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Juniper Zed Jul 2018
Metal man of tin so tall
Your back is glued upon my wall
Your tongue hangs out, a pendulum
But the lights are out so I knew you’d come

Metal man of tin tonight
You make a sound and look contrite
Like tears should pour out from your eyes
But you’re just a clock that vivifies

Metal man with beady eyes
I’m scared your promise will materialize
My family’s asleep, don’t leave me here
I know you can move, I can’t sleep in fear

Metal man
My eyes are heavy
Mama says your just a clock
But I see you breathe
Juniper Zed Jul 2018
If one’s bedroom is a reflection of their mind
And my room is a maelstrom of loose papers, musical instruments, littered with ***** clothes along the floor, rancid, and contains cities of towers of used dishes
And one narrow pathway between the piano and my bed

Suddenly psychology makes sense.
Based on the observation that people’s bedrooms tend to reflect their psychological state.
Juniper Zed Jun 2018
As the light mourns its death
And the blue turns to murky ink blots
This hopeless romantic
Becomes the romantic hopeless

And as I look into her eyes
The sunset is reflected at me
As it falls to the floor
A drunken mess

And we
The two hopeless
Throw down our fears
And live one night— we truly live

And I wake up to see
Nothing more
Than that
It had been a dream

And yet
Nothing short
Of a
Juniper Zed Jun 2018
Should I go on
If I would just stay here
On gliding wings
Saying things
That only you will hear

There isn’t any part of me
That’d trade you for the world
You say you love me to the moon
And back, but that’s inopportune

So I will wait here
Don’t care how far or near
Just as I did yesteryear
And I will always go on.
Juniper Zed Jun 2018
As far as I am concerned
We are bound forcefully
By the air we breathe

That soaks up our tears
And spits them back out
In a deluge
From black clouds of our own doing

And by that measure
Our minds are connected
By the tongues of passion

That twist vigorously
Within the head of our greatest fear
The one whom we love
Unloading our universe unto another

And our most undying need
To morph the suffering in our world
With morphine of our own

Of which the recipe is dangerous;
A vulnerable, broken, dangerous self
That is trampled out of existence
As a newborn fawn is stolen suddenly by an unforeseen winter wind

The whispering wind in the air
Carried by all of our breath…
Indeed, we stole the fawn
And in doing so— ourselves as well.
Juniper Zed Apr 2018
Between those stars, far up high
There are treks made short
Magnified by the expanding eye

This eye that saw a hundred happy memories
That our beating hearts drummed for—
Those countless fairytale stories

And in those stars above
We can only see them now
As Peace’s Apollo-Dove

That dove that rides on hope
And sails on vaporized tears
And only lands amidst our joy

The stars that shone on the most hated day
Disappeared into oblivion
As our lives slowly fray

While the stars we saw live
We cannot
People don’t always give
All the love that they’ve got

But in solace to us
My dear friend, I swear this:
All stars must die
And thus we rise from the abyss.
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