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One memory refuses to fade
How you touched me like you didn’t want to
How you succumbed to my request like you merely pitied me
How you kissed me like it left a bitter taste afterwards
How you looked disgusted afterwards
Those memories never depart

It was at that exact moment I knew it was over
I realize I was unwanted
I was a nuisance
Never remain where you are not wanted
Nina May 26
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for loving you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for missing you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for needing you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for wanting you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for clinging onto you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for wishing you were mine
I'm sorry
I guess all i can say is I'm sorry
Because all i ever was,
Was a nuisance to you.
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for everything
For being alive
Makayla Jane Nov 2018
I've been trying to be more social
To step out of my own little comfort bubble
But I guess I got carried away,
I just enjoyed what new things I've done a little too much
So I apologize to those I've now annoyed
I guess I got too happy and clingy
So now I know to not be social
To just stay hidden away and disappear...
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
Lady Bird Sep 2018
drips of joy
some of pain
peel me you'll
find restrain
liked or disliked
I‘m all the same
aroma and sight
so guess my name


don't take these
words by surprise
you might shed tears
from your eyes
many have complained
that I'm a nuisance yet
who I am is who I am and
can't help how I was named
open your eyes cant you see
an "ONION" thats just me...
I have to leak out
and spill over the edges
I have to be a nuisance to the passive state of things
If only just to be defiant
And scratch at the eyes of the flat environment in which people toil along their timelines without so much as a ripple to show for it
I have to let in the wind, and let it howl around my corners
and sock hop with me
I too often get bored of the sunshine that heats up stable things that barely move
I need storms and hurricanes
If only just to have something to say one day when youthful isn't how I'm described anymore
And the creases in my skin circle and intersect like a mosaic tapestry
And they ask for a story around the dinner table
Then I'll leak out all over again
In a violent rage
That will be a nuisance to the passive state of things
Domtwo Mar 2018
She takes every second of my life
Making me his slave

I free myself from the powerful leash
But her voice is stronger than the chain

Like a cancer she spreads without stopping
Getting sick my heart and my soul

She burns inside me and I can't feel anything else
She burns violently and I can't see anywhere else

unearth the truth
Break the mirror of lies where you observe yourself every day
and violently cry.
Andrew Feb 2018
They say it's too cold
Know how to put on a sweater?
You'll be fine

They say it's an obstacle
They hate this kind of weather
I think it's by design

Is it a nuisance or a blessing in disguise?
I've found the beauty in pausing our busy lives

I've felt the warmth of chilling out
and spending time with the people I care about

And I don't know
if you're in the know
but I'm into snow
Jessy Jan 2018
I am a
I bother
No one
Likes me
Hates me
I do no
I do nothing but
Why am I still
When I deserve to be
Sorry it's painful as it must be.
But your constant hounding
Had become a nuisance you see
I had to let you go
Or I might just go insane.
Now I am free
But please
Stop !!
No more takers ..
Guden Oct 2017
We are fleas that live in the ***,
We think we own the dog.
We fight fleas that live in the head,
We bomb fleas that seem different
Only to us,
For the dog we are all a nuisance.
Fleas that create songs
And flags
To celebrate their portion,
Living in the *** seems better,
Some prefer the ears,
I choose to roam.
I dream with other dogs
Maybe cats.
We are fleas
That destroy their dog host.
Perhaps this dog needs a bath.
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