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Jul 2018 · 236
Metal Man
Juniper Zed Jul 2018
Metal man of tin so tall
Your back is glued upon my wall
Your tongue hangs out, a pendulum
But the lights are out so I knew you’d come

Metal man of tin tonight
You make a sound and look contrite
Like tears should pour out from your eyes
But you’re just a clock that vivifies

Metal man with beady eyes
I’m scared your promise will materialize
My family’s asleep, don’t leave me here
I know you can move, I can’t sleep in fear

Metal man
My eyes are heavy
Mama says your just a clock
But I see you breathe
Jul 2018 · 184
Bedroom Psychology
Juniper Zed Jul 2018
If one’s bedroom is a reflection of their mind
And my room is a maelstrom of loose papers, musical instruments, littered with ***** clothes along the floor, rancid, and contains cities of towers of used dishes
And one narrow pathway between the piano and my bed

Suddenly psychology makes sense.
Based on the observation that people’s bedrooms tend to reflect their psychological state.
Jun 2018 · 218
An Evening Happily Wasted
Juniper Zed Jun 2018
As the light mourns its death
And the blue turns to murky ink blots
This hopeless romantic
Becomes the romantic hopeless

And as I look into her eyes
The sunset is reflected at me
As it falls to the floor
A drunken mess

And we
The two hopeless
Throw down our fears
And live one night— we truly live

And I wake up to see
Nothing more
Than that
It had been a dream

And yet
Nothing short
Of a
Jun 2018 · 278
Go On
Juniper Zed Jun 2018
Should I go on
If I would just stay here
On gliding wings
Saying things
That only you will hear

There isn’t any part of me
That’d trade you for the world
You say you love me to the moon
And back, but that’s inopportune

So I will wait here
Don’t care how far or near
Just as I did yesteryear
And I will always go on.
Jun 2018 · 211
The Binding Law
Juniper Zed Jun 2018
As far as I am concerned
We are bound forcefully
By the air we breathe

That soaks up our tears
And spits them back out
In a deluge
From black clouds of our own doing

And by that measure
Our minds are connected
By the tongues of passion

That twist vigorously
Within the head of our greatest fear
The one whom we love
Unloading our universe unto another

And our most undying need
To morph the suffering in our world
With morphine of our own

Of which the recipe is dangerous;
A vulnerable, broken, dangerous self
That is trampled out of existence
As a newborn fawn is stolen suddenly by an unforeseen winter wind

The whispering wind in the air
Carried by all of our breath…
Indeed, we stole the fawn
And in doing so— ourselves as well.
Apr 2018 · 200
This Clear Heaven
Juniper Zed Apr 2018
Between those stars, far up high
There are treks made short
Magnified by the expanding eye

This eye that saw a hundred happy memories
That our beating hearts drummed for—
Those countless fairytale stories

And in those stars above
We can only see them now
As Peace’s Apollo-Dove

That dove that rides on hope
And sails on vaporized tears
And only lands amidst our joy

The stars that shone on the most hated day
Disappeared into oblivion
As our lives slowly fray

While the stars we saw live
We cannot
People don’t always give
All the love that they’ve got

But in solace to us
My dear friend, I swear this:
All stars must die
And thus we rise from the abyss.
Apr 2018 · 167
Rolling with the Wind
Juniper Zed Apr 2018
Show to me a Holy Book
But I can tell you now
That this music’s soft and subtle cry
Echoes from inside, deep down

There’s not too much in this life
That I can give to make things right
And when you’re gone I won’t go on
Us both, just rolling with the wind
Mar 2018 · 193
Lo Scopo
Juniper Zed Mar 2018
Le mie ossa sono state rotte
Dal martello pesante
Forgiato dei miei peccati
E pesato per l’energia vitale
Immagazzinata dentro me.

Non esiste una minaccia come me
Con la potenza del bue
E con il cuore del leone
Che vagheggia uno scopo senza fine.
E senza fine, vagheggerà lo scopo.
Mar 2018 · 141
The Keeper
Juniper Zed Mar 2018
Then, the keeper said to her,
“Do you remember me? I remember you.
You filled my cup to get yourself drunk
2 days later I wake up in a ditch
13 feet under the surface of my own logic.
How did you do it?
You bewitched me with that smile
And you left me, riding the dragon into my worst nightmare
You lived with the friend of my enemy
And here we stand, still…
Still ****** into the worst dizzy spell of my life
Still unsure whether to fight the dragon, or tame it.
Tame the dragon, or tame you.
Tame you, or tame my reason.”

That is the story of a keeper’s life
The knowledge of his self-contradictory self
Running from the heart that soothes him
Even if it is his own
Just to come into control of himself
Through the taming of a rare creature
That nobody can domesticate.
At least not him.
Juniper Zed Mar 2018
As with all things
That object you hold
The song that you sing
Are connected in a web of meaning.

The 300 year-old tree was alive
When the doe lost her fawn to the hunter
When your ancestors spoke their native tongue
When the songbirds were blissfully unaware of their mortal song.
Unheard it was then, and now it is a legend.

And just as the sun rose
For one last songbird song
So will it set on you
For we know of our mortality all along.
Feb 2018 · 224
Juniper Zed Feb 2018
Such a voice invoked the muse
And the muse was what gave life
I miss that deep sense of a lost belonging
Now I am in belonging to that realm I once ruled
With an iron fist, I controled it
In the deepest depths of my innermost being

My insides are constantly convulsing
They are humming to me my chagrin
And the voids that occupy the nuclei of my atoms
I tremble like a bell, being a hollow shell
And sounding other cries for help in this place.
Where are we in the place of the bells
How hollow are the voids that make up our cells.
Jan 2018 · 165
The Keys
Juniper Zed Jan 2018
I now see that every lie was a mistake
As I listen to the melodic poems of the piano
That I inspired, I created...

He treasured me, and he loved me
And my daughter here wakes his ghost
Though dead long ago, he never dies in music

And now I can never escape the monster I created
The great giant of our times wrote because of me
He cried because of me, he died because of me

Still here, his spirit spills onto the floorboards like blood
As my girl mindlessly cranks out the sounds of agony
The hammers that beat the strings was my betrayal upon his heart

Day by day, he’s with me, still here
Haunting this gorgeous house built on lies
For what I held in my midst, was the soul of an artist bewitched

I cursed him forever and then I slipped away
And his brother is now in his place

So with each whining string I shall not forget
The love he lamented for whom all was writ’.
Dec 2017 · 261
To the Lost
Juniper Zed Dec 2017
I sometimes question you within my mind
In our imaginary chitchat
Why you had to go
And, more importantly than that, I wonder,
"Why I am so bewitched by your fleeting smile."

It doesn't stay, but it's sealed into my vision
Everytime I meet your ghost I'm haunted by that kiddish grin
The same one that you bewitched me with
And that has bent me ever since.
That smile you leave ingrained in me is trapped within.

And then I realize you're just a person
It was never between you and me
And then I'm overcome with sadness
As I notice my contrition now is meaningless.
This feeling deep inside of me— it survives with me, but died in her.
Nov 2017 · 273
The Foothill
Juniper Zed Nov 2017
So much of that night rode with the wind
Swirling and tumbling fatefully on my back
The sky as black as the bleak void above
The lights below illuminated her as she grinned

And while we stood at the precipice there
Though I stood on air, she was what caught my glare
And I felt a sense of dread that this feeling might end
So I look her in the eye and my hand I extend

And her eyes bled that entrancing ardent love
That which drew me to the cliff above
And she knew right then that I loved her so
So she rammed into my chest– down we go

And the whole fall down she kept her eye on me
And through the wind, cried, “You’re the last thing I’ll see!”
And I pressed her face into my chest
For in my heart I knew — this fate was best.
Nov 2017 · 457
Ice Box
Juniper Zed Nov 2017
I wonder what if my head would freeze
I sift through diary entries
Under a dim candle’s light
The tunnels in the tundra’s night
They are so bleak, and I mull alone

The dogs followed me
To my frozen retreat
They gnaw at me
And I starve with no heat

The world around is so
Vast, so strange and so
Vast and empty

The dogs are my friends
They just will lick me a while

And I will then be cold no more.
Oct 2017 · 170
Juniper Zed Oct 2017
I gag the sight of my past
And the child I used to be
Time tears me down so fast
Then I see, I was never free

My jaw is of quartz and dirt
And in my tears, it turns to mud
I make music though it may hurt
And the flood that flows is my blood

My blood, sweat, tears and love
All thrown up on the page
Came from shapes in the clouds above
In my dreams from my earliest age
I dreamt of art, I dreamt of love.
Oct 2017 · 321
Candlelit Reflections
Juniper Zed Oct 2017
Like silent rafts in trodden streams
The candle's fire fights through the wind
Unconquerable by gusts of melancholy
It never extinguishes and the water gleams.

The soul of a young girl captains the vessel
Her fear diminished, though grave it is
And the home nearby makes a dreadful noise
With her nightmarish life, she continues to wrestle

And the flame of the candle must breathe as well
The air of the heart of the fire is of inky smoke
That girl's life was a living Hell
And from her nightmare she never awoke

But she still lives on in the dim, red flame
The burst of light in the wick is just the same
And the silent, paper rafts with the candles in the stream
To this day navigate, to the hopeful, still they gleam
Oct 2017 · 340
Juniper Zed Oct 2017
Tell me dear, are you a flower in my garden?
Are you here because I watered you?
No, you grew from rainy and sunny days
With them both, I see now that time repays.
Oct 2017 · 394
Love Song to the Tide
Juniper Zed Oct 2017
What rises at night but calls to me
That cymbal-crashing, moaning sea
Draws me through the humid air
Woe is me, again nobody is there.

And in the water that I can see
Reflects the moonlight back at me
“Murky Mirror, call me close,
I love you though I am morose.”

And then the ocean whispers so slight
Its voice is silvery, quiet at night.
“What love is this, from your heart?
Words mean nothing, they’re empty, ****.”

“But I am more!” Cried I to the sea,
“And I came here to set you free!”
And so the sea sobbed a mist,
“Your eyes are dark, love you twist.”

Then I again yelled to the nighttide,
“Why fight then, if you just subside?”
So the irate waves get loose
“My soul desires your water’s sluice!”

“If that is your wish, then so be it.”
And for the sea, my life I quit.
Like a raft, I drift away
From my dreams, I’ll opt to stray.

I do not know where I’ve come to be
In my pelagic life on the sea
But while I drift here alone
I can no longer hear that wretched moan.
Juniper Zed Sep 2017
Only think the unthought
Or else your brain will rot
Follow not any crowd
Over your eyes will be the shroud
Speak rarely and with wit
Your enemies will submit
Be industrious in your works
You'll evade uncertainty that lurks
Trust nobody with any secret
They will prove to be a hypocrite

Lovely trees can be firewood
But for that, they aren't especially good
The beauty will bring bitter tears
And the planter's heart beats no more.
Sep 2017 · 335
To Have Left
Juniper Zed Sep 2017
Dark was the night in the hour that you left me
I had no idea to bid you a farewell
And in the night that you had left me
I did not know the essence that you had claimed
And on that night my lungs were clear and free of mildew
But at the break of dawn, my heart was not the same.
Aug 2017 · 336
Heart on a Spade
Juniper Zed Aug 2017
Dust berths from the depths of my lungs
And with it, the serum of my being
I am a metal machine whose cogs have rusted
And once doused in water wishes never to have trusted

I now see the light which melts the shame away
Misery and angst heed my love another day
Although the blood is fresh at the tip of the *****
My heart beats again, I am no longer dismayed
Jul 2017 · 351
Pearly Eyes
Juniper Zed Jul 2017
O don't forget my eyes
These pearls within my head
The wind in my last breath
Draws tears I dare not shed

O don't forget my eyes
Your face fades in the light
I fought so hard for you
My gift is this last sight
To be sung to Chopin's seventh prelude in A Major, Op.  28 no. 7
Jul 2017 · 834
Cicada Bridge
Juniper Zed Jul 2017
Dimly glow the fireflies
In the densely wooded grove
The creek beside the promenade
Sounds like the whispers of the cove

In its solitary peace
The carp repress confessions
In the quiet emerald water
Live sorrows and obsessions

And when the cicadas buzz
They are like a music box
Young love is their handle and springs
They are the muse the world mocks

The melody of passion
Bleeds like the sap of the trees
On lukewarm nights of dancing stars
Love enters the world as breeze

A pair of lovers awaits
To live together at last
And as the date comes closer here
The future is not colorfast

Life's hourglass so expires
And there is not one who grieves
His final rest is too costly
So now he floats with the leaves

There's no wedding to foresee
Thus the bridge became of use
Her toes hang off the bridge again
But this time she holds a noose

Oh the irony of love
It's as the cicadas sang
"Be joyful now in summer's heat,
By our love, we all will hang."

The silly girl hanged herself
And she hung there not alone
Cicadas sang her melody
As her neck skin removed from her bone

And so she hung there quite still
Until her corpse decomposed
Her tale was not quite as haunting
As the music the cicadas composed
Jul 2017 · 335
Peace of the Dark
Juniper Zed Jul 2017
I sing to your soul my angel of silence
Bring me your grace of wealth
For when I am with you, my heart fills with bliss
My ears are the floodgates to my soul

You come in the darkness so quiet and still
Your cold eyes are the only things that illuminate the night
And yet your very nature strikes fear in the hearts of children
But for me, my heart rejoices in peace.

Your beautiful face, unbeknownst to those who fear
It remains hidden from those who don't
Yet I still yearn to see your magnificent smile
That which will lead me to eternal happiness

The eternal solitude of death.
Juniper Zed Jul 2017
Da te, posso vedere il sole
I segreti dell'amore nascosto
Dormono sotto le palpebre
Perciò raccogliono le folle
Durante la nottata
Mi segue il tuo spirito
Sebbene l'amore non è un diritto
La tua voce sempre è ascoltata
Detto questo non vedo occhi tuoi
Apri gli occhi per chiunque puoi
Perché mi manchi molto
Purtroppo sei sepolto.
Jul 2017 · 415
The Rainbow at Midnight
Juniper Zed Jul 2017
All is so cold under the moonlight
Each snowflake twinkles on this night
On every last unit which falls to us nearer
Beams of light reflect between flakes like a mirror
The celestial powder inspires an anguished soul
To harden, to shatter, to crumble as a whole
And in the next spring the earth devours the snow
From that sorry inspiration, young roses will grow
Jul 2017 · 456
Juniper Zed Jul 2017
Happiness is simply defined:
The absence of humanity's natural depression
That which binds all human life by rightful sorrow
For our disconnection with our mortal purpose
And our delusional yet rational will for the advent of tomorrow
No man, woman, or child deserves their next day
But the intangible emotion of God guides the way
So in that sense happiness isn't the absence of anything
Rather, our internal need to survive letting itself sing.
Jul 2017 · 249
Gentle Flesh and Blood
Juniper Zed Jul 2017
Oh my sweet and gentle flesh and blood
Borne to me by my truest love
I begged and pleaded that you not go
But now you have brought me to the lowest low
And the prettiest picture cannot simply return
Your lulling laughter, my favorite nocturne
Which rang like music in my ears
Wiping away all of my darkest fears
And now you sleep beneath the tree
I constantly cry and hope you see
In Heaven you watch with beaming eyes
Those eyes which were the window to your horrific cries
I can promise you
My mind contains only you
Jul 2017 · 297
The Deaf and the Dying
Juniper Zed Jul 2017
Early it was on that humid summer morning
I awoke to complete silence and a dreadful forewarning
I knew it right then after a moment of thought
It was the eerie atmosphere which death always brought
My time was running out and I was no longer at ease
Now cancer had chosen me despite my prayers and pleas
No man will survive, I was no exception
And yet I was prompted by the doctor’s deception
There was no love left for me, I am done
My line is now ******, for I fathered no son
And now I will become dust and forgotten to history
My true purpose on Earth is forevermore a mystery.

I neglected my condition but nobody ever knew
My personal pain numbed while my disease grew
I needed to die and feel nothing for my body was weak
There was nobody to love, and I chose not to seek
I had lost my inspiration, and my mind became dull
I wanted to go and let my ugly face dry to a mere skull
My skin was on fire and I just hoped it would melt faster
Then maybe I could erase my life which had turned to a disaster
I sought no vengence and needed no instant savior
I am not an idiot who believes your pity isn’t a forced behavior
Where is their understanding, compassion, genuine concern
Everybody knows for their true loved ones they surely would burn
But not me, this I know sure
My true deadliest disease knows no cure.

I sat by the lake, thought of the past, and cried alone
I wrote on a rock my name, then into the water I threw that stone
I threw it so far and I yearned for my undeserved kiss
And like my Earthly legacy, my name sunk into the lake’s abyss
My existence obsolete and unknown with my name
My pain and misery will go down in history the same

And then she appeared

She sat by my side
She instantly cried
She knew of my fear
Yet she could not hear
She reached for my hand and held it tight
With her beautiful voice she told me to fight
And then my eyes dripped singular tears
And she wiped them away alongs with my fears
I knew she was deaf and could not understand
But I knew in that second that her I couldn’t withstand

I did not know her name, and I didn’t have one to give
But that didn’t matter because my old self no longer would live
It was love at first sight and my heart felt security
Though I was lost, I suddenly regained my purity
I accidently smiled and she knew it was true
I obviously blushed because she did too
She pressed me to her chest and hummed so sweetly
For the first time in forever I organized my thoughts neatly
I only thought of my newly found purpose in this universe
It was now evident that my cancer had become a curse

She followed me close and I began to worry
Her perpetually beautiful face began to go blurry
I wanted so much to tell her my affliction before late
I realized my demise would have no precise date
She brought me from sadness and I waited too long
Why has the Lord forbidden me to sing a deaf girl my song
And then the morning came where she kissed me awake
I was going to die that day, and I had to tell her for love’s sake
My cancer was strong, but my love was stronger
I needed to go then but she deserved one day longer
She expected a newer, repaired version of me
The look in her warm brown eyes was always my pleasure to see
And then while we stared in each others eye
At the very same lake that she saw me cry
The place our love burgeoned would terminate there
As my heartbeat faded away whilst we mutually stare
And then my last tear trickled down my cold cheek
I left the world as I came, crying and weak
And then she was there and deaf as she was
She was terribly distressed and watched in pause
And then she realized at that moment I was forever away
And so she knelt and knew it was my last day

She left me dead and never returned, all alone, dead, alone.
Jul 2017 · 641
My Morning Star
Juniper Zed Jul 2017
Have I ever told you what metaphor you are?
You remind me of my personal morning star
I am scared like a child, finding asylum in your light
And the only things that can hurt me come out at night.

I wait eagerly and patiently for your quick return
I just wish your sweet kisses stuck with me like sunburn
But when all is said and done, I can rely on you
Because when I need you the most, you rise again, anew

So never burn out, because the sun hasn’t yet
After five-billion years, the sun hasn’t ultimately set
Though if there’s one thing that you must remember
It’s that I will still love you until the sun’s merely an ember
Jul 2017 · 293
Love Song to the Moon
Juniper Zed Jul 2017
My friends have my feelings and eat them alive
Yet they all go to sleep once the stars arrive
While most of the town sleeps soundly in bed
My real friends come and take refuge in my head

While they dare not speak with the sun gone so soon
It truly does not matter until I’m alone with the moon
Mortal men are so fickle and their lives do not last
But my beautiful moon has a long, lonesome past

Many have marveled, yet they can only see
There is so much love that you can take from me
When I am so lonely and you watch me in the sky
I know I exist for you with each blink of my eye

And I can no longer wait to live by you with joy
Your face is so gentle, your personality is coy
Yet I do not care what the world around me believes
Your attention to me is why each man grieves

And yes, it is true, the sun looks down on a hero
It baffles me then why you seek me, a mere zero
You have much glamor and you make nighttime bright
Every love story is inspired by the moonlight

I know how it is and I am not worthy, it is true
But I have now gone insane waiting for you
I can’t wait much longer and I begin to ache
I am simply not sure how much more I can take

So World, this is it, I must now go and die
I salute you and will miss you, yet I will not cry
I am off to a new adventure and I will hang from above
I have no fear, because I perish for my love

— The End —