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Nov 2022 · 993
What's a girl gotta do?
I'm sure not good with confrontation,  
But this lack of communication,
has me uptight and suffocatin',  
Tell me what's a girl gotta do?  
'Sent subtle hints and you still haven't a clue,  
Don't I deserve a little explanation?  
Just a little one on one,  
A bit of understandin',  
Unless you are bored and already done.

You make it hard to stay and even harder to leave,
You make it terribly, awfully, difficult to believe,
That out of everyone you were ready to get down on one knee,
When you once loved me,

It's either you let me go and cast out another line,
Or finally make up your mind,

But if I still make your heart beat,
If the thought of me still give you butterflies,
If I'm still the one you want to keep,
If there is still forever in your eyes
Then, sweep me off my feet,  
and take my breath away,
Like you do regardless every day,
What isn't there to understand?
Make up your mind,
And take my hand,
How's one to get through to you?  
What's a girl gotta do?
I edited my last poem.
May 2022 · 1.0k
Dear future husband
Dear future husband,
I want you to know,
I'll catch you when you fall,
I'll love you forever,
Dear future husband,
I want you to know,
I'll give you my all,
I'll be right beside you with each endeavor,
Dear future husband,
haven't I told you a million times,
"I'll be your partner in crime",
Dear future husband,
I'll love you even after your hair fades,
There is nothing I wouldn't trade,
for you,
Dear future husband,
I hope you know that even the grave can't set us apart,
Dear  future husband,
I love you with all my heart.
To my future husband.
May 2022 · 944
A minecraft poem
Zombies growl, creepers creep,
Down in the dungeon's keep.
"There are monsters nearby"
You may not sleep.
I thought of this while I was playing Minecraft and wrote it down with the book and quill. This is the original version. Yep, I have another verion.
May 2021 · 1.9k
Holding on
I'm not living in the past,
I'm holding on to memories,
Life passes by so fast,
I'm clinging to what used to make us,
I'm wishing this could have last',
I'm not living in the past,
I'm just holding onto what we-
What I have left,
Hoarding what I can salvage,
I'm not missing you,
not a bit,
I'm missing who you used to be,
I'm not swimming,
I'm drowning,
I'm not flying,
I'm falling,
I'm not living,
I'm just procrastinating the inevitable,
I'm not living in the past,
I'm holding on to memories.
Another poem I wrote about my toxic ex bestie.
I look back to the day we met
'Should've known
That you were lying-
Now I'm here sitting in a room
'Didn't think I'd have to say goodbye
'Didn't think you'd leave-
'Didn't think I'd have to forget you-
So soon...

'Didn't think you'd leave me all alone.
Yes, I guess I should've known that in the end-
We're just flesh and bone...
Just know-
It's gonna be hard to let you-
This poem isn't just about death, but also about how one can just forget you as well as leave you. This poem was inspired by my elementary friend, Isaiah Guy. He was very sweet and funny. A true character. I treasure the few memories I have of him. Although we haven't seen each other in years, it still feels like a piece of my world is missing. Thank you Issah, I'll miss you...
You can click the link below and tell his family I sent you and that I send my love. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”
Sep 2019 · 147
Heart Burn
You set my heart a light,
You light up my night,
Your a flickering flame,
You put the sun to shame..
Short, but I am working on school.. Sorry..
Jun 2019 · 865
Hanging on
Hanging on by a thread,
I feel like the walking dead,
Can't wait to go back to bed,
Oh Lord! When will this week end?
Finally finished this poem.. School.. I know a little too late..
Apr 2019 · 349
What if
What if the sky wasn't blue?
Would I change colors too?
What if I went on loving you?
Even if you found someone new?
What if you were to stay?
Would things be okay?
What if this world was gay?
Would things still be this way?
What if I was loved as well?
Would life still be a living hell?
What if I were to die?
Ha! You would think it swell..
Work in progress.. Sorry for that word.. (Gay=happy)
Apr 2019 · 577
In common
Everything I touch breaks,
I guess me and him have something in common,
       ~~~~~~                ~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~ /~~~~~~~~~~~~
Don't mind my "art" ..
Apr 2019 · 448
If only
. . ~~~~~                       ~~~~~. .   
..You lift my          spirits high..
'M a k e m e L a u g h w h e n I
~~~~~~~ w a n t t o c r y~~~~~~~
  ~~Live when I want to die~~
      ~~~~~~~If only~~~~~~~
             ~~You were~~
                were mine
I got two verses (Second and third verses) from a poem I read long ago.. I forget it's name... Yet I remembered the words.
My love ran away
Maybe ..
Maybe it was a faze..
His love all staged
All played
Did I truly love him anyways?
Sometimes when I say I love you without feeling it, were those words a lie?
(Might delete this poem)
Apr 2019 · 523
Dear Poetry
Dear Poetry,
You are one of a kind,
You were a love, hard to find,
With you I can leave the world behind,
To one more refine,
Dear poetry,
You fill me with hope,
With words that help me cope,
You lift my spirits oh so high,
Dear poetry,
I'll love you until I die...
I was commenting on
Now my comment is a poem..
A piece of paper,
Pale skin,
full of sin,
Bad choices,
Regret and remorse,
Into depression they sink,
An author's blood n' tears,
A tool to which they might write about their fears,
Of which faded memories remain,
A tainted soul,
A poet is made of Words of bold,
to reflect feelings untold
What a true poet is made of.
Mar 2019 · 307
I leave a trail of shattered hearts.. so frail..
Clumsy I am...
I have to sadly reject people that ask me out..
Mar 2019 · 384
Ain't I a human?
Ain't I a human?
Ain't I to have feelings?
Ain't I a human?
Ain't I to have my likes and my dislikes?
My opinions?
My voice?
Ain't I a human?
Ain't I to play?
To laugh?
To cry?
Ain't I a human?
With many quirks?
Accept me for,
My mentality,
For my uniqueness,
For my ways.
Ain't I a human?
Ain't I fellow man?
Ain't I to kiss the sunshine,
And taste the wind?
Ain't I to do what any other can?
Ain't I a human?
When my family is angry I respect it if it is responsible, but when I can't be angry and have to "grow up", to show a fake smile oof!
Mar 2019 · 282
Nothing is here to stay
Nothing is here to stay,
Like how night fades into day,
Relations fall apart,
Love into broken hearts,
Sweet words,
Honey glazed,
To sour words....,
Years to months,
Months to weeks,
Weeks to days,
Days to hours,
Hours to minutes,
Minutes to just-,
Life to death,
We are just dust anyways,
Nothing is here to stay.
How things are to fade away into nothing..
Feb 2019 · 561
Hanging on to Life
Hanging on
Originally, I had a girl hanging from a string that was connected to the letter T in "thread". Here it is:

Or if that does not work..
Feb 2019 · 2.4k
Why forget the face of bright sunshine,
Whom's smile melts ones frigged heart,
Whom's eyes are the color of a Hershey's sweet,
Why I look away?
Because, one glace at you knocks me off my feet,
Not a day passes that I don't think of you,
Oh how I long to prove my feelings so true,
Never shall I think twice about winning your heart,
Living without you tears me apart,
How I long to hear your voice once again,
How soft are your words,
How quiet is your voice,
How I long for your gentle touch,
If only I had control over what I do and say,
If only my tongue would preach,
My feelings so deep,
If only you were mine to keep.
I got some ideas/Inspired by: Althought I did not copy the poem I was inspired by it. This is too my Sebastian.. (Not literately to the anime character, but to one whom resembles him although this Sebastian's name is Micah, and Micah is sweet compared to the bitter sweet love of Sebastian Michaelis. As you can guess by now, I have a crush on an anime character as well, but I do not love Micah because of his looks, he is so sweet and shy and I like that in guys.. That rhymed.. .)
Dec 2018 · 439
Disk space
I read "Low Disk Space" from my laptop,
I know how you feel ._.
I know this is a rip off... I just thought it funny.... Me after math.. and this is why I package up the lessons before and send them away.... and is why I always need a refresher.
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
My Ocd is flipping switches,
My adhd is pulling pupet strings,
My brain is on vaction for most of the day,
and when he comes home it's night,
his favorite time to party.....
I get no rest,
And tomorrow there's a flippin' test!
I have some problems... Don't judge me .....
Apr 2018 · 263
Morning the loss of you,
has split my heart in two,
If you were to go I'd wish to be there too,
because a world without you,
just wouldn't do.
Without my cat Shadow (he is still alive, but I worry about that day) and Micah (a boy that is also still alive).
Jan 2018 · 489
Not knowing what's in your mind,
You suddenly stepped into in mine,
You broke in..
Like a thief in the dark
You stole my heart,
For revenge,
I intend to steal your last name...
May 2017 · 2.1k
Fools gold
Love's, but a *** of fool’s gold
It has you captivated, and excited about finding something valuable, then you wake up, and find that ti's but just a fake. It can stab you in the back and hurt worse than a stake. Love is, but a *** of fool’s gold you may find, and behold. But remember its but a *** of fool’s gold.
I was inspired when I heard of a poem called fools gold. And I decided to write a different poem about how love can catch your eye and still be a frod, well love these days are most likley to be fools gold, but there is always going to be real love out there nomader how the world changes, there is a *** of gold at the end of every rainbow (every good one anyways..).
May 2017 · 3.6k
Teacher appreciation
Thank you for the year, of fun and cheer,
Thank you for the education,
Now soon we will all be on vacation
Thank you for the year we shared
It is nice to know you cared
Here is a card,
That I worked on really hard.
This is for my teachers Mrs. Berret, Samantha Bonniger, and Pamela Sieger!

— The End —