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end Sep 11
he can't change his clothes
he can't see green
he doesn't like to hear himself singing
but they make me laugh
when they cry, i cry
i didn't go to class
but i watched them live
and they helped me live
they helped me to survive
who else could they be

they're my
dream team
eyes green
shirt blue
red face
know you won't hear
this song my dear
you don't know me
but you're my
dream team

he wears a smile
his goggles are on
he ties up his head band
i'm so far gone
when they laugh, i die
i watched them tonight
told them my struggles
spoke about my fights
they said they were there for me
my dream team

he was taken
he's not found
he took a nap on the ground
it may sound insane
block boys make my day
but who else could have saved me
no one but my dream team
this is about the mcyt dream team 🤡
frog Sep 10
It is 1am,
I just played minecraft on our server,
which has mostly been abandoned.
Good memories and happy thoughts.

It is still 1am,
The discord call is muted.
The only sound is the Lo-Fi from the music bot.
I am calm.

It is 1am,
and I am thinking about how much I love my friends.
Thank you, for everything, I am glad we exist.
I wrote this for the ETFC :) If you're in that discord server, ily
lex Dec 2020
Find two best friends
with one common link
Add the stresses of a nation
that can fall in a blink
A flag’s in there, too,
with more meaning than you’d think
One that wears down in time,
that makes your heart sink.

Add the influence of another
one with the power to disrupt
A touch of manipulation,
a touch of corrupt.
Mix it together,
you’ll find it won’t be smooth
But nothing can help this,
not a hand nor a tool.

Now separate those best friends,
place them miles apart,
all because of bad actions
made at the start.
Assure those friends miss
the times that they had,
but keep them apart,
keep them feeling sad.

Eventually, one will begin to rise,
and then, you’ll want to twist
your words need be like silk,
but need hurt like a punch with a fist.
Soon, you’ll see, the rising one will grow
but with all bad feelings,
with good feelings, no!

It’s now just how you want it,
he’ll begin to bubble
he’ll become more rash,
he’ll get in more trouble
Then finally, he’ll snap, and your work here is done
You’ve created a villain,
now you’d better run.
this is based off a storyline in a minecraft roleplay yes i am embarrassed lol
The music was never sad
But now it is
And I can’t quite put my finger on the reason
The wind has quieted down
And the birds are sleeping in the nest
There is a sinking in my stomach
A bug crawls across the screen
Maybe it’s just the night, the wind says
But I don’t think that’s why
No, that’s not the reason why
Charles Campbell Dec 2017
Roblox is better than Minecraft
Minecraft should be called minecrap
In Roblox you can play so many games
Minecraft's one is very lame
Who else plays Roblox
stank man Feb 2017
raggid sharp points
cutting skin and flesh
graising what you once held
soft nimble fingers, which now tightly grip my neck
life leaving my eyes as i see the passion burn in yours
heart racing
your silohette leaving distant memorys of which i wont live to remember
your hands look so much bigger in fists
but i guess it just goes to show
everything is bigger in texas
Fatih Pramudiono Dec 2016
I'm in middle of nowhere
I see anywhere
But nothin'
Only plains and trees

I started to gather
Some resources
Made some armor
To fight some mobs

When the night came
Zombies started to generate
Hacked some swords
Then fight some mobs

The sun rose
Then the night close
Monsters start to fire
Finished the adventure
Working front register at Starbucks
you ask a little boy in green
if he likes Minecraft
What the coolest thing
he ever built was
then watch
As his family
and the whole line behind them
gasp, fall silent
stare at you
with standing ovation eyes
as he lights right up
to tell you all about it
NeroameeAlucard May 2016
The leaves crunch underneath
My bare feet that tread on a path
Strange, ubiquitous and unique
I looked up just in time to see
The eyes of the trees staring back at me
It was getting dark, I needed to find shelter quickly
Before I ended up in some giant cats stomach quickly

So i broke branches and bark and bound them together with the remains of parts from the crash
A plane brought me here, and thankfully the fire didn't last
I grabbed what I could, food, drinks, spare parts and some supplies
Hopefully, prayerfully these meager items would allow me to survive.

I didn't go too far away, as the crash was on the beach
So I stuck to the trees above the wreckage and   above most predators eager to dine on me...
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