I could write every word,
I could let you read them all,
But would you know they're about you,
For you,
Or would not think anything of them at all?
Fred Oct 2017
Small human
let me help you
don't be ugly
I know it's hard
life has a funny way
of turning against you
but here's a hint:
pain distilled is beauty.
DeityDog says look for beauty
Poetic T Sep 2017
I tripped over your ill
angled shoe..
Face planting the floor..
scuff marked pride,
as I got up stupid woman,
I uttered this under my breath...

I tripped over your ill
angled shoe..
coffee in hand,
a master of balance..
Not one droplet spilt,
but I saw you awkwardly
gaze at me, and I smiled.

The next few days,
I took another path.
missing your haphazard
           feet entrapping my gaze..
I pondered the view,
the reason for my needing to  

Walking past where you sat,
                      now vacant.
I was glum at the thought
of you not fumbling my stance.
Collecting myself on days past,
I walked a new path to my office.

I tripped over your ill
angled shoe..
Face planting the floor..
scuff marked pride.
Getting up I asked you
a question..

"I've fallen for you so many times
               I think I'm in love,

You can only fall so many times
before you realise that its love.
I showed the marks that I'd
fallen for you,
                  more than most would.
I can't find my marbles, Jewboy!
Help me to find my damn marbles!
That damn Shrink stole my marbles again.
Tell that Pocahontas Slut
To tell the Shrink"
To give me back my marbles!
First they take away my AK-47.
Then, they take away my Marbles.
Next thing you know,
Them Shrinks will be giving me a goddamn Lobotomy!
I should have bombed 'em all while I had a chance
As President of the United States."
Now, them bastards have  got me under 24 Hour Watch!
No response...
502 bad gateway
or hint to get away
Silverflame Oct 2016
You are like a corpse flower;
Beautiful and rare, but with a hint of death
In case you do not know what a corpse flower is or how it looks like, then I suggest you should Google it. It's a very unique and  beautiful flower, but with a foul smell.
helena luce Jul 2016
Now you have a handle on it.

Some feelings bump into you, say excuse me and move on.

Just a phase.

Others, attach themselves to the deepest parts of your spirit.

Like a fatal disease.

There’s little to no guarantee on which feelings live and which disintegrate.

Therein lies the question: Are they truly worthy of your candid affection?

And is the fight to obtain them, significant?

Can I have a handle on your thoughts?
Atul Jan 2016
I've got two big pimples,
Each located on either sides of the forehead.

And distantly,
I look like the fictional Frankenstein's Monster!!

I guess these are from excessive tension...
My HP Poem #979
©Atul Kaushal
Rustine Hamlett Jun 2015
eyes of sea
caged wingbeats
the only hint
behind the visage of indifference
the shroud that daylight imposes
and darkness disperses

for beneath lies
whispers of oblivion
that draws forth tears
mixing sleep and wakefulness

granting more peace
than the glittering sands
written in 2010
The Good Pussy Dec 2014
                             m      o c     m
                           a         o C        a
                         d           o c           d
                        e              o              e
       ­               m               C              m
                      o                 o                o
                     i                   c                   i
                    s                   o                     s
                   e                  C  o                   e
                   l                  c     o                   l
                   l                 C       o                  l
                   e                 c       o                 e
                   m                 C  o                  m
                    a                    ­C                    a
                     d                   o                   d
                         e                c                e
                               m        o         m
My fav!
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