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Aina Apr 2019
You stab me and blame the wound on me.
You shun me and tell me it's my fault.

You call me

Yes, I AM difficult, stubborn, cold.

Because you are not the first to hurt me.

You are not the first to stab me and clime that it is your blood drawn by my hand.

You are not the first to try to break me.

But I will tell you now, I will not Brake or Bend or Bow to you.
I am NOT yours.
I am mine. Mine.

And as long as I stand on my own two feet I will not break.

If I have to crawl away, if I have to destroy you I will.

I will be free.

Because even if you destroy me you can never take me away from myself.
Michael Falls Mar 2015
Are you trying to find me?
I'm lying down by the beach,
The water never looked so blue.
All I can think about is you,
Will you find me,
Will you save me?
An hour's gone by and the prospect is black,
I turn to the waves and say,
This time I'll save myself,
This time I won't need anyone else.
I decide falling is the better way,
I turn my back on the ocean and walk away.
I always did like flying better than swimming.

The next day I sit upon a ledge,
My phone sits near by,
A message having been sent.
Three hours go by,
You still haven't come,
I'd be hurt if I still cared.
Time's up,
I stand, look down, and think to myself,
I never did need you anyways.

— The End —