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Lauren Pascual Dec 2019
there are songs
that cannot be sang
no more
strong rhythm
that cannot be expressed
in a crazy dance
like before
there is pain
kept hidden
within the lyrics
of our favorite song

i stopped singing love songs
it reminds me
the sound your name
every time i hear one,
my heart shatters,
isn't that your favorite sound?
Arden Sep 2019
i was getting better  
i was feeling again  


its crashing down
in slow motion this time  
i desperately try to stop it  
but just keep getting attacked

by this thing  
this monster that i  
cant see  
how do i defend myself  
against something that  
i cannot see  

how do i be  
not broken  
im tired of being broken
my jagged edges keep cutting  
people i care about  

i was getting better  
but now  
im shattering
Ya Boi Sep 2019
Thoughts of you sing softly in my head
Ringing in on silver horse
Crashing in the room around me
Bringing down my marble home
Lashing at the darkness  now around me
Screaming in my ear the thought of you
complete regression to who I am
shattering my chest like breaking glass
I shrink down in part of rubble
Instinct to crack crash and burn
Your singing torturing me with every rattle in my skull
The only memory that doesn't ****
Only a voice
Ezra Yelverton Apr 2019
it’s beautiful, really.
the manner which
wind creates waves
that reshape the earth
beneath the ocean.

the earth is shattering
below our feet
and we’re moving too
quickly to feel it.
stand still.
new land is forming.
i'm shattering
so stressed
to the breaking

if something
isn't done soon
there won't be
any of me left
Sabila Siddiqui Aug 2018
I am losing myself
Everything is
snd scattering.

Masks are coming off
Truth is coming to light.
Fake ones start to claim their identity
and people are leaving,
the ones I thought wouldn’t leave.

The light escapes me
and dull colors swift past me.

I have lost my care
I have lost my love
Lost my innocence
And lost my guilt.
Everything that made me, me
Is now gone.

So tell me,
is it me who you’re looking for?
Because that girl is breathing no more.
Umi May 2018
Walking on shoes of glass,
Will I find any hold, or will I find myself breaking down into pieces ?
The phantoms of a night's serenity rage to the nihilism within my questions, as painful wind brushes to the tip of my averted, eyes..
Breaking down into to the pieces of shattered glass, I cannot move,
Our dreams spilled and vanished when you let go of my hand,
Restoring the shattered pieces I can't leave you, I don't want to!
But even if I continue walking on these crystal heels, I'll fall once more, won't I? Yet I choose to step on this fragile, frail foot wear,
Though, the real question is, if you will be there to catch me again,
Careful steps, in order to maintain an elegant glance, to not break down again and shatter our hearts with the broken glass of misery,
Swaying back and forth, unsteady and unable to lower my guard,
I stare at the sight of the abyss next to the bridge we are crossing,
If the glass shatters and you are to catch me again we surely will fall,
But even so, verily we would fall down together,
And that is what I find very beautiful.

~ Umi
Umi Apr 2018
A castle built on sand,
Falling appart by the striking wind, storming, raging, rampaging over the land in a furious devotion only a lunatic would be able to know,
No purpose, yet trying to make one, a nihilistic attempt of a deserted hell, forgotten through ages and generations, left to rot, perish alone,
I do not know the meaning of life, but alike you it has to exist,
Trying to put a broken heart back together, is alike trying to find the pieces of a cup which has shattered into a million, tiny, shards,
I cannot imagine each piece to be the same, because they are not,
Left to be never whole again, after my companions who shared the same naive dream I held dear, fell one by one, only their will remains,
The morning glow we dreamt of was more than just the sun rising,
In brilliance, the roaring sky should have embraced in light then shone even brighter, a firestorm of events as if it was an illusion,
The mission I took up, to become angel like became chains which bound, tied and overwhelmed me with their unimaginable strengh,
Even if no one understands me, giving up can never be an option,
If they worry about me, saying my ideas are twisted and silly,
And even if they speak ill of me, saying my dream to be an angel one day is beyond being naive...I will definetly stay positive!
Bearing my wings, I will keep fighting until someday I fall,
Like a simple feather

~ Umi
Kirsten Claire Feb 2018
All it took was one crack
On an already fragile glass
To send me shattering
Into a million tiny pieces
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