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Simon Aug 2020
You were always there to help me through things, even thou there were the obvious times when it looked too be me just helping you throughout...EVERYTHING! Except that's never been quite truthful, since our very "inception" towards one another! I could honestly say there is not a time that goes by, where you aren't there to brighten up my day when reaching out with your greeting that raises my hopes even further in life! Showing that my heart glows for the very "special" friendship that we have together! As yours leaks while softly weeping tears of joy at the very prospect of your own independent individuality becoming (all the more "tempting") when confronting yourself toward me more and more as we both "shake a leg" when our very progress seems too quicken with each step of confrontation! Which is only limited by the access that we claim within each other's very hearts! It is truly "limitless"! Only when the "there and after"... Becomes the full set at which is easier for us too pronounce in one another. Giving a raise in our compatibility together as if by a mere simulation sparks trade between our ever-increasingly lingering emotions! Where the thing that merely activated this very "simulation for compatibility"... Was a cueing announcements called "information"! Our information is both a "heart of gold", because it's made to be entirely there...afterwards! (Remaining forevermore...if not "indefinitely"!) Whatever happens afterwards, will truly test our defining features as whatever we shape our mere simulation for compatibility into the next inception toward one another!
PS... It doesn't matter whatever happens to each one of us (from here on out)! Since wherever we are within some type of "unreachable scenario"... Will know the title of this very passage towards one another.... The "there and after"... Is not something you can just claim. But for the desire between our two compatibilities too simulate a greater passage of information when our very identities become one within the desire to bear a stronger resemblance towards each other's "glowing and leaking" hearts!
Another poem about my "special friend"...kyle! She's been going through some hard times! So hope this lightens the load she's been having too carry (seemingly) alone!
PS... It's not an illusion (anymore) if she hasn't been alone...up until now (that is)! Because I'm here for her (no matter what happens)! Forever...if I haft too be!
Meysa May 2020
my mother's trust issues are leaking into my chest
my father's tendency to forfeit humans for his solidarity
I feel my persona bending to accommodate them
- identity is an oh-so fragile topic
Danielle Jun 2018
Not myself,
Not with those wide staring eyes.
Staring through this wall of water,
Leaking from my attic spaces.
My brain leaks fears, like a rusty tin tap.
No, not myself.
Not with these thoughts or falling tears.
Depression sometimes makes you into someone you're not.
I have to leak out
and spill over the edges
I have to be a nuisance to the passive state of things
If only just to be defiant
And scratch at the eyes of the flat environment in which people toil along their timelines without so much as a ripple to show for it
I have to let in the wind, and let it howl around my corners
and sock hop with me
I too often get bored of the sunshine that heats up stable things that barely move
I need storms and hurricanes
If only just to have something to say one day when youthful isn't how I'm described anymore
And the creases in my skin circle and intersect like a mosaic tapestry
And they ask for a story around the dinner table
Then I'll leak out all over again
In a violent rage
That will be a nuisance to the passive state of things
Poetic T Aug 2017
poet's have
         ink stains
on their
Labyrinth Apr 2014
Oh hello,
What's happening to you?
Look at yourself dear,
Your face is leaking!
"Leaking? Why is it leaking?",
Maybe it's because...
Because you just had your first heartbreak dear,

Would you like a hug
My Norman Nomore
Okay you know what Norman,
*******, okay? *******.
That's all I'm going to say because you're a ******* who I don't want to cry about.
I don't need you, I have my fictional characters, *******.


— The End —