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Bartholomew Nov 2018
You saying all that **** but....
How can you forget about me?
I used to make you laugh at my jokes and I made you happy.
Used to talk about the future and the kids we having.
But now we don’t even talk and I say it sadly....
I lost you and it ain’t fair.
And I know you need me like fire needs air.
And I know you need me, tell me I ain’t wrong
Just reading this prolly got you think we ain’t done.
Pride, mixed with selfish decisions.
Trust issues that I have got me scared of commitment.
And I know I ****** up now I’m sitting here wishin, that you
Reading this poem, give it a chance and just listen.
I know your friends gave me a bad name
But know I missed you like I got bad aim
Happiness was vivid through the conversations
Or was it a lie? Figments of my imagination
Guess being timid is the explanation
Didn't know we had a limit or a expiration
I ain't expecting to get back together
I want you to be happy
wishing that you to do better
Without me,

But I know you need me
I know you want me
you can never leave me

**** I want you to need me **** I need you to want me
But it hurts knowing you don't, **** the feelin is haunting

She sayin....
I don’t need you
I don’t need you
I don’t need you
I don’t need you but I want you
I don’t mean to
I don’t mean to
I don’t mean to
I don’t mean to but I love you.....
Inspiration: the worst- Jhene Aiko

Dedication: Justina
Madison Butler Jan 2016
I can live with being lonely.
I’ve been this way for quite some time.
Don’t get me wrong.
You’re beautiful and kind,
but I cant put my heart on the line.

I haven’t known your kind of love.
I fall in love with stupid things.
Like the smell of home,
Or the woods in autumn;
The sound of church bells on the breeze.

I’ve never needed any more,
And lonely’s all I’ve ever been.
I know you’re hurt.
You have a right to be.
But being lonely’s not a sin.
lost cause Dec 2015
I can't stand when she plays The Weekend because all I think about is how you pressed your body on mine for the first time, when you turned on the music and kissed me up and down my body until I was weightless
Michael Falls Mar 2015
Are you trying to find me?
I'm lying down by the beach,
The water never looked so blue.
All I can think about is you,
Will you find me,
Will you save me?
An hour's gone by and the prospect is black,
I turn to the waves and say,
This time I'll save myself,
This time I won't need anyone else.
I decide falling is the better way,
I turn my back on the ocean and walk away.
I always did like flying better than swimming.

The next day I sit upon a ledge,
My phone sits near by,
A message having been sent.
Three hours go by,
You still haven't come,
I'd be hurt if I still cared.
Time's up,
I stand, look down, and think to myself,
I never did need you anyways.
Tracie Bulkley Nov 2014
You told me I'd be the one to leave when things got hard
Then walked away when I needed you most
I guess you just needed to be the one hurting
So you wouldn't be the one getting hurt

You told me you can't trust me anymore
Then tore my heart up every time I let my guard down
I guess you can't trust me to let you anymore

You told me I'm an angry person
Then couldn't forgive me for something that wasn't wrong
I guess I'm angry that being your ***** wasn't enough.

You told me I didn't really change my heart
Then couldn't even change your mind
I guess you like to project your can's and can't's on me
That's okay
I'm not you
And I'm not who I was
And you think I didn't need you before?
I'm not who I was
And I don't need you anymore
Your love is algebra
I can't find the formula
If I could find the right calculator,
I could define your euphoria.

Your love is geometry
I can't find the angles
If I could prove your theories,
It wouldn't be a shambles.

Your love is trigonometry
I can't figure it out
If I spent an entire notebook, perhaps
I'd still have doubts.

Your love is a mystery
Just as the greatest math
Although worth much,
Seems irrelevant to my path.

— The End —