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Shes a young woman in a red flower dress.
Surrounded by a charm of hummingbirds.
A young girl full of forbidden energy flickering in the gloom.
Ardent to compensate through the indulgence in sense of pleasure. An attempt to extinguish dissatisfaction by gratifying desire.
The approach gives pleasure, but the won is gross, transitory and devoid of deep contentment.
She prays but gets no special dispensation for this believe now.
A sobbing whisper in the throat of a mermaid.
All is left is to transcend by recognition of the futility of desire.
She found her middle way, now she must give rise to vision, which will rise to knowledge and lead her to inner peace.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Looking out on my now
lonely world, through a
tiny gap In my drawn
curtains, very rarely open
since my darling has been gone seems very little point now winters approaching
how I already long for
the return of summer
to feel the warmth by no means compensate's the warmth of Helen body, but It's all have now to see me through my lonely days and endless
Always leave a light at night In case her spirit should come this way she
would be more than welcome I'm always here waiting for
Longing for the return of summer no compensates the warmth of Helen but all I have to look forward now
Juniper Zed Oct 2017
Tell me dear, are you a flower in my garden?
Are you here because I watered you?
No, you grew from rainy and sunny days
With them both, I see now that time repays.
alexis May 2017
i've been thinking about glasses filled with water,
two in particular.
when you take one and fill the other with more,
the initial one is left with less water.
there's still water in the two
but in my eyes,
nobody wants two uneven glasses.
it's science, volumes, and other simple concepts.
for me, not so much.
sometimes, i wonder if that's what my mind
and what my feelings do to cope.
if one part of my life is too hard to bare,
i invest my energy into another area
without paying much attention to
what's been taken out of unbearable assessment,
and what's been given
in a twisted type of self-treatment.
because the reality of a lesser glass
is hard for me to take/think about/dive into.
i compensate, but i still lose.
No compensation will atone
For a gruesome betrayal
One has undergone,
Languishing under
Soul's darkest night alone.
A friend told me about this fact before I experienced it myself
sainche micano Mar 2015
teach me how to float
i may not fly too long with you
but don't let me sink..
teach me how to float..

for somehow i understand
it's never spring all year
...i'll feel better
if i've gathered enough to feed me
through the winter

— The End —