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Millie Oct 2020
Her words
Like a tattoo
Stinging as they etch onto my heart
Never to be removed
Siena Oct 2018
You clench
Your fingers
Around my heart
And are surprised
When you find them
In blood
to those who think their words can't hurt
Aishah Siddeeqa Aug 2018
Your words cut me like a knife
No. Not quite
Less like a knife
You are not precise
You hurl your words at me
Fast but no control

What is your aim?
To hurt
To motivate
Do you even know?

Your words slice me like a saw
A blade oxidised into rust
Your wound isn’t clean
It doesn’t leave a straight red line
Or a quick way to heal
Like a zip
Or a trail of blood
To show someone else my way
Your words tear my skin
An impossible jigsaw
An empty space

Your words leave a scar
Like my favourite colour of lipstick
But it is angry
It burns
It rips open
Any advice is welcome
Starr Oct 2017
You continuously
shoot me down
Firing off your
insults without warning
Your words are your ammo
Your mouth is your gun
Like a killer, you
have no empathy
Like a cougar,
you rip me apart
You get joy from
the pain you cause me
You laugh at
my cries gleefully
Your claws stab my heart
Your bite cuts deep
But I still stand back up
And hold my head high
and walk away with
courage in each stride.
I am constantly being put down by someone who is a big part of my life. But I won't give up and neither should you.
Kaels Sep 2017
no wonder they said you fire words at people
its the same mechanism as a gun
you aim at the target
   the person
you pull the trigger
   you start yelling at someone
you feel the kick of the gun
   the instant questioning if you should have started this
the bullet hits the person
   the words hit deep and they feel the pain

and both these wounds can effect someone minorly and severely and can even be fatal to the person receiving your words or bullet
please don't be an addition to the cruel world we live in today. be happy, smile more, and be kind to one another
Dehmin Jun 2017
To be stripped down layer by layer
To lose yourself and everyone else
To be ***** by every vowel
Every letter  
As the burning sensation of the vowels cut deep

To be made small
To shrink so low that you are no longer visible
So minuscule that no mole can find your mass
So small that maybe just maybe
The words won’t hurt because your heart is so small

To be molded by the words the person is speaking
A shape so unimaginable
As they mold you in the most inhuman way possible

To be stripped down layer by layer
To lose yourself and everyone else
By the time you’ve awoke
Your lungs are empty
And you're no longer the person you used to be
Ariana Robinson Dec 2016
Words hurt
Similar to how a fist can bruise skin
Words crawl underneath your skin and get stuck there
Twisting you from the inside
But what makes it worse is the person the words are coming from.

A mother telling her daughter she isn't pretty enough
Begins the journey of a girl trying to define her beauty
Caking her face with makeup to "enhance" or "alter" her appearance
Wearing clothes that barely cover skin
She does not know or see her beauty
Going through her life seeking approval
By doing things that defile what makes her beautiful
If she believes she is beautiful, then she is
No one else's opinion of her beauty should matter
Only her opinion of herself matters

Just one word can change a person's perspective of who they are and what they believe in

A boy telling a girl he doesn't love her anymore
Changes her perception of what love is
Whether she deserves it and who will be the person to finally give it to her
She pushes away man after man, afraid of putting her heart on the line
Afraid of  putting her all into something that's worth it
Sweetheart, just because one man hurts you does not mean the next one will
Don't miss out on your white knight because of a few jesters (**** fools).

Words hurt
They can cause bruises
They can open wounds
Even ruin lives
So be careful with what comes out if your mouth.
Words do hurt.
Maddie Jan 2016
The words rings in my ears
Printed across my forehead
My worst fear exposed
Right when I thought...
I thought...
Why do I keep thinking?
And hoping?
Trying to be
How many people think so?
Or rather
How many know?
These rips in my jeans
Don't change me
If only eyeliner did the trick
The loud music
Doesn't make me one of them
No matter how hard I try
But I guess everyone can see
See through this disguise
While overlooking what I want them to see
You tried to bring me down, it worked. I hoped no one knew I was just a wannabe but apparently you did. It only hurts because you're right
Christina Aug 2015
Even on my dreams you were right..
People will leave me or they have left
and I am too blind to tell.
It had always been like that

There was something wrong with me
from a very young age
that made people wanna leave.
You knew...
You used it against me
But it doesn't matter now

**I am gone too
Marisa Lu Makil Mar 2015
Words can be beautiful
Words can be ugly
Words can make your heart beat faster,
Or tears run down your face.
Words can sew you up with a needle and thread,
Or they can slash holes and scars in you that no matter how many times you fix them, they keep-keep bleeding.

Words can hurt.
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