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Ariana Robinson Apr 2022
Life passes between you and I
As our eyes met
And you saw everything you needed
As I saw everything I've been looking for
Ariana Robinson Apr 2022
You cross my mind so often
Might as well say you live rent free in my head
Ariana Robinson Sep 2021
I wish I could scrub you from my skin
But your fingerprints have seeped through to my soul
You left smudges, marks
                 on my windows
And now, I think I will never be free of you
You have ruined me for anyone else
I don't shine quite the same
And it's a shame
I've given so much of myself that now, I'm left with only pieces of who I once was
After you waltzed in
   like the Devil in the pale moonlight
With your promises
as empty as they were
And your "I love you's"
even I knew they were lies as they fell from your lips
But I believed them
And I actually thought you were different
Silly me because I'll be spending a spell
Trying to wipe you away
I refuse to be dirtied by the likes of you
Ariana Robinson Oct 2019
He says to me,
"Letting you go wasn't easy."
As if being the one being let go was a walk in the park
As if he wasn't the one that pulled the trigger
Aimed directly at my heart
Ariana Robinson Sep 2019
Love is just a word
Until someone comes along and gives it meaning
Or reiterates that it really is just a word
Ariana Robinson Feb 2019
See, with people like me
We expect good things to come as a surprise
And bad things to come like clockwork
Isn't that sad
So to the question as to why I don't put faith into anything
Or believe in anyone
There's your answer
Ariana Robinson Nov 2018
Some mar the mind
While others ****** the body
And they leave lasting impressions
I have many. None that show, well except one but it's not as traumatizing as the others.
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