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Francie Lynch Mar 2021
If you're an agricultural enthusiast,
Or gifted tower dwelling urbanite,
I know a priest who’ll bless your cockerel, favorite cow,
pig, sheep (with a predilection for lambs), tractor and
two-seater outhouse,
(I once saw a priest bless Farmer Paul’s load of manure).
He’ll lift a hand over
dog, cat, gerbil, cockatoo,
Foster children, adoptees, naturals and the unnatural.

They will bless people in love;
they will bless their love;
But not the union born from their love.

All love, he will say,
Is Divine.

God does not bless sin, said Papa.

Tsk, tsk... it's only a blessing, for Christ's sake.
Shame on the RC Church.
Chalsey Wilder Dec 2016
We are here today to join together
To join you in love
To join you in heart
To join you in mind
And to never tear apart
In sickeness and health
We'll stay together
Whether rich or poor
We'll stay together
No law tells us we can't be **one
arham Dec 2015
Your hate has made liars of us all
This world too much
Our lives too fake
Our hearts too jaded
And broken
And empty
With the holes of your abandon
And neglect
With a siege on our love
Until this law gives away
Thoughtful Apr 2015
my sexuality has nothing to do with your traditional ways
my sexuality has nothing to do with your religion
my sexuality has nothing to do with your sexuality
my sexuality has nothing to do with your morals
my sexuality has nothing to do with what you think is gross
my sexuality has nothing to do with you
Love Aug 2014
Is it so hard to understand
Or begin to wrap your mind around the fact
That a person
Such as myself
Can be a christian
But gay.
Can be pro-marriage
But also pro-life.
Can want guns,
But also want to marry a girl.
My beliefs.
Don't tell me what I can and cannot believe
Or do
Simply because it doesn't fit into a mold
That you have stereotyped
For that group of people.
Fighting for peace is like ******* for virginity. Everybody just calm your **** and take a breath. I seem to ******* both the liberals and conservatives with each single step I take.
Michael Falls Jun 2014
Don't mean to get political,
I can't help but wonder why though,
we claim everyone is equal.

We sure don't treat people like that,
we treat some like they are our doormats.
All they want is to be happy,
just like us,
so why do we try and forbid it?

Don't tell me they aren't right.
Don't say it goes against the sacred books,
cause I know every book teaches you to love your neighbor,
why are they different?

'Cause they have different preferences?
How many of you know someone like them,
but refuse to help or care?
You claim you support them,
but you support the ones who stand against them.

How is it that you claim everyone's equal,
when you try to forbid,
so many people to be happy?

Just saying that it isn't right,
what if I told you that you aren't allowed,
to be happy, to be with the one that you love?
Just something for you to think about.
One of my pet peeves of people who are against LGBTQ people marrying or existing, especially in the U.S. it's called the bill of rights people! If they aren't allowed to marry you are denying them one of their rights.

— The End —