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I cried until I forgot I was crying over you
By then I was just crying because it was the only thing I knew how to do
I moped around for hours
Dragging my feet and friends behind me
Turning my heart into slop
Clogging up every vein inside me
Let us drink until we fall over
Leaning over each others shoulders
Stumbling in and out of our loafers
Forgetting which corner leads to home
Let us laugh and cry like babies or mad men
Play the fool with reckless abandon
Slur our words so that no one understands them
Until all our ****** pigeons have flown
Let us pour a single then a double
Sending droplets over our stubble
In the morning there's be trouble
But tonight we'll take the thrown
While I put anger aside
And try my best to be kind
Say something nice whether true or fake
But though the world would be fine
On just love and sunshine
Sometimes all you can do is hate
Whether falling or flying
The air seems inviting
So I leap without trying
And fall without dying
My loneliness is dark green
And crawls up in spirals around me
Is feels of wetness and moss and other fermented things
And drips back down in puddles at my feet
Its damp and cold and sharp and real
Thats my loneliness
But how does your loneliness feel?
I wish I was a burning ball of gas ripping through the air,
so that you could look at me while I was up there,
and not be aware,
and not even care,
that you're the reason I left my body,
and shed my skin and other parts of it,
to become something so bare and rare and perfect and orange,
that you forgot to breathe when you came across it,
and you'd stand there with your chin up,
lip parted at the sky above,
wondering how God could've created with love,
but never explained its beauty to no one,
and I'd rip and twirl and burst and whirl,
before your eyes like shimmering pearl,
and you'd never know that I was just a girl,
who left herself to brighten your world.
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