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Arsyad May 8
Darling, I miss you.
I miss that sweet smile.
I miss those curious eyes.
I miss your soul.
I miss all of you.

But, darling.
But I was hurt by the pain.
The pain when I held my tears down.
The pain when I tried to smile and it killed me inside.
The pain that when I was in my room alone and screaming.
"You were my one and only! but you just made me an option".

Darling, I didn't hate you and I never.
I really fall in love with you, darling.
Even if you stabbed my heart so deep, then you came back as if there was nothing happened.
I still love and miss you so much.
This is my first english poem and written for a beautiful girl ever in my life whom I couldn't be with
I have that yearning in me.
Pushing me,
Driving me forward.

I have that longing in me,
Sponsor of my sleepless nights.

If only I could get to the place
Where my thoughts
Are no longer racing

If only I could catch a flight…
But for now
I am just sick of waiting.
This intense emotion I feel,
In my dark, sacred space I try to conceal...
Wrecks through my mind at night,
Like some strange infectious blight...

I try to make sense of this pain,
To grasp at something, anything that is sane...
But thoughts just whizz by like a train,
Like an everlasting pinball hitting chains and panes...

No one will ever be able to interpret this complexity,
Not even Google, that ghostly reality that we depend on....
Maybe I've drowned to much in its toxicity,
To realise the joys of my own reality....

But try as I may,
Joy seems to just be another word...
For bliss, happiness or just plain gay,
And all that is far away, emotions not felt in my world...
Carlos Iglesias Jun 2019
I close the shades, but wait
The lightshow starts at 1
Music comes in at 2
At 3 is the buffet. Chalk full of great dishes
Full and tired I doze off
Time to rest
Sleeplessness is the Gift I ask not for
But grants my imagination a vivacity
That thrives as a plethora of drugs,
And I see thee as a painful love
That I simply cannot return
Its been a while since i've slept well, so expect lots of poetry of all variety in quality
chitragupta Apr 2019
Every night
I wait till 4 AM
when the moon comes
to my part of the sky
and illuminates my windowsill
with her silver light

Lunar radiance
lulls me slowly
I listen to the soft song
with closed eyes
sung by the southern breeze
like gentle wind chimes

The dead letters of Sleep
finally arrive at my postbox desolate
but not long before the neon dial starts screaming,

It's too late..
On team insomnia we don't believe in sleep.
chitragupta Mar 2019
I thought
I needed a break
From you
What I needed
Was a vacation
From my mind
chitragupta Feb 2019
I bring out a bottle
I keep the ashtray close
I open the northern window
And let in the midnight breeze

A bud lit like a firefly
A lone light in a dark room
Beyond which urban neons
And streetlamps illume

Smoke rises over my head
Like a thought bubble
In a graphic novel
Pages untouched and unturned

The hour of monsters
The rest of humanity rests
While the night shift begins
For the thoughts in my head

Illusory sensations begin
Could it be the spirits?
Or conscious daydreaming
In the middle of the night?

I catch a glimpse
Of a pair of eyes
Hurrying away from the window
As soon as they met mine

My mind is tired
The ****** soothes,
The drink gives warmth
To the parched traveller inside

Cramps in my nerves
Pain in my bones
The bedroom beckons
Its 3AM. It's getting cold

I collapse on the sheets
My mind too dreary
To contemplate, once I sleep
What nightmares await me

I reckon I have resigned
To Fate, this grim Hell
Because I know Tonight
Is coming Tomorrow as well
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