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Diane Dec 2019
I always wondered
how a man
like vincent
could see the
of such a

I'd like to see the
in his eyes

I wonder how
         ­        exciting
they are

   beautifully crazy
like him didn't deserve
any of this

We dont deserve to see
the way he turned his
how he twisted it
         he turned it upside down
         he played its game
and brought us a world
full of
we dont deserve vincent
my favorite piece of literature i've ever written about my favorite artist, van gogh
Risa Njoroge Aug 2019
Half past mid night,
Been up since before first light,
Can not get over this fright,
Can not take another fight,

This can not be " a we"
Fights, frights and late nights,
Last night,
And again when it was first light,

Loveless life,
Even on beautiful starry nights,
Not even worth the "we" time
We can no longer be intertwined,

Another starry night,
Another frightful fight,
Frights, fights every single night,
Tonight I fight one last fight!
fray narte Jun 2019
I'm drunk and the skies are a little hazy, and the stars, a little like Van Gogh's, but tonight, I'm still an astronaut angling metaphors from the mesophere and you're still the moon to which these poems orbit around.
Sharmaine Jan 2019
So cold but it felt so warm
Clear nightsky is coverd with stars
Simple conversation becomes special
And its all because I am with you.
Shewrites Nov 2018
Wish you were here with me
Gazing upon the city lights
under the starry sky
And we'll hang a lovelock
in the bridge
with our names
engraved on it.
Today was cold
Because of Autumn's breeze
Wrap me around
Your cozy arms
And make me warm
I miss your touch.
I miss you
And ill see you soon my love!

Lots of love
Pyrrha Aug 2018
We always talks about putting our broken pieces back together
Or we speak of mending another with tape and glue
Like stitches that won't undo
But putting the pieces back together wont make them new
Why don't we ever think about picking up each others broken parts
And placing them where ours once were
Instead of fixing a puzzle with missing pieces
Why don't we become art
And fill each other with beautiful parts?

All that you find broken about yourself
All that I find rotten within my hollow shell
Are colorful pieces to complete a work of art
If you take some of me and make it beautiful
Then perhaps one day I too could see the beauty I betray
I'll do the same for you as I collect these magnificent additions
To the masterpiece that I make of myself
One day we will become Mona Lisa and The Starry Night
Not only will we be the art we will become the artists
As grand as DaVinci, as unique as Van Gogh
We will fill this world with our broken art
And make others learn that there is beauty in every splintered part
chloe May 2018
its harder to speak than to yell.
and harder to yell than to.....think.
as the slumber passes, and the daisies awake.
i feel as if i could talk to you.
just talk.
it might not be a real conversation.
because i might jut blink. and the time i felt i could talk.
would have dashed away from me.

in the night, the stars form into flowers.
others see constellations, or space stations.
but i am unique. i see picturesque flowers bathing in the night glow.
iris. rose. both in bloom. blossoming from the roots of the starry night.
it is really easy to know.
just harder to
speak even if your voice shakes.
~dolly everett.
Poetry Art Sep 2017
Thou shalt follow me,
Be with me 'til eternity,
Turn into someone I want you to be,
With my decree thou shalt obey me 

Thou shalt be envious,
Like a culprit get what you want to use,
Live with thy desire,
Happiness of others you should acquire

Thou shalt be gluttonous,
Like a pig go and be voracious,
Satisfy your hunger and rapturous cravings,
Drinking and eating what you want is never sating

Thou shalt live with lust,
Like a tigress in bed you must,
Embrace the desire you have within,
Coquettishly caress and savour someone's skin

Thou shalt be wrathful,
Like darkness let it manifest your soul,
Hatred shalt flow violently in your blood,
With thy anger sins shalt flood,

Thou shalt live with thy pride,
Never ever let thyself subside,
Walk with your pretty cruel soul conceited,
Shalt not let thyself be defeated

Thou shalt be greedy,
Like me love thy life acquisitively,
Have the excessive desire to take what you don't need,
Earn what you want no matter if you exceed

Thou shalt live like a sloth,
Do nothing just lay at your couch,
Survive like a narcoleptic man,
Just sit down and hope that something will be done
kclantern Apr 2017
i traced my fingers on the ceiling,
coaxing Alpha Centauri
from the corner of the wall.

i dipped my hands into pools of
silver-glassed milk,
forming a droplet of slippery onyx.

i mailed the constellation in a
waxy manila envelope,
yellowed by the moon’s teeth.

i licked the edges with my tongue and
pressed the folds together.

for you
from me.
seconds / I don't even know how to write poems ****
Sally A Bayan Mar 2017
Dinner is done
everyone's settled
the the full...
the weight of the night has itself eased into mine,
my expected moment of distraught...
the Heavens are purpled
twilight drapes have fallen,
winds of March...bellow pillows
..............are hollowed my elbows a distant rooster crows........
i lie on my abdomen...legs swing back and forth,
catching inspiration, a word, a daydream...a thought,
i grab a pen falling, i grasp a journal, a book,
...............everything is within reach
but, not...the....long..................stretch
of hours....of a sleepless night...whence
....spiced...spiked...and sugared memories...
..........accompany me...and sail with me i cruise along this lethargic sea
'neath a silent dark, where aches are loudest
.........domed, by an unworded loneliness,
i am wearied by a flow, that is endless,
.....this minute...imagination is ceaseless
........i reach for my mug....but, it's empty
.........................i hear no liquid seething
this moment,  a dark sea, should be brewing....
this hour, verses must be a river, overflowing,
...enfolding, this cool and starry, starry evening...
.......i am caffeinated....even without coffee....


Copyright March 23, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
(a nonsense poem, most of you might say
...... a new coffee poem...spun today...)
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