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sage short Oct 2018
Taking a deep breath is hard when your neck is being squished. And your eyes are wet, painted with tears.
I hate holding them back. The “crying breath” I have is uneven. ‘I’m just sniffling!’ type of sniffles, as if there’s not snot running up and down my nostrils.
I get in a steaming hot shower; not wanting to bathe, but wanting to escape. Watching beads of water hit my raised skin calms my heartbeat, but also gives me a sense of sadness. When you’re sad, you start to notice little things like the pattern of your breath, the serious line spread upon your lips when someone tells a joke in hopes of cheering you up, the gulps you take, and your milky, glazed eyes staring blankly back at you in the mirror you haven’t cleaned in weeks because you didn’t have enough energy to walk up and down the stairs to get the cleaner and to put it back. You start to pretend. You pretend to love, and to hate. You hate the world and everyone so much, but only because you are hurting and you don’t want to hurt others by letting them in, or them to hurt you too.

Nonetheless, you hurt anyway.
David Acker Jr Mar 2018
I guess it's no longer a Secret
By now, you are fully aware that I admire you
Your smile makes it impossible
For me not to
Its such a blessing to
Be able to inhale the carbon dioxide
That you exhale
Filling my lungs with a kindliness that
Not even Hathor herself possessed
With a kiss sweeter than Hershey...
And Godiva chocolates combined
With a smile that could
Illuminate the darkest hour
Your hug feel as if you can
Calm an angry alligators medulla oblongata
Flight or fight huh?
I promise to fight to
Send you on first class flights
Sharks and whales swimming under
Heated glass floors
Even though you deserve
Mansions with pearly gates
And roads cemented with gold
You're my calming lifeline
Every time I look into your eyes
I see a perfectly imperfect forever
Mon Sep 2015
when nothing else
makes sense anymore
i just take a deep breath
and think of you
You makes sense, because you are everything.
Michael Falls Aug 2014
Help, I don't know who I am,
I can't remember anything,
How do you fly this thing?
All I know is that there's something important that must be done,
I've gotta save the world, no, the universe.

I'm sorry who are you?
I'm Scottish, I used to be English, I think.
Amy was Scottish.
Oh, I'm old now!
Old and not ginger.
Still don't know who I am.

Am I The Doctor?
Yes, I think I am and there's the green one and the not green one.
I'm on the planet of the pudding brains.
I still haven't figured what kind of man I am.
Just old, Scottish, and not ginger!
I'm never ginger,
never, not once in 2000 years!
Minor spoilers for Doctor Who episode "Deep Breath". Yes I am a whovian and proud of it!
Mary Christopher Apr 2014
Breathe in,
Breathe out.
Take a deep breath.
Keep breathing.
Breathe in,
Breathe out.
What am I going to do
When the only reason I was breathing
Was you?


— The End —