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Michael Falls Aug 2015
You taught me things I never wanted to know.
You made me so happy, yet so sad.
You filled me with sorrow and taught me there was no hope,
Then you gave me something to laugh at so I'd forget about it,
About everything.
Every word I read, every breathe I took with you, was a gift and a curse.
You've torn me down and built me back up so many times I've lost count.

Yet I still love you, Oh how I love you.
Without you I am lost,
No followers, no one to talk to when I'm lonely,
No one to cheer me up when I'm sad.
Just an empty, gaping hole inside of me where you used to be.

I hate you for it,
How dependent I am, how I can't see the good in the world,
How you make me procrastinate and how you make me lose my friends.
I hate you, because I can't function without you.

So today I'll say NO, and tomorrow I'll say YES.
But in my heart you'll always be a bittersweet thing.
So many good memories, and an equal amount of bad,
Something to love that makes me sad.
Something to hate cause I didn't want to know.
Somethings were never meant to be shown.
Michael Falls May 2016
I am a flower.

In the spring I come to life.
Full of joy, yet struggling still.
Coming out of winter, just need some time to grow.
I'll be fine, soon I'll be great.
I just need some time.

In the summer, I bloom.
Never happier, the most carefree I'll ever be.
Winter just a distant memory, slowly forgotten.
I'm great, never better.
I've got all the time in the world.

In the fall, I wilt.
Slowly I fade, my worries grow.
My only companion, endless melancholy.
I'm getting worse, say I'm fine.
I wish I didn't have anymore time.

In the winter, I die.
Can't see the end, the beginning a distant memory.
I dream of tomorrow, and scream when it comes.
I say I'm okay, never better.
I've run out of time.

The cycle repeats, year after year.
Losing track, just know it's always been this way.
Waiting for the year it ends, one way or another.
I'm alright though, I'm just fine.
The flower has all the time in the world, yet none at all.
Michael Falls Aug 2014
Help, I don't know who I am,
I can't remember anything,
How do you fly this thing?
All I know is that there's something important that must be done,
I've gotta save the world, no, the universe.

I'm sorry who are you?
I'm Scottish, I used to be English, I think.
Amy was Scottish.
Oh, I'm old now!
Old and not ginger.
Still don't know who I am.

Am I The Doctor?
Yes, I think I am and there's the green one and the not green one.
I'm on the planet of the pudding brains.
I still haven't figured what kind of man I am.
Just old, Scottish, and not ginger!
I'm never ginger,
never, not once in 2000 years!
Minor spoilers for Doctor Who episode "Deep Breath". Yes I am a whovian and proud of it!
Michael Falls Jan 2017
Blood on the floor, god you're such a bore.
Tears in my eyes, another person sighs.
Screams in my ears, laugh at my tears.
If I jumped would you care or would you just stare?

Life is flashing by, but all I can do is cry.
I'm begging for you to stay, but I'm telling you to go away.
Which way is up, which way is down?
Will you laugh when I hit the ground?
Michael Falls Mar 2015
Are you trying to find me?
I'm lying down by the beach,
The water never looked so blue.
All I can think about is you,
Will you find me,
Will you save me?
An hour's gone by and the prospect is black,
I turn to the waves and say,
This time I'll save myself,
This time I won't need anyone else.
I decide falling is the better way,
I turn my back on the ocean and walk away.
I always did like flying better than swimming.

The next day I sit upon a ledge,
My phone sits near by,
A message having been sent.
Three hours go by,
You still haven't come,
I'd be hurt if I still cared.
Time's up,
I stand, look down, and think to myself,
I never did need you anyways.
Michael Falls May 2014
Dark days are ahead,
as we march off to war.
We fight for our rights.
No one stops to wonder why,
why we fight this battle of ours,
when all we want is to lay down,
the ground calls to us but we don't stop,
no one dares to take our place,
we protect people and are thanked,
but in the end our lives are still lost.
Wow. Really dark isn't it? No idea where it came from.
Michael Falls Aug 2017
Today I am dreaming.
I dream of a world where I am free to be me.
Where everyone knows who I am.
Where my secret is not a secret.

Yesterday I was running.
Running away from all of this.
Running towards a future bright and gleaming.
Where I didn't have to hide.

Tomorrow I will be living in that future.
No secrets to eat me up.
No lies or fake smiles.
Just me.
For anyone who's ever had a secret that they needed to share.
Michael Falls Mar 2015
I'm spinning out of control.
I'm going mad,
I can't stop myself.

Help! I need someone,
Someone to hold me tight,
To tell me it'll be alright,
Someone to be there.

I'm going mad,
And I need help.
I can't stop myself,
Michael Falls May 2014
I think I'm gonna hang,
down by the willow tree that stands,
so tall it touches the sky.
Think it'll keep me tied to this earth?
I don't think it will, it doesn't care.
Down by the willow tree I'm going to hang.

A traveler stops by,
asks me why,
tell him I'm hanging to forget
and to be forgiven.

They untie the knot,
pull me down and say,
life ain't fair and it's definitely not easy,
but it's not worth hanging' yourself for.
For anyone thinking of suicide, know that people do care and you don't have to die.
Michael Falls Aug 2014
Humans - that's what we are.
We argue about things that have obvious answers,
we let others cloud our judgement,
we don't focus on the important things.

But we're good at being happy,
at loving one another,
and we try to fix our faults.

We change slowly, so slowly it seems we haven't changed at all.
Some days it feels like we've made so much progress,
other days it feels like we haven't done anything at all.

Are we destined to fail is that why change is so slow?
Or are we not trying hard enough?
But maybe we are changing, just real slow.

Humans - we love one another,
we're happy and we're sad,
but most of all,
Ugh, more philosophical than I usually prefer.
Michael Falls May 2014
An endless cycle,
the same everyday,
forever changing,
yet always the same.
Michael Falls Jan 2018
The world halted in its fear,
It trembled and shook.
It silenced itself and hid.

But the giant noticed nothing,
       saw nothing,
                heard nothing,
                                    It just wanted a friend.
Sometimes you have to pay attention or confront things even if they're scary. You can ignore them, but that path is always the lonelier one.
Michael Falls Jan 2018
Oh memories from so long ago,
Oh how they pained him so!
If only he'd had more courage,
If only he'd cared more,
But alas, he did not
And now what's done is done
Michael Falls Mar 2015
Remember us?
The ones you forgot,
The people you ignore.
You tried to forget us,
But we're still here.
Living on the streets,
In hospitals,
In shelters.
Some of us are lucky,
We have people who care,
But most of us are forgotten,
Some of you try to help,
Most just walk right on by.
We are the forgotten,
The sick,
The dying,
The poor.
The parts of the world you try to ignore.
Look around,
The world seems fine,
Until you read between the lines.
There are so many people in this world that need our help. The majority of us tend to either forget about them or pretend they don't exist. But they are there, and we need to help them.
Michael Falls Jun 2014
Don't mean to get political,
I can't help but wonder why though,
we claim everyone is equal.

We sure don't treat people like that,
we treat some like they are our doormats.
All they want is to be happy,
just like us,
so why do we try and forbid it?

Don't tell me they aren't right.
Don't say it goes against the sacred books,
cause I know every book teaches you to love your neighbor,
why are they different?

'Cause they have different preferences?
How many of you know someone like them,
but refuse to help or care?
You claim you support them,
but you support the ones who stand against them.

How is it that you claim everyone's equal,
when you try to forbid,
so many people to be happy?

Just saying that it isn't right,
what if I told you that you aren't allowed,
to be happy, to be with the one that you love?
Just something for you to think about.
One of my pet peeves of people who are against LGBTQ people marrying or existing, especially in the U.S. it's called the bill of rights people! If they aren't allowed to marry you are denying them one of their rights.
Michael Falls Jan 2018
He'd come back changed
    One might say he was broken
                                         He knew better
True he had his scars
                 And they covered him quite well
And perhaps he wasn't completely whole

But he was not broken

                              His scars were proof of that.
Scars, emotional or otherwise, are proof that a person survived. That they healed at least somewhat. They don't define a person or prevent them from moving on. They're a statement, they say yes I have felt pain, but I'm still here.
Michael Falls Jan 2018
They ran and hid in fear,
But for one soul.
He didn't run, no he stood his ground.
                         And the world is all the better for it.
Darkness wins when good people stand by and do nothing
Michael Falls Jan 2018
If the world was nicer
I would've been happier.
     But I surely would've died sooner.

The world has never been nice
And it has never been kind

And I must thank it for that,
For being constant in my life.
Hardship is what proves that you exist. It makes life living because without it, you can't recognize happiness.
Michael Falls Mar 2015
The world will end in fire or storm,
If given the choice I'd choose the storm.
Go out with a bang is what they say,
Better to drown than to burn.
Yet I can't help but wonder,
Isn't the storm almost the same as fire?
Electricity coursing through your veins,
You fry from the inside.
In the end you'll either be deep-fried or crispy and burnt.
Maybe one'll be wetter than the other,
But in the end, we'll all be dead.
Michael Falls Jun 2014
When all that remains is ash,
burning hot,
melting skin that it falls on,
would you try to rebuild?

Have you ever felt
like the world was burning,
and there was no point in returning,
standing on the edge,
have you ever felt like falling?

What would you do if your life went up in flames?
Would you rise like a phoenix through the ashes?
Or would you struggle to rebuild?
Would you burn with everything else?

Have you ever felt like standing on the edge and falling?
Look down and think to yourself,
it's not that far,
I could survive,
if I could get the courage to try.

When all that remains of your life is ashes, what do you do?
Do you get the courage to fall off the edge?
Do you try to rebuild?
Do you continue like nothing ever happened?

I stand on the edge,
and wind blows at my back,
carrying the ashes of my life,
and the wind is too strong,
for once I give in,
and through the ashes I see,
a friend running to get me.

They reach me too late,
I've already fallen down,
I gave in, gave up,
I am not the person who rises up.

As I lay there on the ground,
I have answered my questions,
I am the type of person who falls off the edge.
The ashes rained down on me,
but I am long gone,
they can't bother me anymore,
I have found the courage to fall.
Right yet another poem about suicide but I can't seem to get off this topic. This is way longer than I meant it to be, it just got away from me.
Michael Falls Jul 2015
I'm tired, so so tired.
My body aches and feels so heavy.
I'm tired of seeing and hearing and reading about death.
Children dying in the street.
Species going extinct.
People dying before their time.
One day.
Just one day.
Can't there be just one day where no one dies at all?
Where all the death and destruction stop?
One day,
Just one day is all I ask.
One day where everyone in the world can smile and relax.
One day, that day will come.
Michael Falls Aug 2017
Reaching, straining, grasping,
Desperate to reach our promised place.
Never quite getting there,
Fists forever full of air.

Empty promises and crushed dreams,
Memories fall from bitter lips,
Lie and prayers fall on deaf ears,
Meant for no one to ever hear.
Michael Falls Jun 2014
I've waited forever for you,
watching time tick by,
the more I wait,
the longer you take,
why, oh , why can't you load?

Staring at the screen,
stuck in one place,
can't leave,
can't bear to stay.

Why must you torture me so?
The promise of fun and games,
if only I could get past the loading stage.

The more I want to play,
the longer you take,
is it a sign?
Should I call it quits?
But, no, I must finish this.
Ugh, waiting for Sims 3 to load.
Michael Falls Mar 2015
When we're gone, will we be remembered?
Our gravestones weathered away,
Our ashes spread in the wind.
Some of us will be the unknown body in the archaeological museum,
Others will have rotted completely away.
All that's left of us will be our descendants,
And even they will forget.

So how will we ensure we're remembered?
Can we, will we, leave a mark?
Will we stand up for what is right,
What is fair, not what is easy?
Will we make our voices be heard,
Or will we let them be drowned out by greed and animosity?

If we stand up, make our voices heard,
Imagine what we could do!
We'd be unstoppable,
Remembered as the people who made true equality happen!
Leave a legacy to be proud of,
We'd be remembered long after we're dead.

The only way to be remembered is to make them remember,
So lets do something memorable while we still have the chance!
Michael Falls Jul 2015
When we were young the world was great,
When we were young we were invincible,
When we were young honesty was the only thing we knew,
When we were young people were perfect,
Oh, when we were young.

But now we've grown older,
And now we know,
Now we see the truth,
And wish it weren't so.

Now that we're older the world isn't so great,
Now that we're older we know people get hurt,
Now that we're older lies are easier to speak,
Now that we're older we see the darkness inside,
Oh, now that we're older.

Do you remember when we were young?
When our only wish was to grow up?
Oh, what I'd give to be that young again.
Oh when we were young...

— The End —