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Whenever you're hurt
I become the aggressor
When you feel angered
I become the reason the world is bad
And when you're happy
I become the sun that escapes through the clouds

I was never a person to you
I was always just a means to get you through...
There is a world between happiness and sadness
And I've traveled across many times
And found that you can't build your house in between the two
All you can do is travel from back and forth.
I'm surrendering to not knowing
And I'm taking each corner like a bird set free
With hope of experiencing how blissful it might be...
let's dream together
let's be fools for just a moment
step out of our bodies and let the action be its own atonement
let's slip in the space in between
being an adult and being a human being
and watch the two from both ends just to feel that sort of feeling
let's be on half of a whole
let's be the inside of a fold
bent at an angle that for once we've created all on our own
I built a house of feathers today
But somehow everyone was shocked when it blew away...
You like pineapple, you told me when we were eleven
The girl you dated last thought you liked watermelon
But I know you better, I've known you since we were four
But I'm not the girl you pretended to like melons for
Love is wild
True love don't mean it'll survive
You can steal a million hearts with eyes
And say good bye every time
Its no crime
To lend a smile for a night
And be gone with the light
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