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Ariana Robinson Apr 2022
Life passes between you and I
As our eyes met
And you saw everything you needed
As I saw everything I've been looking for
SoulLove Dec 2018
How awkwardly ?
I can you feel you across the room.
Not one word
Not one peep
But you was screaming loudly at me.
How Interesting ?
That I can't resist.
A Bond of a blissful love
That some how won't peak!
I want you to Stop watching me
With the those strong eyes.
I see you restraining .
I see you holding back
Explode yourself
Release your mind
Let yourself intertwine with my soul
Bleed in me.
Let's our love unfold.
Not one word
Not A peep
The love was spilling through your teeth.
Still you didn't speak.
A electric vibe
Attacks my body
Sending me to a shock
You had me on lock
Without an single touch .
Kept wiping my eyes so I can see.
I knew it had to be just a dream.
When time stop so me and you can just be.
Just let our love be free!
Let's not fight the certainty
Oh yes this is clarity
This  is special
This is rare
This was powerful and it was clear.
To love the unlovable , you will see .All the good moment you're holding on too , is with me!
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
I will never forget
the first time
my eyes  
lingered on
your face.

Sweetest surprise
of something I had no clue
I misplaced.

Now the sun can only rise
and I am in a daze.
Sunsets found
inside your eyes,
where my

I think
I might actually believe
we'll never die
Though it wouldn't
matter anyways.
I have loved you
before time
So I know
it is here
**to stay
This one is special.

— The End —