Spoke with Dr. Gonzalaz at length today. No more operations needed at this time. He added a new medication to my regimen, and told me to watch my diet, get plenty of sleep, and be happy! See him in a month.
Thank you to everyone who has been so kind... :-))

where is it I go

falling leaf asks of the oak

to your destiny


rob kistner © 2018

the minds of others

who do not see things our way

obviously fools


rob kistner © 2001

what is happiness

wise man offers this reply

one breath then the next


rob kistner © 2001

I stand at land’s end
atop a precipice
that soars skyward
out over the Pacific Ocean

an osprey
gracefully aloft
on the sea breeze
that buffets up the cliff
holds me transfixed

the osprey climbs

azure blue
rolls and undulates
as far as my eye can see
reaching to the fiery sunset
falling away
over earth’s edge
into forever

the osprey circles

a pristine white ribbon
unfurls below
a fragile breadth of sand
divides the eternal sea
from the towering rock face
that flanks
left to right
in bold panorama

the osprey dives
rocketing seaward

the breeze freshens
tosses my hair
I shudder
braced against vertigo

the osprey
pierces a swell

swept up in the moment
I feel untethered
no longer earthbound

the osprey
suddenly reappears
breaks the ocean's surface
again climbing skyward
fish in its talons


rob kistner © 2007
(revised © 2018)
This was a scene I experienced a number of times in Oregon, standing atop the Pacific Ocean cliffs, in Ecola State Park, overlooking Indian Beach. It's breathtaking!

NOTE 1: Ecola State Park, with its Indian Beach, and its neighbor Cannon Beach, is the area where portions of the the Goonies and Point Break were both filmed. In Goonies, it was the carnival, and the scene when One Eyed Willie's ship, the Inferno, sails into view past the rock point. In Point Break it was the surfing scenes.

NOTE 2: The osprey is the only raptor that dives into the water with its feet ****** forward on either side of its head. This allows the bird to keep the fish in sight throughout the dive, and the feet hitting the water first cut through the water's surface and protect the head. Osprey's are also called Sea Hawks. Go Seattle!

a ruby droplet

the yellow rose bears sharp thorns

let us share red wine


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