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Michael Falls Jan 2018
The world halted in its fear,
It trembled and shook.
It silenced itself and hid.

But the giant noticed nothing,
       saw nothing,
                heard nothing,
                                    It just wanted a friend.
Sometimes you have to pay attention or confront things even if they're scary. You can ignore them, but that path is always the lonelier one.
Michael Falls Jan 2018
They ran and hid in fear,
But for one soul.
He didn't run, no he stood his ground.
                         And the world is all the better for it.
Darkness wins when good people stand by and do nothing
Michael Falls Jan 2018
If the world was nicer
I would've been happier.
     But I surely would've died sooner.

The world has never been nice
And it has never been kind

And I must thank it for that,
For being constant in my life.
Hardship is what proves that you exist. It makes life living because without it, you can't recognize happiness.
Michael Falls Jan 2018
He'd come back changed
    One might say he was broken
                                         He knew better
True he had his scars
                 And they covered him quite well
And perhaps he wasn't completely whole

But he was not broken

                              His scars were proof of that.
Scars, emotional or otherwise, are proof that a person survived. That they healed at least somewhat. They don't define a person or prevent them from moving on. They're a statement, they say yes I have felt pain, but I'm still here.
Michael Falls Jan 2018
Oh memories from so long ago,
Oh how they pained him so!
If only he'd had more courage,
If only he'd cared more,
But alas, he did not
And now what's done is done
Michael Falls Aug 2017
Today I am dreaming.
I dream of a world where I am free to be me.
Where everyone knows who I am.
Where my secret is not a secret.

Yesterday I was running.
Running away from all of this.
Running towards a future bright and gleaming.
Where I didn't have to hide.

Tomorrow I will be living in that future.
No secrets to eat me up.
No lies or fake smiles.
Just me.
For anyone who's ever had a secret that they needed to share.
Michael Falls Aug 2017
Reaching, straining, grasping,
Desperate to reach our promised place.
Never quite getting there,
Fists forever full of air.

Empty promises and crushed dreams,
Memories fall from bitter lips,
Lie and prayers fall on deaf ears,
Meant for no one to ever hear.
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