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Aug 2014
Help, I don't know who I am,
I can't remember anything,
How do you fly this thing?
All I know is that there's something important that must be done,
I've gotta save the world, no, the universe.

I'm sorry who are you?
I'm Scottish, I used to be English, I think.
Amy was Scottish.
Oh, I'm old now!
Old and not ginger.
Still don't know who I am.

Am I The Doctor?
Yes, I think I am and there's the green one and the not green one.
I'm on the planet of the pudding brains.
I still haven't figured what kind of man I am.
Just old, Scottish, and not ginger!
I'm never ginger,
never, not once in 2000 years!
Minor spoilers for Doctor Who episode "Deep Breath". Yes I am a whovian and proud of it!
Michael Falls
Written by
Michael Falls  16/FTM/U.S.A.
   --- and Maegan Reid
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