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I'm sure not good with confrontation,  
But this lack of communication,
has me uptight and suffocatin',  
Tell me what's a girl gotta do?  
'Sent subtle hints and you still haven't a clue,  
Don't I deserve a little explanation?  
Just a little one on one,  
A bit of understandin',  
Unless you are bored and already done.

You make it hard to stay and even harder to leave,
You make it terribly, awfully, difficult to believe,
That out of everyone you were ready to get down on one knee,
When you once loved me,

It's either you let me go and cast out another line,
Or finally make up your mind,

But if I still make your heart beat,
If the thought of me still give you butterflies,
If I'm still the one you want to keep,
If there is still forever in your eyes
Then, sweep me off my feet,  
and take my breath away,
Like you do regardless every day,
What isn't there to understand?
Make up your mind,
And take my hand,
How's one to get through to you?  
What's a girl gotta do?
I edited my last poem.
Raven Feels Mar 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, do you know what I don't know?

let me be a fool
one that slaps with cruel
leave some words for us leave some words for you
leave the past to dust leave the yellow floors too

let me be a fool
wear that memory on my neck & call it a jewel
seal the day of misery word by word in due
admire every single color in remembrance of every hue

let me be a fool
drown myself in that scent in that noise in that pool
dig the heels of my feet to the ground to keep me steady
never thought for an ever of a life I won't be ready

let me be a fool
the world of the never & delusions to rule
because them feels won't remain in the old self of every second
& no one gave me a hint to prepare what will & already threatened

                                                     ­                                       ------ravenfeels
The Vault Aug 2019
We are not friends
We are nothing
But you can't seem to take the hint
That I don't like you
You did me *****
You threw me to the dogs
But you seem to think
I still like your guts
Coming over
Spreading lies
Acting like everything is alright
Sorry chicky
But you are just as ugly in and out
I don't give second chances
You had your chance
I am doing better now
So get the hint.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
"I am trying to hold on. Even to the silliest and littlest of things. Even if it’s temporary. But there isn’t anything in my reach. Just grasping darkness. Nothingness. I am trying to tell you, my cry for help is soft almost as a breeze. Through little hints, please try to see. But it is going by un-noticed. There is no one to save me. Nothing to hold. I am slipping. I feel myself letting go. There is no tug from the heart that attachments were once etched to. I feel myself letting go of the thin life line I hold. Letting my life go as the tears that leave my eye and the crimson blood that spills from my skin. I slip, as I slip into sleep.”
Brynn S Nov 2018
Conclude the dream
Dew melt my eyes as a suken scene
Soft spoken words pour from your lips
With bones of greetings how often our slips
Gaze and grasp
Each night to pass
I follow you to heaven
Lift me to the ceilings of above
Paint me unto the walls of love
Grasp the two sides of the bodice
Reach to me closer, call me the goddess
Place unto the petals, leave me your alter
With breaths intertwined movements cease to falter
Eyes melt into one sight
Share with me our night

Loves together in a single moment
Kelidoscopes of rosed colors tint
Small traces to guide the hint
This is my moment to share, racing thoughts bleed into the air
Toothache Oct 2018
The arctic cold has brushed my cheek once again
The skies are stained white
and the ringing in my ears
is louder than ever
I wonder what the clouds are doing, I never see them anymore
The night doesnt come but the sun doesn't shine
I have a silver notebook
I write, spearmint
Because my eyes are watering but I feel nothing
The world is dry while the air is full
And the heavens take their morning pills
Wash their face
Head off sleepily to begrudgingly watch the icy seas
The wind bites my cheeks
But moves in such silence I wonder if the feeling is not just my routine punishment
At least I'm used to my spirits
At least I have a jacket on
At least the heavens didnt take a sick day all together.
Lilywhite Sep 2018
Oh the wayward motion that these celestial bodies tend to circumvent!
Do you take the time to analyze or ever wonder why?
A double edge sword, capable of discerning the heart’s intent
Might you care to venture there soon?

through crossed wires and code
yielding insight or an invite of some kind
with pictures, quotes, and anecdotes
Do you read between the lines?

Might I be the mirror that reflects your soul
Might I be the receiver of the light that guides you home
Might I be the kind of lady you’d want to pride around
Or Might I be a distant noise-- a sort of solemn sound

The way you shape your words, the thoughts you choose to speak
The many times you chose to share the inner-workings of your being
You plant a seed of hope, you give me life to breath

And even though you don’t think so, you’re quite a fantastic beast
Lady Bird Sep 2018
drips of joy
some of pain
peel me you'll
find restrain
liked or disliked
I‘m all the same
aroma and sight
so guess my name


don't take these
words by surprise
you might shed tears
from your eyes
many have complained
that I'm a nuisance yet
who I am is who I am and
can't help how I was named
open your eyes cant you see
an "ONION" thats just me...
A Simillacrum Sep 2018
up from the sticky hole.

One time, I fell and hit my head
three times, three places, once in each:
the cabinet, the sink, the bathtub.

Practice being me by proxy.
Out of my head. Out my head.
Tangible damages,
incorporeal skeins.
Mess? Wreck. Heck,

This time, I stood and cracked
my skull on the cabinet:
Clarity? Is that you?

Practiced being me by proxy,
so so long.
Practiced being me by proxy.
Practiced being me by proxy,
so so long.
Practiced being me by proxy.

Or is this
an actual

my sticky hole
is filling up
where the water was ****** by the ground.
Masuda Khan Juti Sep 2018
In the water that serpents drink and fishes mate in,
humans clean their pots.

The water drinks that dirt and oil,
it savours that hint of turmeric and burnt potato skin. It's a complete meal.
A woman was cleaning her pots by the surma river. In sylhet
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