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1.8k · Apr 2019
Its Golden...
Quiet down my dear heart
And let your silence call him into your chambers
Oh the chase
1.5k · Jul 2018
Space Is Valuable...
Scars and scabs
Come leaking out in drips and drabs
After events that occurred  
And events that shouldn't have
Sand on soles go walking into shoes
And embed themselves there within
Shards of glass buried deep under the skin
Wiggle their way to the surface again
And when life warms to the call of the sun
We pack it all back, for morning has come
Old things get beat down until purple and plum
For newer less blue things to be squeezed under thumb
I worry about my mind and its multitude of storage rooms
Filled with undealt with boxes and musky fumes
Now stuffed to capacity
Those come leaking out too
They tare through the surfaces that have long since been plastered  
And sawed down and painted and polished afterwards
Now my body, heavy and ***** with these returning things
Sheds them part by part in painful rebirth
And after I've been made naked of these morsels in my mind
I'll pack new boxes in my empty  storage rooms from time to time
For a peaceful heart is a dozen a dime
But none is as interesting and messy as mine
1.4k · Jan 2019
At Least You Know That...
So you know who you are
It doesn't mean you have your **** together
Just because you carry an umbrella doesnt mean you know the weather
You're not the designer just because you bought the sweater
Smothering an animal doesn't automatically make it leather
Besides, there are other things that die under pressure
So whatever
Just because you read a book once doesn't make you the author
You're not a sail boat just because you can float in water
Not fitting in doesn't mean you're from mars
Just like e-cigarette smoke doesn't turn it into cigars
Having a map doesn't mean you know where you are
They said you're bright
You're not a star
You don't have your **** together
You just know who you are
You're still doing better than I am my friend
948 · Jun 2018
My heart is a messy place
I don't clean up often
My emotions lay about like worn jeans and pile up at every corner
Murky tears that were long bemoaned
Lay inside my pillowcases long after they have dried
And make heavy a light thing where my thoughts reside
Shadowy folks have  unmade beds  
Though long beparted
And declared dead
Many things that was once fresh
Have now grown brown reached their Autumn
They still roam the halls and vents
Like after tastes of mint long after the in scents have burnt
Every possible surface is stained with faces
Shelves are stacked and layered and stuffed
And though I rummage for space
There is never enough
Not for an ant
Or a hand
Or a new thing
Just room enough for me
And this big old mess of memories
831 · Aug 2018
Another Sad Poem...
My poetry is ice cold
And offer me no sympathy
Lines have no comfort between them
On top or underneath them
If words could conceal my hearts disease
Then paper would be rough and bumpy and creased
Forgive me those who put their souls on sheets
Forget what I've written like flaky Autumn leaves
That become nothing after they brown and fall from trees
Gather up my words and spread them in the wind
But, I fear that my sonnets mean nothing to the ears in which they're caught
Like paper doves, they sink in water
Mine, though they rhyme, holds no less passion than torture
For those who feel different, don't let this thought bore you
For feelings that linger will soon pass
Trains that stop, will again move fast
And like these things that never lasts
That is poetry to me, so this is my last
#Goodday #and # Goodnight
i’m not compatible
With any codes or formats of the human animal
i’m an identity cannibal
With hungry dementors creeping out my finger holds
i’ll sink my teeth in any other being until i become actual
That’s simply transnational
i’m fictional until proven factual
But what can i truly be called?
i sometimes wonder if i’m an extraterrestrial
Or i could be a disease
You probably wouldn’t even notice
That next to you and inside me too i’m not part of your species
But believe me
If i could be a human i probably would be
Instead of living in the facade of my human personality
Maybe i could be a demigod
A diverging half person while merging with a centaur
Maybe as a child, while meek and mild i was left on the step of a synagogue
And monks and priests prayed over me and summoned up my human parts
Or maybe i’m a deception
And during birth i fell to earth and grew up into a desk job
But late at night when out of sight i transform into an autobot
Tare off my human skin and do some tricks in the parking lot

Or maybe i’m just a person
Who doesn’t really fit into any kind of person list and
Just maybe my ways are little bit reversed and
Maybe next week i’ll send this verse in
Bold letters into the universe and
Just maybe it will send me a tombstone and a hearse and
i’ll just die to the self outside of myself
And become an actual person
755 · May 2020
The King and White Lotus...
You used to be mine
but worlds did not align
nor did day, nor did time
so with chills down my spine
and hands intertwined
you were stolen into the sky
now the only hands the that bind
are both hands that are mine
750 · Oct 2018
Accused of Being Morbid...
Let the spiders eat me away
i'm not finding life any less constricting that the webs they lay
Life is too short anyway
whats the point in adding more hope to the already bent tray
I won't find joy in pretending to be okay
I won't find myself counted with the pretenders who pray
that one day they'll wake up and be what they say
Instead i'll thread the waters of life's turbulent bay
with the thought that everything will end at the end of the day
i'm more that happy to live and die this way
747 · Nov 2018
Stuck in the vortex
Of thinking you know everything
But knowing nothing
Guess we're all Hipsters?
693 · Jan 2019
So i threw it back up on them
All the expectations, accusations, imaginations, insinuations, detestations, frustrations that they forced down my neck
When I finally opened my mouth
I painted them with it
678 · Jan 2019
The Jawline Effect...
He's viciously attractive
So I religiously ignore his backwards way of seeing things
And fall into his arms day after night
As if the floor itself inclined to the left and I could do nothing but slip closer and closer to his place
Where he'd always be waiting for me
With a warm arm open and a cigar between his lips
591 · May 2018
I Heard The Word...
Death overcame him
How could it not?
Death is, after all, the final say
Of all the things that could have been said
Of all the people that could have said them
Death spoke last
And I couldn't argue with it
Because there was nothing left to say
Big City Lights
Could blind my eyes
(And carried me willingly into the stomach of the Metropolis
Welcomed me with the brightest of smiles
Unpinned me from the paper that gave me my name
Slave town, grave town, town of the takers
Town of the humans whose humanity has been graded
Gray city smoke has invaded my throat
And blacked out my words and thoughts and hopes
Big City Buildings
With the highest of windows
From which  the confetti flutters down
Upon you arrival
****** are the young farm boys looking for treasure...
522 · Jul 2018
None Is As Blind...
I've got eyes
That makes me human
But I can't see very well through them
So I'm blind
The blurry kind
These eyes of mine
Are awfully ruined
Like an owl
My sight is fowl
In the morning when the sun rays burn right through them
The darkest shades
Would no less save
These white jelly ***** attached to my eye stems
But worst of all
Without discrediting any other travesty
Is that  these big eyes
Be they regular sized
Can't seem to see that you are bad for me
Though family-like folks
With impeccable eye yolks
Could see for days
Your shiny scales
Me as thick
And blind as a brick
Couldn't see a flick of your evil ways
To me you're kind
From the outer to inner sides
And with these eyes
I can no less find
A wrinkle in your peachy colored float and flutter cocoa butter mind
Although your cheats
And cheating like things
Are clear and clean
And as close as my cheeks
I conclude
Be it bitter and shrewd
That none is as blind as she who will not see...
509 · Dec 2019
When you don't understand my pain
you don't understand my pride
My heart beats all the same
Whether you're far or near my side
501 · Apr 2019
You Will be Called Yang...
Our hands couldn't touch because they were too similar
So we decided to put our backs together instead
And faced opposite sides of the world
So that our lips would never utter the same words ever again
For Love so thick that only space between could cause it's defeat
You're a windy person
fall into my windows and disturb my curtains
Stir my paper
Lift them with your windy arms
Make my hair a mess
And blow sand through the mesh of my dress
Carry with you flower petals
And scents
Oh windy person
Move someone as still and motionless as me
475 · Oct 2018
Still a Man...
rich body
poor body
under the sand one day will be your body
after days of standing in the store sobbing
about the price of milk and soap and coffee
a heap of flowers with a tomb stone in the middle
your name and date in polshed granite scribbles
For what is a grave
But a man and his perceptions
a body with hands cracked of services rendered
forget long lines at shopping mall centers
because under the sand none of that will be remembered
then days of your thoughts will be ages away
and the grass and thorns will weather your grave
so rich man, poor man, master or slave
from deep into the future or way back in the day
opinions are futile and will fade with your name
so don't be too proud of the inventions of your mind
For when you leave they will soon follow behind
though the world will be there for us humans to criticize
Eventually every word will be buried inside
449 · Mar 2020
Talking Things Over...
We're naked in you car baby
Driving slow
Are we're doing this or not baby?
Let me know
We're losing heat and losing fast lately
I'm getting cold
If we're nothing take the next bend drop me at home
445 · Jul 2021
I wish I was a burning ball of gas ripping through the air,
so that you could look at me while I was up there,
and not be aware,
and not even care,
that you're the reason I left my body,
and shed my skin and other parts of it,
to become something so bare and rare and perfect and orange,
that you forgot to breathe when you came across it,
and you'd stand there with your chin up,
lip parted at the sky above,
wondering how God could've created with love,
but never explained its beauty to no one,
and I'd rip and twirl and burst and whirl,
before your eyes like shimmering pearl,
and you'd never know that I was just a girl,
who left herself to brighten your world.
i'm sorry i continued to laugh
While Your insides were being ripped
out onto the floor
That day You hated me for
i grew up and hated me more
Candles that burn
In the frame of a moonlit window
Runs dry and bitter
And burns out too soon
And the man that needs to see
Turns butterscotch and candy
And like a little kitten
Crawls under the blankets
For in dark rooms
Far from any mother's womb
Lives a dark race
In mind or in place
That scares muscular men from sight and space
Better then,
Candy man,
Who turns into cream and flakes
To close your eyes and sleep the dark away
432 · May 2018
I'm not brilliant
I'm just OK
I'm not rainbows
I'm just rain
429 · Aug 2019
We've been here before
And its never been "amazing"
A word reserved for new beginnings
Not the same old same things
So familiar and worn
That its browning and aging
As if left out on the lawn
Because its not worth saving

To afford "amazing" would be amazing
But amazing is not a necessity
Other needs are more pressing
So it fades from our vocabulary
To make room for whats usable
Like things that aren't accessories
And like the boxes in the garage
It fades from our memories
412 · Aug 2019
Will you?
could you climb inside my skin and become a part of my insides?
could you leave parts of yourself bEHIND YOU WHEn YU DO?
399 · Sep 2019
It took hours to stop the bleeding
And years after
The wound was still healing
This is a short poem about the lasting impact of bullying and how it breaths lofe to many insecurities that lingers on years after the battering has stopped.
394 · Aug 2019
Rest your eyes
and let go of tonight
I'll still be loving you in the morning
392 · Sep 2021
Hate if You Want to...
While I put anger aside
And try my best to be kind
Say something nice whether true or fake
But though the world would be fine
On just love and sunshine
Sometimes all you can do is hate
389 · May 2018
It's Home to Something...
Now that I've lost sleep
And the opacity of the world is decreasing rapidly
I'll slip into a state of luma-scale
And with graceless hurdles
Create a senseless hullabaloo
Behind the paper screens of reality
As just a silhouette
In mockery
In between Somber strokes
Inside the lips of joy
This is where poetry lives
386 · May 2018
My Middle Name is Human...
Don't let your eyes fall on my legs as if hey are a canvas on which you can paint your imaginations
You are not an artist that can dictate my position in the painting you thought up when disregarding my humanity
I breath and move and affect the ground  underneath me
And even more amazingly, I think thoughts that shake the pages they touch
Don't hollow me out because I resemble the manicanes that stare through thick glass windows and mirror something that towers far above what they are there to resemble
I can't be dressed up and down as my eyes glaze over
I have the absolute and final opinion in the moving and shaking of my independently owned body
Only lifeless diamonds screams look at me
But a moving breathing woman doesn't need to be stared and holla'd at to understand what she is
Why should I be told what is expected of me or be given a manual to how tightly my possessions should be squeezed together?
I am the deciding force behind the direction my hips sway
And you should beg to even be considered by the mind that thought up these thoughts
370 · Jun 2018
Modern Day Small Talk...
I liked us better
When we didn't speak
When our hate was silent
And I could hate in peace
Now words sprout from your lips
Like mold and dicease
Call it my fault for asking
How have you been?
My loneliness is dark green
And crawls up in spirals around me
Is feels of wetness and moss and other fermented things
And drips back down in puddles at my feet
Its damp and cold and sharp and real
Thats my loneliness
But how does your loneliness feel?
357 · Dec 2018
I would embrace myself, but arms are far and few
And though the brisk air of solitude is thick enough to be considered company
I still look out the wondow to see if anyone else is coming
Surely there is a reason for my solidarity, that crept up on me like an armed robber in the dead of night
When one is alone you find yourself is what I've been told
But all I've found was myself crying in the frame of this window for a face to greet and hand to hold
You said let's not make it personal
And immediately after your bank into me and became a part of my arsenal
To make sure that when you didn't call back it would make me miserable
345 · Sep 2020
Ripped Raw...
I think my soul hates me
I think my soul loves you
And it rips my insides to streads for keeping you two apart
339 · Jul 2019
Universal Sadness...
The sadness of our existence is that we have the enormity of pulsating breathing, conversing and erupting life bursting in and through our veins,
But we only exist to a tiny portion of the other existing objects that walk on and off the universal planes
And to most, we only exist to a tiny portion of our own brains
334 · Sep 2021
I cried until I forgot I was crying over you
By then I was just crying because it was the only thing I knew how to do
330 · Mar 2019
I have you ever felt the rain
drip and drop directly onto your brain
And rinse his face right out of you memories
Causing a puddle to form under your heels
That eventually creates a river
And while the rain water causes your arms to shiver
You collect the broken wood from the wreck the storm left over
To build a bridge and cross right over
326 · Jun 2018
My Mind Built A River...
I poured down my hands
And let them run down my sides
In a puddle of my own arms
I became a sail boat
323 · Aug 2018
Why I Love It So Much...
Another love song sang into the wind
Another rainbow with no beginning
Another sad poem about these things
Another me strolling into town
No more lost than found
Or falling asleep in the lounge
As cotton filled as just another couch
I never expected anything more
From both life or the cornerstore
I never thought of both any differnt
Than plain old common repletion and persistence
Life is but life
Like traffic after four at night
Just another thing to get through
322 · Mar 2019
Human Being...
Not everyone in the world
Wants to be like you
Or share your opinion
No matter how much you think that your are the ultimate being
We're all just human
I wondered if he knew that my soul danced whenever he'd bite his lip and call me his girl
That the concept of myself being his in his head the made sweat form on my collar bones
That the very suggestion that other girls were just labeled other girls but I wore the label of 'his'
Meant that flowers could bloom and die, the sun could set and rise, the wind could blow and subside, but still within and outside
He was mine...
307 · May 2018
Sweet words...
Buttery words
your verses
hidden behind dark lines that drip from your lips
Rabid fox
scared puppy
to scared  to share how he feels
out on the front line
hidden behind the washing machine
Trying to act as if I can't see him
Trying to act as if he is a brick wall
But, you my dear, are just sand
sand that warps and crumbles in my hands
and falls on my toes
You're perfect
You're a mess
Held together by cigarettes and whiskey
Scream on, my perfect storm
Until the rain stops and there is yellow on the horizon
307 · Aug 2018
From That Night Forward...
That Night...
When my mind and my heart agreed to love you
You gained ownership over my body
And it would forever long for you
Way after my mind and heart have forgotten why I chose you that night
306 · Jun 2020
Can I be...
Today was a hard day
And life is a hard life
But didn't decide to be here
And I can't decide to get out
Because I was created
I'm sure for a purpose
I can feel my heart beat
I cam feel my existence
So if I was created
To do some sort of thing
Then am I like a product
Or someone's existing thing
Surely I belong to someone
Some awesome creative being
Because if I'm a creation
Does that mean I belong to him?
Can I take ownership over all that is happening
In and around and beside and above me
If I have questions
Will He answer me
If I was created
Can I be free?
306 · Jun 2018
Filling Pillowcases...
Leave me
You following things
Stop sticking to my back like feathers
I am an ostrich
Stuck to the ground
I am a penguin
Slipping on the ice
I wish I could trade in these heavy wings
And sweep away these feathers
And take to the sky
Using nothing but my bare arms
304 · May 2018
could write a bubble...
not all poems are deep
some are tiny khoi ponds
of bubbles that pop on our brains
and leak out of our ears
and drip blotchy squiggles on our pages
brain drops
as brains are used to float away
not just to think
299 · Jul 2021
I killed a finche, I don't know why
But perhaps a finche was meant to die
Although his wings were grown to fly
Maybe wings don't touch the sky
296 · May 2018
What's For Supper?
We Live In A Dog Eat Dog World
The principal rule of life
As beaten in every door
Is to get your fill
Of the the great big pie
That the world offers
But pieces don't have names attached to them
And there are only a limited amount of slices
So when in line
Standing one behind
Disregard its structure and the numbers that form it
And find the front
Quicker than your eyes can see it
As to not go hungry
Such is the way a human lives amongst humans
We are only food
To fill each others stomachs
And I've seen every type of meal
I've seen everyone devoured
Strange enough though
I've never seen a dog eat another dog
293 · Oct 2020
Pace Yourself...
Life is a maze
If not just a time and a place
For rising or crawling or falling from grace
So try your hardest not to make it a race
Because everyone falls at their own pace
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