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Kenneth Gray Oct 2020
Tangled mess. Lost in confusion.
Troubled heart. Lost in delusion.
Twisted in sin.
A disgusting infusion.
Vague hopes.
A broken conclusion.

I ponder, I hope.
Where does it lead?
What is the answer?
What do I need?

A tangled mess. Lost in confusion.

Decietful ideas.
Where do they lead?
Broken lies,
Are not what I need.

Troubled heart lost in delusion.

Tempted to fail, to lose my way.
Temptation is here.
And its here to stay.
Struggling to fight and live
Every step, every day.

Twisted in Sin

There's light in my heart.
I know and I see.
Will I overcome this?
What will become of me?

Vague Hopes.

I must succeed, I must conquer the night.
Fight for my life and fight for what's right!
Pick yourself up and envelop the light.
A miracle to behold. A beautiful sight!
You're not canon fodder, you're a soldier - a knight!
Lets hope - you will stand  up and fight.

My Broken Conclusion.
I've been going through a lot and dealing with a lot of evil and temptation. I sat and thought about it a lot one night and started writing. I wondered what ought to come from all of it. Thats what led to my closing lines. My Broken conclusion regarding it all.
Michael Falls Jan 2018
They ran and hid in fear,
But for one soul.
He didn't run, no he stood his ground.
                         And the world is all the better for it.
Darkness wins when good people stand by and do nothing
lex Jul 2017
You tell me things
Things I don't even believe
You tell others
that aren't even true
and you,
you criticize me
for being me.

And I've had enough.
Everyone around us,
they may side with you,
but I am still,
still furious,
still relentless.

Everyone only asks how I'm doing
because of what you did to me.
you turned everyone against me,
and they're criticizing me
for being me.

And I've had enough.
Everyone around us,
they may side with you,
but now, someone's with me.
And soon,
the whole school will be too.

You tell me we can work it out,
but I don't need someone like you
This poem is based on a movie called Odd Girl Out.
By: Jack Wilder (Ramon Carlos T. Castillo)

You are a gift you see,
A person made in the image of our Lord,
So you really should not care,
About another person's word.

Echoes of hate and petty,
Purely brought about by insecurity,
Things that will bring you down,
Only if you let it get to you.

So why should you be,
Afraid of what they have to say?
To the little stuff they give notice,
You yourself can't even see.
Here's to the victims of bullying. Here's to the people who got judged because of what they fought for. Don't give up, I believe in you all!
m i a Dec 2015
mia shut up, you barely speak and everyone thinks you're mute so let's keep it that way.

and that was the day she roared.

she understood that she was quiet and didn't like to start a ri-ot

but that did not mean she didn't have a voice, so she made a choice

to surprise everyone and show them how *loud
she could be

and oh how she roared and soared

her friends looked at her in disbelief

she smirked to herself, and felt as bold as a chief

she finally took a stand, and decided to not be so bland

and that was the day she finally **roared.
"she may seem quiet, but her voice is loud." it's eleven and im already tired. Obviously
ZT Jun 2015
You where hurt
Fell to the ground
Now covered in dirt

The pain *****
But the world
Doesn’t give a ****

Stand up!
Move and go out

Your pain,
Let it all out
To the world
Scream it and Shout

Do it again
Make it loud
Do it again
Till your voice runs out

Move forward

Moving on is hard
The screaming you made
Was harder

Now walk,

Keep moving on
And be sure to be fast
Because this one hell
Of an ******* world,
Won’t wait for you.

and you know this is true.
tough times. we have experienced, we are experiencing, and will too in the future. But we have no choice, but to face it, because it is inevitable. Because life without it can never be called life. Now move on, and prove to the world that you can win in this battle called life.
Josie Patterson Feb 2015
I’ve been conditioned
like freshly washed hair
for years
do not offend
unless the end of the sentence is “im sorry”
let the shoes and boots and heels of many make indents on you
like blueprints of demurity swaddled in insecurity
kept alive by the blurry ideas i once held about femininity
because i couldn't be a girl if the words that flew from my chords
were anything but rosy
ring around the Josie, pockets full of suppose he was to compliment your ****
when walking down a thorough-fair
busy people back and forth and grandmas with wrinkled sweaters
thank you
muttered from chapped lips and an even more chapped psyche
why must i keep my wits about to not risk making him angry
that was not complimentary but i am fearful he might spit my words back onto me
in the form of fists and slurs and honestly
im tired
of being the sidewalk beneath the feet of creeps
i am the sky and the trees and the moon
but i do not speak with the wisdom of travelling seeds
i speak with the warmth and subtlty of freshly microwaved milk
like soft silk i wish i could tatter
i wish venom soaked words could be spit in response to your “compliments”
but i would rather let you diminish me for the few moments it takes to objectify me
than to risk angering your inner beast and suffering the consequences of meninism or masculinism
whatever the word is this week
i will not be another number
ink soaked paper red with the monthly bloodshed of the sisters
every second is another unspeakable act
i see women
with tongues as round and large as planets
and tonsils the size of solar systems
birthing new galaxies in the words they speak
and shooting comets like fiery ***** of comebacks
when that slack-jawed fool sat and wished and drooled
into his monthly issue of mens rights magazine
she tore down the even minuscule belief he could have had that he had the right to comment on her body
in three seconds his pride, and entitlement
shifted into shame
and embarrassment
and i envy these women
because the only time i can take back my power
is when i am standing in front of a room
speaking rhymes and metaphors preaching independence and strength
to a group of people who now think i am a hero
i am not a hero
i put my shoes on one foot at a time
and i still manage to forget a couple days of birth control here and there
and i cant stand up for myself
in the moments after an attack i retreat into my latte and pray today will not be the day the male dominated society takes my power away
because i am small
and though i am growing every day
i still can only pray
that one way or another
i will be able to be as strong a woman as my sisters
my mother
and take back my power
and speak not with the beauty of a flower
but with the sharpness of a bumblebees sting
and one more thing
your compliments
are not complimentary
Daniel Thorne Jan 2015
They locked me away and called me insane,
They said there was something wrong with my brain,
I pushed and I shoved as I recalled my blunder,
Of telling the truth of that land of wonder.

The Queen of hearts has me,
The tears that I’ve shed,
Are no small reminder,
That it’s all in my head.
The rabbit the grin, the voices within,
The chessboard, the game, are things I can’t win.

The Queen of hearts has me,
The tears that I’ve shed,
Are no small reminder,
That it’s all in my head.

They tricked me for good when they took me away,
And showed me the truth that I’d have to stay,
Till my white knight arrives in checkerboard thunder,
And brings me back, to that land full of wonder.

It seems terribly sad, but at least it was said,
I’ll fight for what’s right, when it’s off…

The Queen of hearts has me,
The tears that I’ve shed,
Are no small reminder,
That it’s all in my head.
svdgrl Sep 2014
Ignore the itch you can't scratch deep in the palm of your hand.
Ignore the morning alarms, just sleep right through them.
Ignore the sound of the coffee bubbling over, let it spill.
Ignore the toothpaste stain on your new shirt.
Ignore the voicemail notification, who listens to them anyway?
Ignore the mailman at the mailbox, he didn't really say hello.
Ignore the stare of the drunk man in your lobby.
Ignore the morning brigade of children running behind you.
Ignore the damage your heels are doing to your feet.
Ignore the whistle from the man half your height.
Ignore the traffic light, the cars are going the other way.
Ignore the loud honk from the trucker as he speeds off.
Ignore the liquor store, and the desire to take a shot.
Ignore the "Baby let me talk to you," from the **** wannabe.
Ignore the text message, don't let them know you have a phone number.
Ignore the cigarette smoke invading your lungs.
Ignore the baby boy getting slapped by his mother.
Ignore the bakery with the tres leches cake you like.
Ignore the bank, you're probably broke.
Ignore the homeless woman, she just wants to buy drugs.
Ignore the Facebook notification, just another ALS challenge.
Ignore the time, you're at work early.
Ignore the habits, listen to your conscience and speak loudly and clearly.
You are so much more than ignorant.

— The End —