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Michael Falls Mar 2015
When we're gone, will we be remembered?
Our gravestones weathered away,
Our ashes spread in the wind.
Some of us will be the unknown body in the archaeological museum,
Others will have rotted completely away.
All that's left of us will be our descendants,
And even they will forget.

So how will we ensure we're remembered?
Can we, will we, leave a mark?
Will we stand up for what is right,
What is fair, not what is easy?
Will we make our voices be heard,
Or will we let them be drowned out by greed and animosity?

If we stand up, make our voices heard,
Imagine what we could do!
We'd be unstoppable,
Remembered as the people who made true equality happen!
Leave a legacy to be proud of,
We'd be remembered long after we're dead.

The only way to be remembered is to make them remember,
So lets do something memorable while we still have the chance!

— The End —