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Promise that you're not searching anymore
Hurting anymore
Out trying to find more
Like the time before
You were mine
Time, my old friend
Mind giving a sign to your blind friend
About what's in line around the next bend
Because I'm scared that I might bump my head
On the edges that are hidden up ahead
I have found you
But you were better in my dreams
Now real life seems boring
And I want to go to sleep
When you feel insignificant to the story
Like you're just a name to fill a line
In a page everyone's ignoring
You'll be a line I've read a million times
Life is a maze
If not just a time and a place
For rising or crawling or falling from grace
So try your hardest not to make it a race
Because everyone falls at their own pace
I'll stand up out of this hurt
And be done with he entire bit
This lesson will be learned
Peace earned
Bridges bridges burned
This loneliness can eat ****
And I'll be a better person because of it
I hold my breath
And refuse the air
If I let in the oxygen my heart will expand and flutter
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