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OswinPotts Mar 17
Tick tock around it goes,
the clock shall soon strike twelve
and the one I knew for oh so long
will be but a passing dream.

His face will change, his body too
but not his mind or soul.
He’ll fight to stay, but burns so bright
that in the end he’ll have to go.

This is not the first time,
and will not be the last,
but new memories will form
and my time with him
shall soon be ancient past.

We fought, we lived,
we learned, we loved,
we walked among the stars,
but in the end one life can never be enough
for the man who lives a life so different from ours.

He’ll soon move on, and start anew
he’ll leave us all behind.
Searching every face, day in, day out
we put trust in all his lies, and wait forever
for someone who’ll never come back.

Tick tock around it goes,
the clock shall soon strike twelve,
and once again he is no more,
replaced by someone new.
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Clara Oswald Who
Secret wife of Doctor Who
Returned from September's honeymoon
By way of last year's month of June
5/16/2019 - Poetry form: Clerihew - This is my first ever Clerihew, so I decided to write about Clara Who.  What's that you say?  It's not proper to use "Who" in the second line to rhyme with "Who" in the first line?  Thanks for telling me.  Who knew?  I have time for a few more questions.  What took the Doctor and Clara so long to tie the knot?  They couldn't decide on a date.  What's their favorite pastime? (Get it?)  Time travel.  When do they find the time to time travel?  It's irrelevant.  Ok.  I'm done now.
Morgan Mercury Dec 2013
I'm skin and bones
I'm forever and always.
I'm always watching stars collide.

You're lost and confused.
You're alone and temporary.
You're just sitting there watching stars collide.

Washed up in the creek
I watch as you count sheep
until you fall asleep.
You were always cold and wondering,
but then I pulled you from the creek
and dressed you up in new clothes.

What the hell is going on?
You told me that you couldn't see straight anymore.
You're holding on to me,
an unfamiliar figure.
I'll tell you my name and whisk you away
to a safe place,
away from the darkness, you were left in.

My story was written in the stars.
I'm ancient and forever.
While your story was like tree rings.
At one point it will come to an end,
but I loved you.
I'll always treat you like you're important.
I'll look at you like you're the first face
that I have ever seen.

I told you you weren't allowed to love me.
You told me you couldn't just forget me.
You couldn't just walk away from it all.
I told you I would be the end of you one day
and you were going to be the end of me.

The world was built for two,
but I just can't love you.
Knowing one day I'll be seeing you slipping from this world
and I'll just stand over your deathbed knowing
there is nothing I can do.

So all I'm going to do is love you anyway with all I have
and leave before it gets worse.
The Doctor
Doctor Who
Morgan Mercury Jul 2013
With sand sinking quickly,
It’s dragging me down and there’s no way of saving me.
You stand and watch me drown in my own river, for now, I’m just a skeleton in your closet.

Words of regret you feed me,
But I throw them into the stream because the adventure was so much sweeter.
I told you to just leave me in a pit and wait for the earth to cover me up.
If you so greedily wish to see me again just dig me up.
When I ask to throw me into the sea you were scared of the waves I was to create.
I told you not to worry because if you want to see me again just dive down below.

This life is all I want to remember.
I don’t want to live a future.
You told me if I died you’ll never grow me flowers or cry for my pain.
So I stopped and lived another day for you.

And you told me you have been on the run for decades but never knew why.
So since you know you must keep moving you kissed me in every language you knew,
As our hands parted like passing ships.
Doctor Who
Morgan Mercury Nov 2013
Shadow man,
an unusual human being without a name.
You called me one night out of the blue
and asked me to run away with you.
I was baffled,
but as night turned into day
we both jumped in your boat and sailed away.

You told me about the lonesome life you live and how you've sailed these seas for many years and was in search of a hand to hold.
You told me that I was the most beautiful flower there was.
Your world was without a sky and you told me I am the calm of the storm,
and that I should stick around for awhile.

You showed me all the constellations
and all at once I was lost in space.
I closed my eyes and smelled the sea salt and felt the ship shake smoothly over these waves.
I laid here with you.

We landed on many civilized city's ports and explored for more.
We'd have lunch in the woods, see movies, and explore the inside of museums.
Breathe it in because there will come an end.

You told me I wasn't the first you ran away with.
There have been others but in the end they always broke your heart.
You cried to me on the nights memories found their way back into your mind
and knew that one day I'll be the one causing tears when my time ends.
If I leave
don't worry, don't weep
dry your eyes so you can see light
and notice that I'll be in the stars.
I'll be trapped in time.
Just sail on and find the edge of the ocean
and become friends with the moon, and stars above,
before the curtain falls.
Doctor Who
Morgan Mercury Jul 2013
I sail alone
because the sea now holds my lover's bones.
Some nights I see parts of her red dress
floating by in distance.
Death was always engraved on her skin
since the day I said hello.
Over the waves, isolation is my only company.
I age with the sea,
I am a constant pattern of madness.
Only at night do I dance for the midnight stars.
The moon was my partner,
the only one I couldn't destroy.
I lead, the moon followed, with her dress of waves that
flowed gracefully around my ship.
We don't dance for long as I fear
one day I'll be the end of her.
The clouds were beautiful.
A home I crave away from these grounds.
A place that's far from a soul I could damage.
I pledged, I would never love a person again,
or get to attached to them.
I wish to be far away from earth,
I want to be up with the thunder.
Distant from where all my past
lovers are six feet under.
Doctor Who
Jack Torrance Aug 2018
Someone call the Doctor,
because something’s amiss.
The darkness descended,
and there’s just the abyss.

Tell him, that maybe,
a paradox formed.
That up, is now right,
and that demons have swarmed.

Tell him, please tell him,
that we need the blue box.
We need his courage,
to turn back the clock.

I know the moment,
the exact time it went wrong,
but I can’t do it alone,
I’ve done that too long.

If we just had the Doctor,
we could set things to right.
We could change that moment,
and bring back the light.

I know he’s not coming,
and that he’s not real.
It’s just wishful writing,
to push back my fears.

A hero, a savior,
someone who knows all.
Someone who isn’t me,
that could stop the slow fall.

A blue box, a Doctor,
a moment in time.
A villain, so empty,
writing silly rhymes.

A paradox, truly,
that doesn’t make sense.
Can a villain turn hero,
if he shows recompense?

I guess we shall see,
but I won’t hold my breath.
I’ll wait for the Doctor,
or I’ll just wait for Death.
Danielle Jun 2018
To dance?
The oncoming storm,
All breezy bluster and
Quicksilver lightening.
You dance in my mind
All silken whispers
And subtle grace
You dance.
Whoops a Doctor Who poem, for my favorite Doctor. Enjoy!
Max Mar 2018
The clock is ticking—Listen
A fadded voice pleas
"Everything ends"

A burning sun must soon descend
The night is a shining sea
The clock is ticking—Listen

An old fluttering leaf ascends
Dried and broken as can be
Everything ends

Withered hearts can't mend
Oh, the loses they have seen!
The clock's tick is slowing—Listen

Melancholy ticks grow distant
A dreaded time is nearing
Everything ends

Oh, the inevitable end
They live, they die, they bleed
The clock has stopped—Listen
Everything ends
If you wanna see more of my poems, go to where I have a collection of poems called "Where Nightmares Lurk"
Shannon Perry May 2016
You have a heart made of beautiful gold
and a soul of stardust that'll never grow old.
There are sweet galaxies within your eyes
and your scars are constellations better than the sky's.
You're a walking universe so wonderful and sublime;
someone who'll remain important across all space and time.
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