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LC Apr 2020
his words burned through people
with barely a care in the world
corrosive, toxic, flammable,
the strongest acid she'd ever seen.

her words slid over people
like soap, a weak base
so she kept quiet
meek could have been
her middle name.

she thought they could neutralize.
she thought he was a weaker acid,
one that could complement her,
not one that burned at the touch.

but burn he did.

nevertheless, she prevailed.
#escapril day 7!
Pineapple Isle Jan 2018
In 11 years
At least one thing hasn't changed:
You're home to me

You've supported my endeavors
And I've always had you to come home to
I like having that to count on

I need your stability
May I be so bold to say
Maybe you need my variety

I like that you truly see me
I need that
Maybe you do too

I need your insight and blunt honesty
I need your silliness
Maybe you need my different ways of thinking

We unwaveringly support each other
I need your stability
Maybe you need my variety
Feliz G Nov 2016
You don't know how much it hurt me,
I suppose you were misled.
I've been waiting all day to tell you,
Only to hear what you misinterpret what I said.

Pathetic, you think you knew what I meant,
You thought you saw through my smile,
What did you think of me?
Some irresponsible Middle school child?

Sorry for bothering you,
I only wasted your time,
I'm not capable of complementing
People who aren't like mine.
Whenever I try to complement a teacher, since they all look so fricking nice, they all think I'm doing it for a dare. *sigh*
Ellentelligence Oct 2016
So we often look for a love that will supplement us.
I hope you find a love that complements you.
Adores you.
Respects you.
I hope you grow to realise that only Jesus Christ can supplement us.
He will complete us and make us whole.
So I hope you find a love that complements you.
Complements every bit and part of the imperfect you.
For my little sister Florence. Who was called "Poowo" by our baby brother when he was little. Love you..! <3
Ariana Robinson May 2015
He should have been the complement to my heart, not the remedy
Let's just say that love isn't what I thought it would be
Julia Aubrey Mar 2015
I love the way a person can be spotted from the other side of the room without even trying.
It's like the earth breathing, wind beating against my windows as it's sighing.
They're just as all other things are,
outstanding without ever really standing out.
Yet they do.
Somehow they just caught your eye, and drew you in.
Like the stars in the nighttime blue, one standing out more than the other even if they all look exactly the same.
Since when did the pavement of dust and dirt decide to be walked upon?
Without, what would support?
That's the thing, it didn't, it couldn't.
It just is.
Just like they didn't choose to stand out, but they did.
Just like you don't feel like anyone sees you, or that anyone cares to admire you delicate face.
You are inspiring to someone without ever lifting a single finger,
and that can't be too bad honestly.
All you do is exist, and you mean the world to someone.
You complement everything without ever deciding to accessorize anything, and I guess that's just the way things are.

K Balachandran Dec 2014
Quiet and demure night
one finds out by chance
is sleeping peacefully
on the same bed,
covered by a grey blanket
the sultry day too seeks after,
the tribulations a day long.
One would think that
smug and complementing light
for her is an anathema, is it?
But now it comes to light,
he is more like her paramour,
this face she keeps hidden
so audaciously, the unabashed
adulteress has no sense of shame
"When you imagine things,
take responsibility to it,
don't try to blame others"
You'd hear her murmur,
the long clandestine affair of
darkness to light, takes me
to where it all began..
will there be diversity
that enriches life without contrast?
The Himalayas should
sincerely thank ocean trenches..
Sonkei Ichimaru Oct 2014
When the dry eastern wind raises the dust,
The northern Scottish breeze sways the grass,
Where the pasture and desert meet, the fulfillment of cultivating is met.
Where the man and the woman meet, the very ground shall be covered with scattered weeds, for she will bring the snow, and he will bring the shovel.
Don't worry if you don't get it... I really don't think anyone can decipher it...

— The End —