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Jun 2014
Don't mean to get political,
I can't help but wonder why though,
we claim everyone is equal.

We sure don't treat people like that,
we treat some like they are our doormats.
All they want is to be happy,
just like us,
so why do we try and forbid it?

Don't tell me they aren't right.
Don't say it goes against the sacred books,
cause I know every book teaches you to love your neighbor,
why are they different?

'Cause they have different preferences?
How many of you know someone like them,
but refuse to help or care?
You claim you support them,
but you support the ones who stand against them.

How is it that you claim everyone's equal,
when you try to forbid,
so many people to be happy?

Just saying that it isn't right,
what if I told you that you aren't allowed,
to be happy, to be with the one that you love?
Just something for you to think about.
One of my pet peeves of people who are against LGBTQ people marrying or existing, especially in the U.S. it's called the bill of rights people! If they aren't allowed to marry you are denying them one of their rights.
Michael Falls
Written by
Michael Falls  16/FTM/U.S.A.
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