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LearnfromBOBD Jan 26
Mother of the season
Do you snitch for a living
Tell me all your reason.
Life will be reasonable,
If she’s visible
To say the truth.
Will be helpful’
You took my heart away,
And you want me a slave.
To do all in yo own way,
Life’s unfair, I’m unaware.
Until I fell for a godly *****,
An educated witch.
That took away my heart,
To far away beach.
Dunno tho, or a bridge.
The day is now bright,
You took away my life’
give me back my wife
That I fell for’ at first sight
You make us fight,
At our differences.
You set us apart
With pretenses
Educated witch
Go please
And bring back my queen.
You think I’m sweet like sugar and spice
Well this little girl doesn’t have to be nice
I can be evil, you wait and see
You’re going to wish you never messed with me.

What girls will do just to get ahead
Don’t you wish you stayed at home in bed,
Lies, deceit, back stabbing *******
Two faced, heartless, tell it all snitches.
Gods1son Sep 2018
I'm tired of them snitches
They stab your back and still put stitches
Cause you problem, pretend to fix it
Make plans with you but they switch things
I told you my idea but you pitched it

We out there at every picnic
But behind, you try to ***** me
I trusted, but all u do is trick me
I showed you my heart but you ditched me
It all feels like a film trick!
Sacrelicious Mar 2017
Descending down in flames.
Slowly but surely, I'm incinerating.
I am one with fire until it takes,
what little pride I have left.
The betrayal of the inquisition and suffering of the trials.
Are a walk in the park, compared to what you've done to me in this life.
I want nothing more than to drink your tears and bathe in your utter failure.
Ariana Robinson Apr 2015
My face is like my personal snitch.
It betrays me by revealing what I'm feeling.
The crease in my forehead shows worry, in some cases, anger.
My quivering lip shows that I'm about to cry.
My rapidly blinking eyes are tell-tale signs that I'm holding back tears.  
The twitch of my nose shows me being *******.
My scrunched up mouth is me holding back my sharp tongue.
Oh, why face are you such a snitch?
eliza bonnet Apr 2014
i find it funny how much you need to hide
and i find it sad, all that you're hiding behind

you're the *****
im to fear
and you're the snitch
im afraid to be near

are you innocent
in all of this

or am i right
for everyone knows
what you're hiding behind

— The End —