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Maddy Kay Jan 20
September 21, 2018.
We met that night all because of your boyfriend's idiocy.
February 2019.
You and him have broken up because he couldn't quit being a ****.
I start to question if I like you or not while staying the night at my friend's house.
March 2019.
You and your new boyfriend get together.
We have not met entirely still.
April 17, 2019.
We start talking officially as friends.
April 19, 2019.
We confess our feelings towards each other.
April 26, 2019.
You're still confused on what to do between your boyfriend and me.
May 5, 2019.
You broke up with your boyfriend and chose her over me.
May 6, 2019.
You tell me that you are choosing her.
May 7, 2019.
You two date.
There is nothing I can do but be heartbroken.
May 16, 2019.
We declared our best friend status.
May 18, 2019.
I write you a letter that you will never see.
May 20, 2019.
I spend the night at your house and things still aren't better.
May 21-24, 2019.
We had those four days together at camp all while your girlfriend would get jealous anytime I spoke to you alone.
June 15, 2019.
I spent a couple of hours at the pool with you and Abby and got to see you for the first time in a while.
June 24, 2019.
We had our first major fight and didn't speak for four days.
June 28, 2019.
You apologized for trying to control who I was speaking to.
July 2019.
We would fight constantly and go back to speaking to each other.
But during Band Camp we would try working it out.
July 26, 2019.
Your mom banned you from ever speaking to me ever again.
We cried for two hours straight and spent that last time together at Stepping Out.
August 2019.
We got into it again.
I chose someone to help me cope with your disappearance.
We tried becoming friends as soon as school started but it did not work out.
September 2019.
You hated me and I hated myself for it.
October 2019.
We kept trying but you would keep away from me.
November 2019.
We became best friends again and got closer than ever.
November 23, 2019.
I break you the news that I am moving.
November 29, 2019.
The day I say my "final goodbyes".
December 2, 2019.
I surprise you for your birthday with me not having to leave.
December 6, 2019.
We say our final goodbyes in person.
December 7, 2019.
I leave Republic forevermore.
December 26, 2019.
I say something to you that caused your girlfriend, you, and I to fight again.
I don't talk to anyone for a week.
I get into a car wreck.
December 30, 2019.
You cry to your girlfriend about how much you miss me and message me but I don't see it.
January 2, 2020.
I decide to talk to you again.
January 7, 2020.
I start a new school and you wish me the best.
January 20, 2020.
Here we are almost a year later.
Still my best friend and our journey is only going to get more complicated.
But that's okay because we will always have each other.
This is mine and my best friend's rocky journey, but we still are here and stronger than ever. Throughout all of the heartaches and fighting and constant bullying each other, we love each other.
Chas, if you read this. I love you. So so much. You're all I have from that nothing-of-a-town.
mjad Nov 2019
im not in the front of his mind
im with my best friend on a drive
we laugh and we cry

**** boys
Amanda Nov 2019
1.) Temptation from other women doesn't worry because all free time is spent together

2.) Being with the only person on Earth who can match your twisted sense of humor

3.) Not eating the last slice of pie so they can eat it instead is considered a romantic gesture

4.) You accept eachother for the ******* you have become without judgement

5.) Whenever you can't find something they know exactly where to look and vice versa

6.) They can order for you at a restaurant/bar without being told what to order first

7.) They make appointments for you because they know about your irrational fear of talking on the phone

8.) In return, you fill out all paperwork because his handwriting isn't always legible

9.) The word "awkward" doesn't exist in your vocabularies so you always have a second opinion on those personal subjects

10.) They always know how to make you crack a smile NO MATTER WHAT!
To Paul; my best ******* friend forever <3

Day 11: write a list poem
Khushi Saha Sep 2019
Someone told me either you always win or lose a fight,
I asked,
Did you ever had one with your bestie!!
Ashtyn Lucas May 2019
True friendship is laughing when your friend falls before helping them up
True friendship is being allowed to criticize your friend for how they dress, but
        as soon as someone else does, you love their outfit
True friendship is knowing everything about each other (even the ***** details)
True friendship is missing them even before they're gone
True friendship is always being there, no matter what
True friendship is keeping each other in check
True friendship is understanding where you're boundaries are but pushing
        them just slightly with the goal of ******* them off
True friendship is knowing each other's emotions so well
True friendship is being able to guess what the other is going to say
True friendship is:
                    and eXtraordinary
Love you Max, and I hope this made you smile.
The Untold Apr 2019
He is Gachi
because he is
   my bestie.
I love Gachi
because he is
  the art my heart knows
Am keeping Gachi
because he is
@the_untold @its_itate
Kenji Apr 2019
Her power is not to be denied.
She dances with the wolves, and comes out alive, leader of the pack.
A spiritual goddess, beautiful to the core.
She's a witch, a siren and a vampire, come with her, and you will be reborn.
Too good, people don't appreciate her rawness, her craziness, she is purely one of a kind.
My best friend and soul sister I have never met, but sure feels the syn-cable connection that we share.
My crazy ****** Gemini *****, look after yourself, you are precious.
Love you...
My best friend all the way from the UK
Amanda Apr 2019
I am so glad you were born
So happy you're alive
Today is the day
You turn twenty-five!
For one of my best friends in the whole world Jessica for her birthday card. Short and sweet.
alice Mar 2019
like yin and yang
we are completely different
but one in the same
To the lady
who made my tears light
I vow you a life.

I let this new morning in your world
be genial as you shine in his soul as
delighted to embrace a new relation
for life.

Even in my absenteeism, my soul pounds for you as I am celebrating my sweetheart's wedlock
in my heart.
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