl underneath your skin and get stuck there
Twisting you from the inside
But what makes it worse is the person the words are coming from.

A mother telling her daughter she isn't pretty enough
Begins the journey of a girl trying to define her beauty
Caking her face with makeup to "enhance" or "alter" her appearance
Wearing clothes that barely cover skin
She does not know or see her beauty
Going through her life seeking approval
By doing things that defile what makes her beautiful
If she believes she is beautiful, then she is
No one else's opinion of her beauty should matter
Only her opinion of herself matters

Just one word can change a person's perspective of who they are and what they believe in

A boy telling a girl he doesn't love her anymore
Changes her perception of what love is
Whether she deserves it and who will be the person to finally give it to her
She pushes away man after man, afraid of putting her heart on the line
Afraid of  putting her all into something that's worth it
Sweetheart, just because one man hurts you does not mean the next one will
Don't miss out on your white knight because of a few jesters (**** fools).

Words hurt
They can cause bruises
They can open wounds
Even ruin lives
So be careful with what comes out if your mouth.
Words do hurt.
1.2k · Jul 2015
Ariana Robinson Jul 2015
That place where only you can take me
That I had forgotten
Fondest of memories arose from those moments
An instant high that causes bodies to quiver
Causes bodies to intertwine covered in dew
Draped in sheets shimmering in the sun
But you awoken that sense of hunger
Unconcealed heat that laid hidden beneath my skin
Waiting to inflame me, to rekindle those sparks
And it all began with that one touch
To remember where I belong
1.2k · Jul 2015
Ariana Robinson Jul 2015
We never have full control of our lives
How they play out
What does and doesn't happen
Or how it ends
There's always someone above us pulling the strings
1.1k · Sep 2015
Ariana Robinson Sep 2015
Petals drenched in crimson
Delicate to touch
Has its own defense
Stem covered in thorns
***** pale fingers
Draws blood when grasp
Both a beauty and a danger
991 · Mar 2015
If Walls Could Talk
Ariana Robinson Mar 2015
If walls could talk...
They would tell you of my screams which have echoed off them
If walls could talk...
They would tell of me staring into the mirror, my reflection looking back at me, my face immobile
If walls could talk...
They would tell of the nights tears stained my face, my heart aching
If walls could talk...
They would tell of me cradling my pillow, wanting someone, anyone to comfort me
If walls could talk...
They would tell of my secrets which I keep hidden away out of fear of being found out
The walls are those who see me, even if I seem to be alone
958 · Mar 2015
Ariana Robinson Mar 2015
Fate's a *******, Karma's a *****...
939 · Mar 2015
I Never Asked
Ariana Robinson Mar 2015
I never asked for your help, you just assumed I needed it
I'm not some damsel in need of rescuing
Do you see lengthy tresses hanging out of a tower?

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair

I never asked you to give me anything, that would lead to me owing you back
And who knows what you'll ask for

No, Steve. I'm not gonna help you bury a body.

I never asked you to listen to my problems
My mistake for assuming I could vent to you
I guess I was just entertainment when your soap opera wasn't on

These are The Days of Our Lives

I never asked you to give me your time
There are only 24 hours in a day after all

I never asked you for anything, you just assumed I needed something.
Ariana Robinson Mar 2015
Her soul became broken
And so many times, she tried to fix it
Times when she came close, it would shatter again

She died on the inside

The shards of her shattered soul contained images
Memories that she wished to forget
Why would she want to put the shards back together?
She died, and another person appeared with worse problems and a more broken soul
But this time, add the hurt...the pain...the struggle that came along with her life
Aren't you surprised the new person hasn't broke yet?

She will be broken soon

The cycle repeats itself
How long you think it will take before she is broken and a new person appears?
924 · Mar 2015
The Taking of Innocence
Ariana Robinson Mar 2015
She was forced onto the bed or pinned to the floor, the environment didn't matter, the outcome was the same
His breath would graze over her neck, he groped mercilessly
Never once did she look into his eyes or made a sound
Never once did he hesitate or stop his assault
Never once did she attempt to stop him, out of fear, out of embarrassment
The tearing of her clothes, his brutal grunts
She never utters a word or makes any movement
Her head would be slightly turned away from the scene, her eyes opened, staring into space or closed, not wanting to watch this unfold
A sharp intake of breath would pass her lips as his assault began
His continuous thrusts felt as if needles were pricking her untouched skin
The agony goes on for seconds, minutes, maybe even hours until he finishes
He tosses her aside, doesn't matter, the outcome is the same
She stays immobile, on some occasions, crying softly
She doesn't know why it happens, it just does
Her body is a fortress he conquered, which now lays collapsed
Her emotions, her thoughts, scrambled
The pain she feels from the assault goes unnoticed
Never utters a word or makes any movement
The reoccurring thought crosses her mind, "Why did this happen? Why did it happen to me?"
He takes one last look and then leaves
She lays there on the bed or the floor, her arms wrapped around herself, cradling her body
Doesn't matter what the environment is, the outcome is always the same
Her innocence is taken and now she has nothing...
890 · Apr 2015
Those Little Moments
Ariana Robinson Apr 2015
When in the middle of the night, he pulls me closer to his chest as he sleeps, wrapping his arm around my waist.
How I feel butterfly kisses grazing my neck in the early hours of the morning.
Some mornings, I awake to a racket coming from downstairs, and I smile knowingly, smelling coffee.
Or when he wakes up in the morning to get ready, I wake up not long after, and I cuddle more into the sheets, breathing in his cologne.
After we make love, he holds me in his arms, stroking my hair, while kissing my forehead, and I soon drift off to sleep.
But the one moment I love experiencing with him is when we lock eyes with each other and he stares at me as if I'm the only one in the room.
870 · Jun 2016
My Anthem
Ariana Robinson Jun 2016
If you're going to break me
At least have the decency to let me know upfront
Don't let some time pass before you decide to do it
Don't let me reveal parts of myself that no one has seen
Not even God Himself and He made me
Don't let me share my secrets to which later you use as ammo
Don't let me tell you my life story, every chapter of it, from then to now
And belittle the struggles I had to overcome
If you're going to break me
Beware of the strength I possess
Beware of the type of woman I am
Beware of my ability to get up from being knocked down
Beware of me doing what I have to
You may cause a few cracks
But you will never break me
I'm too good for that
For any man who thinks he'll be the last man I'll love simply because he breaks my heart and feels that he's the best I'll ever have.
806 · Apr 2022
Ariana Robinson Apr 2022
Life passes between you and I
As our eyes met
And you saw everything you needed
As I saw everything I've been looking for
804 · Mar 2015
Ariana Robinson Mar 2015
Sometimes you find the missing pieces, other times you find new pieces to replace the old ones...
Some people have shattered, some remain broken
782 · Mar 2017
Let Us Escape to Wonderland
Ariana Robinson Mar 2017
Following the white rabbit in his waistcoat
Listening to the tick tock of his pocket watch
Let's fall down the rabbit hole nestled at the trunk of the tree

And where you land is a room
An entire world hidden behind a door and all you need is the key
A nibble from a cake that makes you grow
And with a sip of a drink, you shrink
Insert the key and twist the ****
Opens the door to a world beyond imagination

There's a cat that grins
And with a smile, he disappears
Have a cup of tea and a biscuit with the Hare, the Hatter, and the Dormouse
Paint white roses red with the Red Queen
Beware of her freakishly large head
Slay the Jabberwocky with the Vorpal Sword
And restore the White Queen to her throne
I'm sure the ****** Big Head wouldn't like that
"Off with her head," she would say
Listen to the bicker of the twins, Tweedledee and Tweedledum
The Red Queen calls them her fat boys
Partake in the musings of Absolem
The hookah-smoking caterpillar who transforms into a beautiful blue butterfly

Let us escape to Wonderland
It is far more appealing than the real world
Being mad is a wonderful thing, isn't it?
772 · Apr 2017
Ariana Robinson Apr 2017
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for being me
I'm sorry for not being able to change the parts of me you don't like
Like how I talk **** about myself
Me being my worst enemy
I tear myself down every chance I get
I'm sorry that I don't love my body the way you do
You see curves where as I see fat
I just can't look in the mirror and say, "I'm beautiful."
But knowing you, you'd kiss every part of me and appreciate my body like I never did
I'm sorry that when we argue, I always have anger in me
Profanity just slips through my lips when I'm mad
And I know you don't like conflict, but I got a lot of fight in me
I'm sorry I'm not positive when it comes to my view on life
Life *****, being a rollercoaster where there are the ups and downs
But with the hand I was dealt, I had more downs than ups
However, I remember you telling me to look up at the skies because they're always beautiful
Even when everything on Earth seems ugly
I'm sorry for who I am
Being me seems to be a problem
Which is why I say you probably shouldn't be with someone like me
And you would just say, "You're not getting rid of me" or "I'm not going anywhere."
I'm sorry you have to love someone like me
A *****
A pessimist
To you, I'm just your Kitten
Perfect, even with my flaws
I'm just...

754 · Aug 2015
Out of Tears?
Ariana Robinson Aug 2015
Caught glimpses of tears leaning on the edge of your eyes
Yet you refuse to let them fall
708 · Jun 2015
Ariana Robinson Jun 2015
Bringing me back to life
When I've spent time in darkness
Awakening my dulled senses
Life was no longer clinging to me like a disease
I finally opened my eyes and saw light
Instead of the occasional darkness
You've awakened me
678 · Oct 2015
Ariana Robinson Oct 2015
I can't help but be curious of him
Of wanting to know more of him
Wanting to explore the depths of him
Wanting to know how he does what he does
The mere thought of wanting to know isn't enough to satisfy me
I want more than my thoughts and imagination conjuring up ideas
I want to feel, I want to do
Very curious indeed am I
He's on my mind
664 · Jun 2015
Remembering Him Differently
Ariana Robinson Jun 2015
I no longer see you as the person being the one to dry my tears
Instead you're the one that caused them
All the bruises my heart received
I never thought you would leave your own
If you were to touch me, your touch would no longer feel right
You calling me your friend, instead of your babygirl
Causes nothing but the blade to go in further
Your kisses I remember that use to set me aflame
Only cause me to burn on the inside
I remember the mark you left on me
It was a bruise on my already damaged heart
People wonder how can you love someone after they hurt you. You just don't stop loving someone. Emotions can't turn on and off
647 · Jan 2016
Shoe box
Ariana Robinson Jan 2016
Scribbled words written on notes
A red ribbon with a lock of hair dangling
Photos of familiar faces with worn edges
A piece of fabric that was torn from the wearer of the cloth
A golden brush with strands of hair left from the owner
This old shoe box carries fond memories
Each item has a story
611 · Jun 2015
Moments We Share
Ariana Robinson Jun 2015
It can be a quickening of my heart as you lean into me
Or when you caress my face, my eyes glaze over
When you hold my cheek in the palm of your hand, I always cover your hand with mine
When you kiss me on my neck, my head leans back
When you kiss my lips, breath sorta just escapes me
Or after we get done worshipping each other, there's always this intense stare you give me I don't know why but it's always there
599 · Jun 2016
Ariana Robinson Jun 2016
We all have a bit of monster in us
I just seem to be in tune with mine
And it causes me to be a bit of a heathen
Not really a heathen. I can be an angel...with ill intentions.
Just kidding or am I?
597 · Apr 2022
Ariana Robinson Apr 2022
You cross my mind so often
Might as well say you live rent free in my head
585 · Apr 2015
True Love
Ariana Robinson Apr 2015
They say that true love doesn't hurt and they are doesn't.
However, an imitation of true love can cause a broken heart.
558 · Nov 2017
Ariana Robinson Nov 2017
She seems to have lost touch with herself
Drowned in the sorrow that flows within her veins
Tears staining her face once again

Though the thought of being immune to this feeling crossed her mind
She has felt it so many times before
Inflicted upon herself by those she thought would never leave bruises
Inflicted upon herself by herself
Not giving others the opportunity to mar a soul already damaged
And yet it feels brand new every time

So much hurt inside one body
Of memories of forgetting herself
Of feeling searing pain course through her
When he broke her heart
Yet he promised to cherish it
When her father hurt her mother
Forgetting she's reflection of the woman she calls "momma"
Of when her brother imposed between her thighs at such a tender age
Leaving himself in the corner of her mind
And every now and then, he slips from the shadows
Replaying that moment on a continuous loop
Of when she lost herself within herself
And couldn't find  herself in the dark

She should be used to it
But it always feels brand new
547 · Apr 2015
Ariana Robinson Apr 2015
I don't need someone to tell me who I am.
I already know myself enough to tell myself who I am.
I don't need someone to point out my flaws and inadequacies.
They were created by lessons learned.
Nobody can tell me who I am because they're not me.
They haven't walked in my shoes...
Nor have they experienced life the way I live it.
Only one person can tell me who I am---me.
546 · Jun 2016
The Best and The Worst
Ariana Robinson Jun 2016
Sometimes, the best of you is brought out by the worst
After people do their damnedest to destroy you
After they have stabbed you in the back
And shot a bullet through your heart
You find the strength to get up, to fight
You take your wounds...your bruises...your scars
You pick up the pieces and build something  new
And the dents and cracks left over
Well, if you run sandpaper over a diamond, it'll eventually smooth out
Something I had to do because I refuse to break.
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