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Jun 2014
When all that remains is ash,
burning hot,
melting skin that it falls on,
would you try to rebuild?

Have you ever felt
like the world was burning,
and there was no point in returning,
standing on the edge,
have you ever felt like falling?

What would you do if your life went up in flames?
Would you rise like a phoenix through the ashes?
Or would you struggle to rebuild?
Would you burn with everything else?

Have you ever felt like standing on the edge and falling?
Look down and think to yourself,
it's not that far,
I could survive,
if I could get the courage to try.

When all that remains of your life is ashes, what do you do?
Do you get the courage to fall off the edge?
Do you try to rebuild?
Do you continue like nothing ever happened?

I stand on the edge,
and wind blows at my back,
carrying the ashes of my life,
and the wind is too strong,
for once I give in,
and through the ashes I see,
a friend running to get me.

They reach me too late,
I've already fallen down,
I gave in, gave up,
I am not the person who rises up.

As I lay there on the ground,
I have answered my questions,
I am the type of person who falls off the edge.
The ashes rained down on me,
but I am long gone,
they can't bother me anymore,
I have found the courage to fall.
Right yet another poem about suicide but I can't seem to get off this topic. This is way longer than I meant it to be, it just got away from me.
Michael Falls
Written by
Michael Falls  16/FTM/U.S.A.
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